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  1. Hello everyone, my fiancé received our NOA2 hardcopy in the mail today.. we didn’t get any updates on any of the websites but we are so overwhelmed 😊 Received date - 16th July Noa1- 20th July Noa2-18th December I hope everyone gets good news soon.. wishing everyone only the best!!. ❤️
  2. Congratulations 🎈🎈 wishing you the best for the rest of this process!!! ... here’s hoping and praying that we all get ours soon... this is some journey alright! ... 😊
  3. This happened to us too!... first my fiancé did a money order and it was sent back saying it was an incorrect fee, so he decided to do the credit card form and sent that with the SAME documents and they accepted it
  4. Purplerose14

    Trinidad VJ

    Thank you soo much and I wish you and your fiancé the best of luck as well!!! I have done a lot of research before and I am hoping that we are well prepared . I understand when you say don’t be anxious and nervous yet, when we filed our packet we already had a set back as the money order had an error and we had to resend our packet. So yup it’s going to be a journey alright lol 😊
  5. It’s ok, now I feel a lot better than they have accepted it and sent me my NOA1 😊 Hoping everything goes well for you too. ☘️
  6. Hello everyone!!! I got my NOA1 today.. Thank God! I’ll be keeping all of you in my prayers! 💜🌷
  7. Unfortunately they rejected our package that we sent on 2nd June 2018 because of an error on money order, so my fiancé re submitted our package. This time using credit card payment .. Re Sent - 14th July 2018 Received - 17th July 2018 Awaiting... nervously for NOA1 ....
  8. Hi everyone.. unfortunately for me, my petition was rejected and they sent us a NOA saying that the money order wasn’t correct. I don’t understand, isn’t the filing fee for the I-129f fiancé visa $535?? What can cause this? Anyway, my fiancé decided to use his credit card and send the petition again later on today as they said we can do so. Can someone who used the form G-1450 give any tips on how to fill it properly... I know my fiancé says he will get through it and it seems to be straight forward but I really would like another opinion.. I will appreciate this very much ..
  9. Purplerose14

    Trinidad VJ

    Thank you, im looking forward to receiving that soon!!... 😊
  10. Hey everyone!!.. I am also a July 2018 filer. The last I tracked our petition it was delivered on July 02nd 2018 at the Texas lockbox.. didn’t receive NOA1 yet.. but I’m hoping for the best for all of us ! Lots of love 💕
  11. Purplerose14

    Trinidad VJ

    Thank you 😊 yes we did submit the G-1145 form ..
  12. Purplerose14

    Trinidad VJ

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and also a Trini beneficiary! Still waiting for Noa1, I tracked our packet when my fiancé sent it and saw that it was picked up and signed for on July 2nd 2018 .. My fiancé is from New York and we have been together for 4 years now.. I’m anxious yet nervous!! Also doing k2! I look forward to learning a whole lot more here and I’ve put our entire I-129f together, it was also a never ending process but it was finally done!
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