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  1. Just checked my status and my interview is schedules on 12/14! Waiting for the notice in the mail
  2. Hi everyone! Anyone here with I-485 AOS field office in Santa Ana? I have my biometrics done in August 12 and my case has been stuck "case is ready to schedule an interview" and I have not heard anything yet. I have my EAD and AP expedited and got my combo card on 21 Oct. But they did not expedite my I-485 because apparently my case is within processing time. Should I try and expedite my AOS application?
  3. Yeah I send my expedite request to CA congressman office, attached with an active job offer as well. You should check your local congressman, call them and ask them to send you immigration assistance form ( or privacy release form) you’ll need it to expedite your case. Good luck!
  4. Hi everyone! My EAD expedite request has been approved!! Status changed to “New Card Being Produced” on 10/14. Requested congressional expedite on 10/6!
  5. Congrats! Did you get a response on your first and second expedition? Cause my first one has no response and uscis told me to just wait. also did you include any evidences? I only attached an active job letter so not sure if that’s enough or do I have to submit bank statements and etc to file under financial loses.
  6. Hi, do you have any updates on your second expedite request? My case has been stuck "expedite request received" since 9/9 and no update since. I have a job offer that requires me to start on 10/18. I contacted congressman office to help me expedite on 10/6 but still nothing yet. I even talk to USCIS representative and they said I can't do anything but wait, and they say I cant request another expedition either because my first request has not been decided yet. But it has been almost 30 days, and I still got 10 days left until my job start date. ANXIOUS
  7. Hi! Congratulations on getting your EAD approved and scheduled interview! I wanted to ask, how long did it take to expedite your EAD? I am planning to expedite my EAD with California congressman as I have a job offer in hand and starting date is around 18th of Oct. Hear from you soon!
  8. Hello everyone! Just want to update my timeline. I have filed for EAD expedite via Emma (type "live chat" in the chat with Emma and select "Case status" then the system will connect you to a live chat with representative). I told the rep that I am currently under financial hardship in order to request expedition. Not sure if they will ask for additional evidence but will keep everyone updated if anything comes up! AOS packet sent: 5/3/2021 NOA1 received: 5/27/2021 Bio Appt: 8/12/2021 Case is ready for interview: 8/17/2021 EAD expedite request: 9/8/2021 Expedite request received: 9/9/2021
  9. I don’t think i will change it unless I absolutely have to. Thank god they still let me proceed with my biometrics. Thank you and all the best!
  10. That's what I did. I brought my marriage certificate at my biometrics appointment. But they lady said I should change my foreign passport name to my current legal name. So I'm not sure if I have to do it, cause I never heard about it changing passport name after marriage. Did you change your passport name to your current legal name though?
  11. Hi everyone! Just got my biometrics done today. But before they look my biometrics, there’s a hiccup. The lady told me that I have to change my foreign passport name to my current legal name (name changed after marriage). I didn’t know it was necessary because what I heard was that as long as I’m using the legal name I changed after marriage for my AOS application and everything else I should be fine. So my question is, do I really have to change my foreign passport name to my legal name thay I have changed after marriage?
  12. Just got my biometrics schedules on 8/12! Still haven’t received my NOA1 though 😂
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