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  1. Thank you the letter will be arriving today.
  2. mine old website not updating but the new website is updated...
  3. Thanks my fiancé she was really happy!
  4. Hi all, whats the next step after getting approved?
  5. don't worry you will get yours approve this week
  6. thank you for help we are set to get married on August 31th am happy we got approved already...
  7. how long do you have to wait for the case number from the visa center..
  8. Thank you it updated on the new Website... you will get yours soon...
  9. The new website was updated not the old website... Don't worry guys you will get yours soon....
  10. both websites didn't updated I just called this morning and when she refresh her computer it said you'll been approved on march 15th a letter has been sent out on Friday just waiting the letter this week, don't worry you will get yours soon...
  11. I didn't want to call this morning but I just tried just wanna thanks God that it got approved...
  12. Good Morning All, I called this morning am so Happy I've been approved on March 15th Friday the letter was sent out of Friday I;; just wait for the letter to come....
  13. its a quick fix and sent it right and within 2 weeks you will get your approval
  14. we both are on the last stage of processing I hope the USCIS can get it done today for us...