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  1. Mine was $544 and I had already had all the vaccines except two that they charged me for. If I didn’t have proof for the others it could’ve gone way up! And that’s in NZ!
  2. Kinda sucks hearing people doing this.. I feel like I've disclosed every corner of my life to USCIS (I often joke the next thing they'll need is a DNA/blood sample)... It sounds like the woman has gotten away with it as she's gotten through the security clearances at NVC and her home country US consulate. Only thing is she will have to constantly live in fear of immigration knocking on her door one day to deport her.
  3. Mine also says ready on CEAC but it hasn’t been delivered to the consulate yet on DHL. I’m guessing you don’t receive P3 until they receive the physical copy?
  4. It worked finally, wow, how cool. Such a relief that it’s actually making its way here. Thank you for your help
  5. Mine says error too. Maybe might take another day.
  6. Interesting. I've done it correctly then. It just doesn't return any results for me. Oh well!
  7. I still don't get how the tracking works. Im being dumb.I tried the EXP 24 MAR 2011A etc with the date it left but doesn't work. Do you have to put in NVC or something? Nothing turns up for me.
  8. In transit!!! Woohoo!!!!
  9. I mean.. After that arduous 6 month wait ANYTHING seems quick by comparison! Haha. Thanks again
  10. I hear you. My case should be sent to the consulate next week, not on the West Coast just yet 😉 Thanks for your help. Its so hard planning your life with all these things, but its great knowing it could potentially move rather quickly!
  11. Wow! Great to hear. Thank you. It's hard to tell from some NZ timelines because they vary so much, I saw one person waited for 2 months so wasn't sure if it was because the consulate was slow.
  12. Hi fellow kiwis! Can anyone tell me how much of a wait time there was for their K1 interview? Meaning when they booked your interview for the "earliest possible date" how far away was it? Thanks.
  13. Ha ha ha. That actually made me laugh 🤣
  14. I am so excited... the end is near!
  15. Counting down to 22/23... I just want to open the CEAC website and see 'IN TRANSIT'!!!