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  1. Yep, I agree, Go April!!! I'm July filer, so any month prior to mine that goes fast is music to my ears!! Hoping to see May filers approved before Oct is up. And you know if you look at the history, it's normal for these months to go faster. June, July and August are the heavy filing months (when USC's go on those Summer vacations) so once June hits it will slow back down some.
  2. MikeMc


    Awesome, thanks, We did get the 2nd number from the NVC. So my friend is all good. Thanks again.
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    Another question about ds160 Can you submit it before the beneficiary gets packet 3? Or do you need to wait? Some details. Noa2 was recieved last week and status shows packet being transferred to embassy in Manila. Ps it's not me im asking for so don't use my details. Thanks
  5. Only thing you can do is wait at this point. With the new Sept rules, they could reject it since it's technically incomplete.
  6. Not sure about the other parts, but for your income you meet the requirements for a family of 3 with the 120% over fed poverty level. So you're good there..
  7. I will guess about 2 more weeks and the second half of the month for March filers will start getting action. The time of year you applied is a slow one, so they are getting caught up. Come June-July filiers they will be bogged down again, busiest time of the year for k-1 apps. 2nd half of Feb is getting action now and first half of March is also seeing action. hahah I'm a dummy, forgot about March, middle to end of Oct for April first half (means those that filed before April 15ish)
  8. Its a moral issue. Depends mostly on the 2 countries involved and wether they feel it is a bona-fide relationship. By the time you get your NOA2 you will have been divoced for 6+ months. I visited and filed a month and a half after my divorce and i am not worried about it. I would me more worried about proving the relationship is real than that detail. Of course have an answer ready in case they ask about it.
  9. But it does happen is my point. Everyone on here is saying it's over. You should never give up. Always fight with all tools at your disposal. Life always tosses us curveballs, it's how we deal with them that makes us who we are. This one was done at the CO level, ask for a Consulate General Review of the Decision. This option is only available until the case is returned to the USCIS. So hurry and find out.
  10. Totally incorrect. A friend was recently denied. Did an appeal and was approved. This time they took a lot of evidence, so I'm going to guess the original Denial was lack of evidence supporting the relationship. They won't say what the original reason was, I'm just guessing. But the appeal worked just fine. Passed the interview earlier today.
  11. MikeMc

    ? About K2 at Embassy

    Hi guys and gals, My fiances baby will be coming with her to the US. The question is, he will be 2 years old when we get the Noa2 (most likely next Feb). We want to know if she should bring him or not to the interview considering his age? She already has all documents (passport etc) for him.
  12. Don't sweat it to much. It is very common in the Philippines.
  13. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    Cebu, but the key is knowing which business to put where and which lands to buy ahead of time before big developments come along and jack the price of the land up.
  14. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    Take a look here. This lists the requirements for teaching in CA. https://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/certification/california/ As an alternate suggestion, have your husband send you links of some of the better local public schools in his Area, and look up the English teachers on them and send them a friendly email and start your networking with them. Hopefully a few of them will be friendly enough to tell you what you need, and if they will have an opening soon as well. Best of Luck to you. My fiancé plans to come here and work her butt off with me for the next 5-6 years, then once we have a nice nest ready, we will plan to start moving to the Phils permanently and start some nice little businesses.
  15. MikeMc

    Can I practice English teaching in America?

    You need to be licensed in the US. Which city/state will you be coming to? Many have ESL classes for foreigners. So you can get experience in a few different ways before moving teaching in a public/private school on a more permanent job. You will have access to a stable Internet, why don't you teach online to Foreigners from home?