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  1. Hello and welcome, Just to double check - you are the UK citizen beneficiary and your husband is the US citizen petitioner right? Even if his visa expires and he has to return to the US at the end of the July, this won't affect processing of your spouse visa. The only time-point where the location of the petitioner matters is at the time you submit the I-130. Since your I-130 has already been approved, your husband is free to return to the US.
  2. What's frustrating is that now that the IRS is finally mailing out tax transcripts, the International Helpline phone number (267-941-1000) no longer works. What a joke...
  3. Fantastic. Thanks for clarifying. Another question I had was: did they ask for any evidence that your spouse was going to re-establish domicile? I know London is pretty relaxed about this, but others have brought evidence like an unexpired US driving license, voting record etc. I think I already know the answer (i.e., you weren't asked about this) but wanted to be sure.
  4. Congrats Melc, this is great news! Out of interest: did you provide a copy of your USC spouse's most recent tax transcript (I know the London Embassy have been funny about this in the past) or did a tax return suffice?
  5. Thanks all. My wife did reach out to the USCIS Field Office again today (they're probably sick of us) and, true to form, they replied within 30 minutes with a scanned PDF copy of our I-130 approval letter. They also explained that due to COVID, the Embassy Mail Room is only open twice a week so there may be some delays in notices being sent out (this probably also applies to correspondence from the IVU).
  6. Frustratingly, we still haven't received our approval letter yet in the post. The Field Office did e-mail us last Tuesday to say it was approved on the 29th, and that the letter was going to be mailed out that day, but it seems a bit strange that the physical approval letter has not yet arrived...
  7. I believe The4Sands contacted the IVU a few weeks ago to request an expedited appointment for very valid reasons, however, they have yet to reply. Personally, I don't think people contacting the IVU to ask about their LDN numbers are going to experience much luck right now (although I'm more than happy to be proved wrong!)
  8. As someone currently going through the DCF London route, I found your account from 20 years ago fascinating to read. As you may be aware, DCF London ceased to be option from April 1st 2020, and the London Field Office will close it’s doors at the end of this month. What a shame. We were among the last few people to file their petitions before the March 31st deadline. Although the process isn’t as simple as it was for you 20 years ago (e.g., the medical and embassy interview don’t happen on the same day for DCF people either) it is still a much more streamlined process than having to go through NVC in the US.
  9. Indeed. And farewell to one of the last remaining USCIS Field Office DCF pathways. I'm curious how many other Field Offices around the world still offer this option under normal circumstances.
  10. Robyn beat me to it. That is the e-mail I used. As you pointed out, they stated that they will be responding to e-mails sent to that address through tomorrow.
  11. Hi Stu, as one of the first people I encountered on the Britishexpats forum when initiating this process, I sincerely hope that your RFE gets sorted out quickly and that your petition is approved soon.
  12. Thanks! The London Field Office actually has nothing to do with sending out the LDN numbers....this falls within the remit of the Immigrant Visa Unit. Fingers crossed they get up and running soon.
  13. Thanks all! We actually e-mailed them this morning as we were getting angst given the imminent closure of the Field Office, and they replied within about 15 minutes to state that the I-130 was approved yesterday and the approval letter was being mailed out today. I will miss the prompt replies from this Field Office - looks like correspondence from the IVU is pretty much non-existent!
  14. Our I-130 was finally approved yesterday! This was the e-mail we received from the USCIS Field Office: The approved I-130 was delivered to the U.S. Consulate in London for the immigrant visa processing. In 5 to 8 weeks, your spouse should be receiving his case number (LND2020 XXX XXX) from the U.S. Consulate and instructions to complete the immigrant visa processing. If you have further questions on the visa processing, you will need to use the following contact form: https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/iv-contact_form/ Grateful to have just gotten in there in the nick of time before the Field Office closed. Good luck to anyone else waiting for their I-130 approval or dealing with RFEs. Now the wait for the LND case number begins.
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