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  1. I am always this angry it keeps me thin. It is beautiful out and I'm sitting outside by the pool enjoying my coffee as I troll the internet. (I wonder what the poor people are doing?) But if I can ask you to explain your position (I'm really not that bright). You think she deserves the criticism she is receiving because she is marketable? Or do you think it's unfair? Or, some other option?
  2. Name one other female freestyle skier without using the google machine. You actually just compared her to Tom Brady, that is hilarious.
  3. Today I have some free time so I'll be identifying as a Faux Intellectual Lib. And some women do have penises, Marjorie three names comes to mind.
  4. Last I checked she's an 18 year old athlete not a communist party leader but hey, make your narrative work for you.
  5. Exactly, nobody has said [removed] about Ethan Werek or the other American, Canadian and Russian hockey players competing for China.
  6. Please try to get the purpose of my post. She holds (or held) two passports so no oath necessary for either country. She is both American and Chinese. Becoming a naturalized Chinese citizen is one step easier than becoming a unicorn. Typically by the time a mixed race kid becomes 18 they are forced to choose one or the other by China. My guess is that since her American father isn't in the picture she chose the one country that connected her to the family that raised her. What I don't understand is why she's being raked over the coals for it. It's a problem with the system not the individual. The media is making a big deal out of her situation for their own purpose. I lived in China and to be honest some of the pastures are greener, but when an 18 year old kid is forced to choose I think the choice is made based on her own personal feelings and not misdeeds of the ruling party. And if we don't think our government is watching our every move...or we aren't censored on social media????
  7. Maybe this thread is difficult for you to follow. She was born in the US and therefor was not required to take the oath of Naturalization.
  8. She has said she feels just as much American as she does Chinese. My point of the post is that the press (and others) condemn athletes for speaking out and then again if they don't. My hope is that her actions would create some movement on the part of the Chinese government to allow dual citizenship. My son currently has two passports but once he reaches 18 he'll have to chose. I'm guessing she was put in that position as well and made the decision that was best for her. Others want to make more of it than there should be.
  9. Seems to me like she aligned with the Chinese mother and grandmother who raised and not the American father who chose not to.
  10. Do you mean to tell me that the US has it's citizens under surveillance? That seems like an abuse of my human rights.
  11. Man, damn that capitalism. Something really ought to be done about that.
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