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  1. From the official site for 130 - Spouse: A copy of your marriage certificate
  2. Did you even read those? Each of the links you put there are talking about court orders. I specifically said you can cross state lines when you are lacking a court order. When a person has primary custody that means a court order is in place giving them primary custody.
  3. They are married so they both have legal custody. There is no law in America that you can't cross a state line without the consent of the another parent lacking a court order.
  4. My online status has never changed from "We received your case You do not need to do anything at this time" No matter if there was an RFE or scheduled BIO appointment. Not sure why the update some peoples cases but not all.
  5. No you need those SSN's for tax purposes. He likely will not get the green cards before the end of the year but could get the SSN's by doing the I-765. They will not be confused as they get these all the time.
  6. I’m looking at my step-daughter’s application and we sent in the same forms 130, 485, 864,944 and 765 (for social security card). Part 2 should have principal applications checked. And 2a checked if this is family based.
  7. Did you file all the supporting documents and were the applications signed? Did you file the 130 at the same time and was that accepted?
  8. The notice though just says while in effect so I think it’s not assured that they won’t require after
  9. There should not be an issue filling AOS but they might look closely at fraud since you were married before he arrived.
  10. I wouldn’t ignore the paperwork. This is just temporary. So use the time to get any needed documents
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