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  1. That is correct, they did not retain the original and they shouldn’t. You should never leave any original document with the airline or TSA.
  2. Always bring the ORIGINAL extension letter, not a copy. My wife has a horrific story when she tried to return from Brazil to the US and she got stopped in Lima, Peru because the agent there asked for the original... even if the airline agent in Sao Paolo let her take the flight to Lima with the copy. The airline (LAN, before they merged with TAM) admitted they made a mistake at the point of origin. She had to spend the night in Lima with our baby who was just a few months old, and that was just 2 days before Christmas Day. They flew her back to Sao Paolo the next day where she waited to received the original letter I mailed her FedEx.. But that's not all, because the first segment of the flight was used - even on their own mistake - , LAN refused to provide her with a new ticket to SFO. I had anticipated potential problems with LAN, a shoddy airline at best, and since I really wanted to spend New Year with her and our son, I had purchased a ticket from Sao Paolo to Los Angeles with Korean Airlines at a pretty hefty price. I drove from SFO bay area to LAX to pick her up on Dec. 31st at 5pm. We had our New Years celebrations in a hotel next to the airport, but couldn't care less. I wrote the airline in Lima HQ a letter (certified, return receipt,...) asking for reimbursement of the Korean Air ticket, which they promptly ignored. I told my wife we will never fly LAN ever again and we have kept our words.
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