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  1. In the Montreal timeline to interview thread we are having a discussion about proving domicile when both the sponsor and the intending immigrant are living in Canada. I know i'm not the only one who has done this and I decided to start a new thread so the information would not be lost in the other thread. Here is an excerpt: You are very welcome! No, he didn't have to leave and your immigration lawyer is ..... wrong, but that's not surprising as many people have experienced that. I am sure there are good lawyers out there though. I was born in Canada, I have dual citizenship through my parents, I have never lived in the United States before now - however I proved domicile. I know this information doesn't help you one iota at this point, however if someone else is reading this for the first time I hope they see it before their Husband or Wife actually leaves the country. Good luck to you! to_hope, congrats on getting out of NVC!!
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