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  1. Given his age I am not sure but it won’t hurt to try.. we live in Monroe county PA and things work a bit differently in every state… however I will see if he can try
  2. I don’t mind answering it here just so that anyone else who may have a similar issue can benefit some day from this thread.. I asked the question in this forum on a separate thread just before I filed, if I had to fill just one form with two biometrics fee for my 19 year old and the response was yes.. I also read in the Uscis website, the instructions read.. that I had to include any children who got green cards within 90 days… and so, his and mines have the same timeline and expiry date as well.. Honestly I didn’t see an age limit, unless I missed something. But, from other responses I saw that others were getting through with kids his age and older. Im hoping that this was just an honest mistake on their part and that they correct it or if any mistake on my part then I will be able to correct it… If not, then I will write them and try again..
  3. The officer told me that there was nothing in the system for him except for the last time when we filed AOS, he really needs his letter because he’s working and going to college and drivers license will need to be renewed.. so fingers crossed… 🥺
  4. Just to update, I called the USCIS this morning and told my issue. The officer had no idea about the procedures of the I-751 process and had to locate information to read and still wasn’t sure about it 😐 My case is at Nebraska btw.. But she was very friendly and was willing to help and for that I was appreciative, she asked if I filled out a separate form for my son which she said is what she ‘thinks’ I should have done, I told her I was going off the instructions from the form on the USCIS website and it said one form fee and two biometrics… and to include children on the same form.. So she put in a request and gave me a number and said they will get back to me by the 26th Feb… 🙏
  5. Thank you so much!!… I appreciate your response… this helps me so much, I got mines on Monday so I will wait a few days and then if I don’t receive it I will definitely call … 🙏💜
  6. Hey a friendly reminder of my post… just wondering if no one in the forum ever filed to remove conditions for their children or know anyone who did who can try to help answer my question… it will be sooooo greatly appreciated 🙏
  7. Hi I was following up on your post and was wondering if you received two extension letters for your wife and daughter each?… January 23rd I mailed my I-751 joint petition to remove conditions for both my son and I and also paid the extra $85 biometric fee. But on the 26th January I only received one receipt (extension letter with 48 months) Is this normal?
  8. Hey everyone, I filed the form I-751 for both my son and I on the 23rd January and received a notice on the 26th January 2023..the extension letter.. However It did not mention my son who is 19 years old and will need to renew his drivers license when the green card expires on March 18th 2023… He is also working and needs to be able to drive because of where we live in Pennsylvania, our own transport is necessary. I’ve been going through the forum trying to find someone with a similar situation but no luck… I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  9. Thank you Sooo very much for your response and the details you provided, I do appreciate it. This answers my question. Take care 😊
  10. Hello Everyone, So, I am about to file ROC for myself and my son who just turned (19yrs old). I just want to make sure I am clear with the info I have before I continue with the forms and filing. Am I just filing (1) form with (1) fee plus (2) biometrics fee? I just wanted to make sure because of his age. Thank you all in advance for your response.
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