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  1. Awesome news all around that they are moving forward!! For those of you wondering when it will be your turn... 👇 I did a search going back to NOA2 of October 2019 (roughly when the cases that are being rescheduled now are from) and it looks like there are 61 cases since then. 21 of those have gotten interviews prior to COVID. That being said; if the embassy keeps on 5-interviews a week you can make a guess on when maybe possibly almost with a bit of luck you could potentially perhaps aproximately have your interview. Our NOA2 came in April of this year so I ran the search through the end of April. This is only the people on visa journey and there are obvs those that dont update their timeline so all with a grain of salt... Anyhow... back to reality and another dose of patience...
  2. Just waiting for the dots to go green on here... 🙏 https://ca.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/consular-operations-updates/ They have been mission critical since day one but dont think its made much difference... Patience is the name of the game i guess...
  3. Yup. We are in the same boat as you. Our NOA2 was a month or so before yours.
  4. Still nothing processed through ol' montreal... >_< Awesome that others are making it happen tho!!
  5. Thanks for that update! Checked your timeline and MTL got your case back in February. Will be interesting to see how quickly they get you an interview and I hope it is very soon for you!!
  6. Well its Wednesday so hopefully we will hear of some K1's getting rescheduled/scheduled today!
  7. It means you should have a quick celly and that your visa is doing what people like me are wishing theirs was doing! Factually it means that NVC has mailed your application to the embassy or consulate, but the embassy has not received it yet...
  8. Hello, Is it possible to get our case that is stuck at NVC transferred to a different embassy? For example; can my fiance go back to her home country of Australia (currently living in Canada so we filed for Montreal embassy) and have her interview there? Doesnt look like any K1's have been scheduled at Montreal and there have been several processed through Australia.
  9. Ok. Cool! Im assuming they are still doing the scheduling/approvals on Wednesdays as they were Pre-Covid? Refreshing CEAC at least 3 times an hour just waiting for something other than "AT NVC" 😄
  10. Has anyone had any feedback on their K1 from Montreal? I know they said they were starting to process them but has anyone got an interview date?
  11. Glad that Montreal is up and processing again! Has anyone had a K1 interview scheduled at Montreal? Looked through a couple threads and didnt see anyone.
  12. I was looking at step 12 on this flowchart; But perhaps this is out of date? We have compiled all of our information based on the checklist for my fiance to take with her to the interview. Was thinking that nothing happens until the embassy opens (Montreal in our case) and the NVC ships it to them and they process it. Appreciate any help you can give! Thanks again.
  13. Thats great news!! What date are they scheduling for? Im assuming they are scheduling interviews for K-1's as well?
  14. Thanks for the update! I do know there will be a bit of a back log; I'm assuming/hoping they keep the K-1 visa interviews separate from the other visa interviews? She wont be able to pick an interview date until she gets her packet from the consulate? And the consulate wont get the packet until NVC ships it out? Trying to make sure we have all our i's dotted to keep things rolling! Thanks again!
  15. Hello, This article caught my attention because my fiance is from Australia and is living in Canada. We filed our K-1 with her Australian citizenship and put Montreal for our interview location. Now im trying to find out when we could potentially get our interview date. The NVC received our case on May 20th. Will it be dependent on the stats from Australia? or from Canada? based on the timeline chart; https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/stats.php I know its impossible to predict an exact date but a guesstimate is always nice to look forward to! Thanks!
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