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Found 15 results

  1. Any recent input of how long it takes to get a visa issued after 221G administrative processing for the medical exam (or anything else) in Kiev, Ukraine?
  2. Hi! I am in the same boat. Hi everyone! I would like to ask about my case if you have any idea? 📍November 21, 2021 - I was interviewed here in US embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE for immigrant visa. After the interview, the consul handed over a blue paper (221g) and put a mark on admistrative processing and gave back my passport. I checked my CEAC status on that day and it said “Refused”. 📍November 22, 2021 - I received an email from Abu Dhabi US Embassy stating to fill out the form DS5355. CEAC status still “Refused”. 📍November 23, 2021 - Sent back the filled out DS 5355 📍November 24, 2021 - CEAC status still “Refused” From then on I kept on checking my status but the Last Date Updated still November 24, 2021 and same status. I checked it again and the same status but the last date updated became November 29, 2021. I would like to know if this is a good sign? How long will it take for the process? I followed up my case last December 7, 2021 if they received the form. They replied back on December 8, 2021 and said that it is under administrative processing. CEAC STATUS UPDATE is remained on DECEMBER 8, 2021 I believe I was given the DS5355 because in my DS260 I never mentioned (which was really my mistake) my travels in Europe, UK, HK and Singapore but visas, exit and entry had been seen in my passport. *Now I am trying my best to calm down and be patient to wait but sometimes or most of the time I think about it and worry a lot. How long would it take? 🥺
  3. Hello! My husband had his interview on August 18th, 2021. As of right now, it’s going on 4 months since he’s been placed on AP. At first, the embassy was responding to us and our inquiries but unfortunately, they haven’t responded to our most recent emails. I was just curious to see how long this process has been taking everyone. There hasn’t been any status change since August 25th,2021 (when he was played on AP) and the embassy still has his passport. We are just lost on what to do moving forward.
  4. Hello, My husband had his interview (Tunisia ) on late August. His interview was approved. But according to the consular officer the DS-5535 was needed to issue his visa. He was given 221g sheet and asked to fill out DS-5535 Supplemental Questions as soon as possible. He was told that the form will be sent to Washington DC for a review. We got the DS5535 form on the same day of his interview (appx. after 2 hours). We filled out and send back to them on same day. After sending the form, we sent an email to confirm that they received and send the form to Department of State. We got confirmation email on next day of interview that they received the form and sent to Department of State. He was told that his case now is under Administrative Processing. Since then, we have not seen any status or date update on CEAC website. It's been exactly 40 days passed since the interview. I was wondering if anyone been through same process before? I know the process does not have a fix time and it varies US consulate. My question is, will that be helpful to involve my local congressman or senator in this situation? What rights do we have in order to get an update in our case status? Thank you
  5. Hello all, My husband had his interview for the IR-1 visa last week. We forgot the original marriage certificate though so we had it mailed and it arrived at the embassy this past Monday according to the mail tracking. Since the interview date, the case status said "Refused." However, today it was changed to "Administrative Processing." We have not received any messages asking for additional documents or any action to take so does anyone know what may be going on? I read that Administrative Processing can take weeks or even months... Thanks!
  6. Has anyone applied for a spousal non-immigrant visa recently and been in administrative processing for a DS5535? My partner and I interviewed together on Sept 2 at an emergency visa appointment at the consulate for my job. We were told at the consular post that we got it but then he got an email asking him to fill a ds-5535. Since then, our application status says refused (because of administrative review). Any help on timelines is much appreciated.
  7. we redid our medical like the embassy asked us to and also submitted required documents as requested now how long will the embassy take to review the documents? the medical has already reached them
  8. I am creating this thread for all the members facing the administrative processing issue during the 2020! You can share your experiences here and discuss freely! I had my interview on 9th of January 2020 and was told that my visa is approved but still facing administrative processing.
  9. Hello guys!! Quick question, I had my interview today and I was given a 221(g) form and the consular officer has ticked on “further consideration will be given to your visa application after we receive the items checked below” so he has checked financial documents and evidence of relationship. And I submitted them just now. Is this a bad sign? They kept my passport and original birth certificate and marriage certificate and the translations. What could happen next? At the interview the consular officer didn’t even wanna look at the evidence I brought there. If I’m getting the visa will I have to be interviewed again? Any possible red flags about my experience today?
