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  1. That's very good news, top_secret. I will keep informing and educating myself about this option and hopefully by the end of next year, she'll be here with me already and what's even better she won't have to wait for a work/travel permit. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for detailed answers, Adventine. I think, at this point, getting married online is the best option that we have and after reading your response I feel more confident that we can do it even though it won't be easy but nothing is easy nowadays in this pandemic that seems to never end. A got a few more questios if you don't mind: -Would I need to cancel the k1 visa or do I just submit a I-130 after the wedding and consummation? -I have limited time off at work, would my fiance be able to visit me or stay with me at the hotel while during my quarantine? I can probably get 10 days off at work and after that I would need to come back to the States. It will suck to be stuck in a hotel in such a beautiful country but it is what it is.
  3. Hello Everybody, So yesterday I was reading a post about the waiting times for k1 visas currently stuck at the nvc waiting to be transferred to the Manila US Embassy and I decided to ask for an estimate for my k1 application that has been stuck at the NVC since April of this year, and I was told that there is a huge backlog and it could probably take up to 3 years to get an interview. I already knew how bad things are when it comes to k1 visas in the Phillipines but I didn't know it was that bad. Somebody suggested that having an online marriage could be a good idea and I could submit a new application for a CR-1, and at this point I'm seriously considering it after speaking with my fiance. I know that there some threads explaining how to do it and I have read as much as I can but I still have a few question and hopefully somebody can help me out. But first, a few important details about our situation: -We met online in May of 2019 and in person in December of 2019. When I came back to the States, the plan was to see each other around March of 2020, come back, and file for the visa but the virus had other plans for us and we haven't been able see each other for almost 2 years. -I filed for the k1 visa in July of 2020 and got my NO2A in February of 2021. In April, I got my case number from the NVC and since that day my case has been stuck at the NVC. My question are: 1) Would it be worth it to abandon the case, get married and start all over again with a CR-1 visa after waiting for more than a year since the application date? I know it's a decision that only I can take but I would like to know everybody's opinion. 2) Has anybody from the Philippines gone thru this process? I know there was a thread about a lady that married her boyfriend from Costa Rica and everything worked out for them but I would think that every consulate is different and I don't want to go to thru all this to be told no at the end. 3)Would it be possible to consummate the marriage outside the Philippines? My fiance has never left the country before and I'm afraid they won't her exit the country or what's even worse, come back after the trip. I understand that I can get a visa to enter the Philippines after getting married but at this moment is not realistic for me to spend 10 days quarantining in a hotel and I was thinking that maybe meeting a place like Turkey could be a good idea. 4) If everything goes well, would getting a CFO to exit the Philippines be a problem for her assuming our visa gets approved? I've read many different opinions about this that I don't know what to believe, some people say that getting a CFO with an online marriage is impossible while others believe otherwise. Again, I apologize if all this has been asked before I'm just trying to put all this information together to take an informed decision in the near future. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for replying. At this point, getting married and filing for a CR-1 sounds like the most reasonable thing to do. It’s a very complicated situation and hard decision to make considering that we have been waiting for so long and haven’t seen each other for close to 2 years and starting a whole new process won’t be easy. This is an incredibly frustrating situation but I understand we are not the only ones.
  5. I know this is thread is a few days old but I’m trying to make sense of the numbers and I would really appreciate it if you or somebody can help me. Assuming that they issue 275 visas on average like you said above and it would take 25 months to clear the backlog, does this mean that it would take approximately 25 months for them to give us an interview after the noa2 notice or how is this calculated? For example, we received our noa1 on July 28 2020 and our noa2 on February 23 2021 and I would to have an estimate on how much longer it would take. I’m sorry if question doesn’t make that much sense, I’m just trying to make sense of all this information. Thank you!
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