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  1. I have been yo embassy for citizen service n they did provide me service i think its depend on place too
  2. Well its wired. And you are right i was thinking same. When they approve my case it was already expired as per Brazilian law .They say its only valid for 90 days After you have to obtain a new one. But certificate dont show any expiry date. Only issued date and marriage date. also when get married they issue license after marriage so its different here.
  3. Man every country have something thats wired lol. I am going to submit the certificate i submit for i130 and i will have another copy for interview just in case.
  4. I call them and they told me to write an email
  5. Well its same here but they dont put any expiry date etc. only the date issued.
  6. I got married last year in brazil and i obtain marriage certificate i send that to uscis they approve my case now i have to submit document to NVC As per brazilian law marriage certificate is valid for 90 days. Although there is no expiry date on marriage certificate nor i made any changes . Do i need to obtain a new marriage certificate for NvC ?
  7. I have been to embassy lAst week n i saw more security guards than staff there were 5 staff members inside embassy in rio de janerio
  8. Its because sometime uscis forget to stamp the approval letter and they send back but soon it will go back to nvc
  9. So good news is that i got approved today. there was 11 may update and today update was 12 approval. Thanks and hope everyone get their approval
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