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  1. Oh my! That was fast! In which area did you apply?
  2. It's indicated on my USCIS Account. If you login you'll be able to see yours as well.
  3. It's what a friend told me, it takes a year from the biometrics, hope it will go smoothly
  4. Just did my biometrics yesterday....had to snap pictures and write a blog post about it, if you too have to prepare for a Biometrics appointment in Brooklyn, brace yourselves! It's fast! Also, since the appointment my estimated completion date has moved from November 2020 to January 2020😂SO HAPPY!
  5. Good to know, thanks for the clarification.
  6. I file on Jan. 15th as soon as I hit my 5 year mark at midnight and my estimate case completion is November 2020! I believe because I live in NYC and they are dealing with super high volume... 😓😫
  7. When I filed, it wasn't requested to submit Tax docs, even though I could since I pay them but is it because I apply based on the 5 year rule?
  8. If you're still legally married, you should qualify but during the interview they will need proof you still are otherwise you will have to wait for another 2 years.
  9. It estimates it to be completed by Nov. 2020 😭
  10. I finally got my Biometric Notification showing up in my USCIS account after they notified me on Jan. 19th that the appointment has been scheduled. (Filed on Jan. 15th.) The appointment is set in Brooklyn based on my residency, yet I work downtown Manhattan very close to the other office where I took my biometrics for the Green Card back then, do you know if we can change the USCIS location for Biometrics and for the Interview based on where we are during work hours vs. where we live?
  11. I can definitely mention the reason of the divorce and share any documentation explaining it. I hoard any kind of doc, so hopefully it will help.
  12. Hi everyone, I got notified that my biometrics appointment has been schedule but I don't see any letter on my account and it's been several days now. I read that some people showed up before their appointment date and it was fine. I just want to know if I can also show up to get it done even though I don't see what date it is and the letter isn't showing on my account? I have my application number at least.
  13. How long do people with I-Visas usually stay in the U.S will all the limitations? Can they truly sustain their lives while being paid by the foreign media sending them?
  14. I wish I could choose, I live in Brooklyn but my office is downtown, very close the Federal Plaza, I wonder if I choose that office instead of the Brooklyn one if it's that slow!
  15. I have filed for N400 on January 15th, 2019! Since I am filing in New York, New York, I guess the waiting game will be long 😢