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  1. I think its just due to different offices having different number of case loads. E.g. most centers in bigger cities will have longer processing times in general. It has always been like that from what I've seen.
  2. I'll be moving to TX soon (from NY). I'm curious about your case. How soon after filing your N400 did you move? And did you move before or after the biometrics. You also mentioned Albany so I'm guessing you only moved within the state and not to another state?
  3. I'm curious, did you file N400 after 15 years of wait? Isn't the green card for that limited to 10 years max? Or it can be renewed after?
  4. Some positive news regarding the USCIS staff furloughs today. https://www.wsj.com/articles/house-passes-emergency-funding-to-halt-immigration-agency-cuts-11598141852
  5. OH wow. I totally forgot about this even though I set this up about 2.5 years ago when we moved from our first apartment in another state. Given that you get an online version of each letter USCIS sends out, my main concern is just to not get called for finger prints in the old state as it'll suck to pay for an expensive last minute flight. I plan on sending my address change form as soon as we get the keys to our next apartment in TX.
  6. I wanted to do that. We basically delayed our move by 3 months waiting for the bio but the pandemic threw all the plans into a mess. I doubt there will be call for bio even in next month for may filers. Waiting every extra month here is costing us almost $500 extra in rent. Not sure what to do. Ill still be here for next 30 days so I hope bio apt comes up during this time.
  7. Hey guys, Is it a good idea to move states before the biometrics letter? I wanna move from NY to TX but im not sure if uscis will be able to process my address change request in time.
  8. May 2020 filer here in NYC. Still waiting for Bio appt. No update yet for anyone I know in the May 2020 N400 filers thread.
  9. My estimated case completion time was fixed for months at Apr 2021. Its now changed to May 2021 :(. This is in NYC.
  10. Has the processing time jumped up for your local offices? This site was showing I think 10-15 months for Brooklyn before IIRC and now its jumped to 15-45 months. Ugh. this is not good: Site: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  11. Several others here and I myself have faced thr same issue. Its a bug with their website. Once you submit the entire application, if you see documents are missing you can go to documents tab and re upload everything.
  12. Based on the incoming furloughs for USCIS staff next month, I've given up on any hopes of a timely case process now. It shows Apr 2021 as completion time for me but with a 70% staff reduction next month, that no longer seems realistic.
  13. Oh man. It seems USCIS will probably cut down 70% of a its man power. I can't imagine the delay it might add. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/immigration-agency-prepares-massive-job-cuts-200624190706385.html
  14. The actual time will be off by a few months but yes that is the average I believe. It shows Apr 2021 for me as well. However there is major difference in processing times based on the state / city so take it just as a rough estimate.
  15. I haven't seen any spreadsheet mentioned so far - I thinks its mainly because so far not a single person has received any case update (finger print appointment etc). So everyone's just filing and waiting on USCIS to ping someone back. At this point it'll be great if at least one person reports any progress She can add the dates to her timeline.
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