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  1. Do you know if anyone from around that time has been given another interview date yet in NYC? Such a nightmare
  2. When was your original interview date? When was your originate date?
  3. The issue with the tracking number self-corrected. It now says the item will be delivered 6/26 (I had paid for the express delivery service). We shall see!
  4. I got the messages today! Applied March 20. So they are moving again finally....
  5. Received 2 emails today - once saying passport was approved & the other saying it was shipped! So that's good news. I applied March 20. One detail: the USPS express mail tracking number in the email is wrong - it links to something that was delivered to California in 2018! So hopefully that doesn't become an issue....
  6. Good to hear. Mine happened on 3/13 which was literally the last ceremonies were held in NYC. Seems like so much has happened since then!
  7. Indeed, it's completely inconsistent (not surprising). One the one hand he isn't even talking about it anymore (like there is no pandemic), and yet these govt departments are still operating as though we are in the peak of the pandemic.
  8. They list conflicting reasons on the website. First they say its because people shouldn't be traveling. Then they say it's because of limited staff. So it's hard to know. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/passport-covid-19.html
  9. That's not common. The vast majority of organizations require verification of citizenship &/or authorization to work in the USA (for those who aren't citizens). It's a pretty standard thing.
  10. My application was receive 3/24 (5 weeks ago). If I get it by the 10th week, I'll be surprised.
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