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  1. Depends, Maturity levels plays a big factor, as well as her having kids of her own. She can't expect you to be a father to her kids if she's not willing to do the same for you. Most times it's just problems with the Ex, I don't even like my ex so why does someone else have to? Which is understandable, happens with a lot of women not just Filpinas. Back to OP, this "friend" to stay with out of state after getting GC is a flag and a half to me. No We are married, once you leave, you stay gone, unless it's to go back home for a visit to family. Also keep your eyes and ears open, it's possible she's being coached what to do. If she keeps picking fights, leave the area or make sure there's witnesses. Don't let her get you and who know's maybe she's genuine in what she's saying. IT's more of your call than hers where the ball bounces now.
  2. not an issue, did it about 8-9 years ago myself. It's for people that rapid apply. Those are more likely scammers. Those of us that take several years, are more inclined to be doing it for the right reasons, but it just didn't work out.
  3. I'm not sure if it's a violation of Terms or not, but for USC's there is an app from the USPS that you can view incoming mail on. The new USCIS website showed we were approve on Last Friday (Dec 21) and the USPS App that I have shows incoming mail from DHS (Cali) hard copy on the way today. The name of the app from the google store is USPS Mobile. Just an alternate means to check where mail is coming from, in case you get hard copy before the website is updated. And of course Congrats to everyone that has been approved already and hang in there to the rest of you!! They are moving quick so keep those fingers crossed!
  4. July 20th filer here Approved Dec 21. Woooo hoooo Best of luck to all of you still waiting. They are moving fast!! 149 days!!
  5. Nope, The Visa Fees pay for their salaries.
  6. No, Visa Money pays their salaries, so they are unaffected by a Gov Shutdown.
  7. MikeMc

    6 weeks past

    Pretty sure most everyone gets their results on week 8.
  8. For a K-1 you only need to prove you physically met in the last 2 years and that you are legally able to marry. No need to prove your relationship until the interview stage. So just keep the chat logs out of it. Only send 2-3 pics with both of you together, most recent ones and date them. Send your boarding passes and copy of passport, Letter of intent (one from each of you) and your birth cert and a passport sized photo from each of you etc. On that line on the K-1 App, where it says describe how you met, keep it short and simple and honest. You met 5 years ago, been there several times etc and now both of you are ready to advance the relationship to the final level and marry. That's all, keep it simple and good luck which ever way you go.
  9. MikeMc

    Marrying and SSN

    Ok here's why the 2 week wait time: Once you enter the POE, you will need to wait for the records to be updated and sent to SSA, usually takes about 10 days. Everything in the system is currently in your Maiden Name, the I-94, your passport, birth cert all of it. That's why it makes it easier for the SSA office to issue one. Once married they seem to get stupid and unable to figure out who you are and also think you are supposed to wait until you have a Green Card now before you can be issued one. You would think their system would update a little faster, and be more dynamic, but I guess they still on the old Tape System style where they still get it via mail. After that, wait until you're an official green card holder to update it to your married name. (you will have to do it again then anyways to get the "with restrictions" stamp off of the SSN Card). Not many places will ever ask to see your SS card, so if you are doing something where you think it will be required, just bring a copy of your marriage cert with you to show your last name.
  10. Was just gonna post the same. Is your friend a Karen as well? If so, my fiance is in that group. And on igor's report, why is July so much smaller than June and smaller than August as well? Makes no sense. I would've expected July to be a heavy month.
  11. Why use paystubs/Taxes? Curent Letter from Employer is all that is required per the I-134 instructions. The paystubs/last 3 years of taxes is not needed til you file the AOS.
  12. That's nice you did that, but they are really only interested in the last visit before you filed. Your job when filing is to prove you have visited at least once in the last 2 years. That's it. When the Beneficiary goes for interview, that's when the multiple visits to solidify the Relationship will be helpful. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.
  13. Make the letter for her, just make sure she understands what is on the letter. Email it, have her print, sign, scan and email it back finished. Then you print and put it with your application. Don't worry about the English part, just keep talking to her and teaching her English and get her into any English speaking classes while she's waiting. And Good Luck!
  14. I just put Dear Sir/Ma'am: Noted in letter that we were applying for a K-1 Visa and have every intent to marry within the 90 days after arrival in US. Signed and Dated it. One from each of us. Don't over complicate it.