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  1. Could you update my case estimated completion time to 02/1/2021, please? Everything else for me seems accurate. Thank you.
  2. Hi, K1 filer here. I definitely wish we did the CR-1 filing instead, and we were under "normal circumstances". It was already excruciating waiting for an EAD for 8-ish months back in 2016, I couldn't fathom it now.
  3. Dang haha I feel like mine is the only one that pushed back. I was told that I was originally slated for an interview back in March, but just didn’t get a date yet.
  4. My N-400 got pushed back to February 2021, according to the case completion time. The original date was Oct 2020. And My I-751 still hasn't been approved, either. lol and I submitted that in March 2019.
  5. So I decided to call USCIS today to book an InfoPass appointment since my (18 month!) extension letter is about to expire in October, and they told me that they're only doing emergency InfoPass appointments (needed to renew my drivers license). Anyways, during this call, I asked for an update on my cases (I-751 and N-400), and the officer informed me that I was apparently slated for an interview a very long time ago, but it was never officially scheduled due to COVID-19, and recommended that I call back every 2 weeks for updates. I guess my anxiety is starting to kick in, seeing as many other folks who filed the same month as me are already getting their interviews completed, and mine has yet to be officially scheduled, not even the first time.
  6. Agreed! I've had absolutely ZERO movement since my biometrics in February, never had an interview scheduled yet. Pending N-400 / I-751, probably combo. No updates on my.uscis documents either.
  7. Oh this gives me hope, I filed 24 days after you. I haven't even had any interviews scheduled at all. Do you also have a pending I-751?
  8. Is working with the congresswoman helpful at all? My I-751 has been pending since March 2019, and the only thing that happened was the case was touched to relocate to a different office *after* I filed for N-400 in January 2020.
  9. No updates for me at all since my biometrics in February, lol. I also checked the documents tab and nothing there, either. Le sigh.
  10. I wonder what kind of impact this will also have on existing petitions, too, or those who need extensions.
  11. AFAIK, if you file on time and have a paper trail that you've done so (and followed any special USCIS instructions due to COVID-19), you should be fine, just delayed. Only complications you might have is renewing your drivers' license and such, but you're not gonna get kicked out of your job just because your card expired. Document everything, and make sure you have a duplicate packet available as evidence, just in case.
  12. Can confirm, mine is back, too! It's now pushed until Nov 2020 though (was previously Oct 2020).
  13. Nope, absolutely zero updates since biometrics were completed. Filed on Jan 26 2020, did walk-in biometrics on Feb 12 2020, and had nothing since. I was never scheduled an interview yet. Also pending I-751, no movement there, either. See my signature for details.
  14. No more case estimation completion time. oof. Seems I'm not the only one, either.
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