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  1. Can I ask, who she was trying to come here to visit for 4 times? Did the Agency she used on the 4th recommend to her to check the married box on the application? I'm just asking cause if she reaches the interview stage, she better have a good reason for the constant attempts, and it does help a lot that she didn't over stay, which was likely the reason for the first 3 denials.
  2. Should be fine. My Male USC friend and his K1 Wife did it with their 2 kids. The Child is the USC, they don't care if neither parent is, just meet the qualifications for it.
  3. MikeMc

    I-134 question 26

    Anyone else, you have already listed your fiance's information in the Beneficiary section. This is where I'm listing my Ex that came over on a K1 and is now a USC. At least that's my take on the form.
  4. Are you sure the one you got in the mail is the 797C and doesn't contain instructions about how to setup for interview? Maybe Brazil is different, but most usually, the beneficiary doesn't seem to get a copy of the NOA1. PS to answer your question, you are a July filer.
  5. Yes, we know. We went to a certified Dr. for the testing. He's worked with St Luke's in the past on these types of issues and understands he has to use certain documents from St Luke's in order for them to accept his test.
  6. Sorry to hear. My fiancé has a scar on her lungs from Asthma from when she was a child. Since we know about it ahead of time, she will be taking her previous x-rays with her and we went ahead and did a sputum, which should be matured by the time she is ready for medical and she will take those results as well. This way if there is any questions or doubts she can show them. It might help, it might not, we don't know for sure, but figure it can't hurt.
  7. Yep, no Logic, for example, a few May filiers are coming thru the grapevine now. Not just on this Site, but others that I'm on as well. So while that's good for those of us in line behind, it's irritating to those still waiting. Could it be the security part that slows people up? Maybe names that are similar to others out there and they have to really pay attention? I really don't know, all I know is my Last name is fairly rare and so is my fiancé's first and last name. Worth a shot anyways haha. Good Luck to all.
  8. I just run the full report. All K-1s from California by NOA1 Date (completed and incomplete) then scroll down to the May Section. And yes it doesn't show when you run the Approved only report.. Not sure why
  9. well I see a May 3 approved on 10/19 May 4 approved on 10/22 May 31 approved on 10/15 <--- the expedited one? when I run a query. So looking good now for Mays.
  10. The 90 day part is part of the K-1 visa and pertains to marriage. AOS has no time limit, but has negatives for not filing it soon.
  11. No. They are not illegal, as long as marriage was done in the first 90 days of arrival. If you wait and dont file AoS right away, then they are stuck in loop hole and status is in limbo. They are not subject to deportation or considered here illegally. Negatives: if you dont file right away, your spouse can not work til they have the EaD or GC, nor can they leave the country and the timer wont start for them to become a USC. Everyones situation is different, but It's in your best interest to file asap.
  12. She won't be deported or taken out of the country, she's technically in a loop hole at this point and her status is in limbo land. Do not leave the country though, else she won't be allowed back in.
  13. Only yours needed to be "wet" hers scanned is fine. But it is hit or miss with yours being wet. Some have, some haven't.
  14. Yep, I agree, Go April!!! I'm July filer, so any month prior to mine that goes fast is music to my ears!! Hoping to see May filers approved before Oct is up. And you know if you look at the history, it's normal for these months to go faster. June, July and August are the heavy filing months (when USC's go on those Summer vacations) so once June hits it will slow back down some.
  15. MikeMc


    Awesome, thanks, We did get the 2nd number from the NVC. So my friend is all good. Thanks again.