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  1. Sure. In fact, the violation of US immigration laws was documented at the AoS stage. So if you want to answer truthfully, which might be a good idea for a Green Card holder, YES is the correct answer.
  2. The correct answer is NO. We can all speculate whether the question has been asked to sort visa vs. AoS cases, but that's not our job, yes? The question is straight forward, and so is the answer.
  3. So you are married less than a year, and your (conditional) Green Card has an expiration date on it that is only 1 year after the issue date? If so, that's indeed a nasty mistake, and I wonder why you never had a closer look at your Green Card in all this time. Anyway, I-90s take quite a while these days, so you'll need to have patience. It's also possible that you'll receive the card back with instructions to file an I-751 instead. Of course, you can't do that, so you'll call the USCIS hotline, and try to explain to them that they screwed up. That most likely will also get you nowhere, so eventually you'll make an Infopass appointment and regretfully have to say that you mailed out your Green Card. Not much you can do at this point than sit back and hope for the best . . .
  4. For all of you who are considering changing their name when becoming a US citizen, here's how easy this works. At the interview, the I.O. will fill out this form in 3 copies, all of which you'll sign. When processing your N-400 after the interview, a judge signs the name change request, and when you pick up your Certificate of Naturalization after the Oath Ceremony, this very form is stapled to the back of it. You will have to submit it with the Certificate when you apply for a passport, and you'll also show it to the SSA employee as well as the DMV employee when applying for a new SSN card and a new driver license. All in all, a piece of cake!
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