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  1. Day 23: Passport Book received. Next gen design!! 🥰 and mailed straight from New Orleans.
  2. Expedited New passport after naturalization - with regular post service. For myself. May: Application handed over at post office in Brooklyn. Day 5: Application showed as received on online tracker. Day 20: Application was approved. Showed as 'we're preparing your passport/card to give it to you' Day xx: ...waiting now... Locator: 42
  3. Expedited renewal with regular post service. For a family member. April: Application handed over at post office in brooklyn. Day 5: Application showed as received on online tracker. Day 16: Application was approved. Showed as 'we're preparing your passport/cart to give it to you' Day 19: New Passport (old gen) and passport card both received in separate envelopes. Locator: 34
  4. Finally done with my citizenship journey. We had a big naturlization ceremony at the Brooklyn cyclones stadium today. There were about 15-20 Judges present and over 200 new citizens from 60+ countries plus cops in ceremonial uniforms. There was also a high school band and two new citizens selected to speak about their citizenship journey. It was an emotional and heart touching event. They took our green cards before we were let into the stadium seating area. I think there was a TV camera present as well if i'm not wrong. We had to wait from 9 am till 11am while they sat everyone down and prepare. We said the oath of allegiance with right hands raised. The ceremony concluded around 12.45-1PM. Then everyone was asked to collect their naturalization certificates. We also got two tickets each for a cyclones match in coming weeks. Took 2 years since filing but it was worth it in the end. Here's a photo to preserve this memory.
  5. curious what day is your son's oath cerem? Mine is not in federal building but rather Cyclones stadium in Brooklyn.
  6. Sometimes it can be much sooner than 120 days. Depends on how soon you or the involved authorities can provide them the info they need.
  7. Looking at the timeline data tables here, it's not like 99% get oath Same day. Pretty much everyone has to wait anywhwhere from 2-5 weeks. Then there are some of us who have to wait longer. My oath ceremony is about 8 weeks after my interview eg. To be clear I wasn't approved in the interview and was in limbo for a while till I recieved a phone call abour approval and oath location a few weeks after interview.
  8. Hey guys, what documents are needed to take to the post office when applying for passport after naturalization? I wish to apply same day as naturalization so I plan to gather up everything in advance.
  9. Hey guys, what documents do I need to take with me for passport application after naturalization? I already made an appointment and am super excited but am not sure about what is required of me at the post office for passport once I take the oath.
  10. Yes I finally saw a notice show up so now I no longer have doubts. Before that I only had the phone call to go on and I wasn’t 💯 sure if it was real or if they made a mistake.
  11. Thank you. My oath notice was finally issued. scheduled for next month. I’m almost done with the journey.
  12. Foia works wonders. Hopefully you’ll see the case change gears once foia req is fulfilled. I filed around same time as you and it was hard stuck for many many months until foia.
  13. hahaha 😝 indeed. ♥️ I can take a an extra day off for eid since oath is on eid day
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