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  1. 30 days after my AOS changed it's status to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview", my AP and EAD changed it's status today from "New Card is being Produced" to "Case was Approved". I am like in cloud 9 now. LOL
  2. congrats! still no update on mine lol. Going 2 months this 18th.
  3. For AOS. My bad I should've asked if they have updates already after USCIS received their RFIE response last Feb.
  4. hi guys! anyone who got RFE last Feb? I am still waiting for mine to get approved. hi sis @Seanandrach. Any update on your RFE?
  5. Haha! waiting game begins again. I saw someone who's case changed to "ready to be scheduled 11 days after sending her RFIE response." I hope that happens to us also.
  6. Hi! Did you send your RFIE evidence already? My status just changed today to "Response to USCIS Request for Evidence was received."
  7. The applicant is the non-US Citizen. I sent it through Express, paid $26 but they should receive it tomorrow.
  8. OMG!! My RFIE is also a copy of my birth certificate. LOL I think the person working on our case is the same. Haha on my way to the post office to send it back
  9. Let's hope for the best! I already have an idea on the reason of our RFIE and it is already ready lol I just hope I am right so I can send it immediately. When did you find out that you have RFIE?
  10. I cannot do anything but to wait lol and besides I can do an e-request on 26th if it doesn't come to our mailbox. I waited for 5 months on our k1 process to get approved, this is nothing
  11. 21 days after my biometrics, I received a notification of RFIE. Frustrating but happy because it only means that our case is not just sitting on someone's table. LOL
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