  10. Hi VJ'ers, Hope you all are staying safe. Here's a background of our story. Please keep in mind we sent an inquiry every 60 days and got the same AP response from the embassy. 10/17- Applied for father's ir5 2/18- Interview at Islamabad Embassy in Pakistan, result AP followed by DS-5535 which was filled and sent back the following day 4/19- second interview at ISL Embassy with updated medical- updates on ceac made but no visa issuance, still AP 1/21- we requested for his passport back since he was needing it to travel and attend to business, passport received, case still in AP 3/21- Latest CEAC update on case (under AP still) 4/1/21- Today, the case on CEAC updates to EXPIRING SOON We emailed the embassy today that we are awaiting for the AP to end and for the visa approval, not sure why its "expiring" due to their own delays. I know factors like the pandemic and changes in the US Administration are factors which can add to the delay, and Islamabad is notorious for long dreadful APs. Do you guys think its time we do a mandamus?
  11. I am a permanent resident of Canada but originally from India. Came to Canada about 5 years ago as a student. I did masters in engineering here in Canada and I have been working for almost 3 years. I had my K-1 visa interview at US consulate Montreal. July 24, 2019. My visa was refused. My passport was returned to me and my case was under administrative processing. I had a B1/B2 visa on my passport, officer cancelled it as well. Stamp says (Cancelled without Prejudice). July 25, 2019. Embassy asked for my resume through an email. It was sent right away. August 30, 2019- Montreal Embassy asked me for my Passport Sept 3, 2019 -- Passport was sent to Consulate Oct 23, 2019 -- Case status update to "Application Received" Oct 25 2019- Case Status went back to "Administrative processing " Still waiting for my passport/outcome from the consulate. Any experts or applicants of similar journey out there able to comment on this whether what is happening ?
  12. My wife had her interview on 9/7/2020 in the Colombo, Sri Lanka Embassy. Everything went well but she was missing an original copy of the translation of the marriage certificate. She got an original copy and submitted it the same day. The embassy kept her passport and original birth certificate. On 9/17/2020 on the CEAC website case status was updated to "Refused." My lawyer said he hasn't seen a refused status before so we wrote an email to the embassy and NVC. Got the following generic reply from the embassy: "Your file has been submitted to the Visa Officer with the updated documents. We will contact the applicant as soon as the officer completes his review. We are unable to inform on the time frame." This was on 10/8/2020. Since then we have not heard back. The embassy website says most administrative processing is done within 60 days. I understand things being slower because of Covid but it's been 105 days now. I just feel like our file has just gotten lost in the shuffle. Does anyone have any idea on the next course of action we can take? I read on the website an inquiry can be made after 180 days.
  13. Our case ir2 was in administrative processing from 2 years and now we recieved email from embassy asking to resubmit the fingerprints and re-oath as one year has been passed since their interview and also required the medical exam from panel physician, is it a good news or another long wait?
  14. We recently received a letter via email from embassy stating our case was "refused and denied" under section 221G and are requiring a second interview along with un updated DS160 , new medical and back ground check. The wording is confusing as it says we were refused and denied but are giving us a second interview. I know every case is different but What should we expect on the second interview. Our case was put under AP and never requested any documents afterwards. The letter is only asking for three things but wondering if we should prepare for a full interview, like take proof of relationship, an updated affidavit support, should I the petitioner attend?? How high are our possibilities to get approve this time? Beneficiary COUNTRY: CUBA U.S. EMBESSAY in Guyana Interview: September 2019 K-1 visa First interview put on AP
  15. Hello my husband had his second interview and they did oath/fingerprints on 7/28 and told him to send his medical and passport And medical and that he’d be good. He is done with medical and new passport is made, the AEG courier service in Karachi is now giving him a hard time stating the embassy is closed and isn’t receiving documents and so I called the embassy they told me they ARE indeed receiving documents via courier and they’re aren’t entirely open and are working remotely also. I did send an inquiry regarding this and send a pdf of his passport stating it is ready to go, embassy replied back to me and stated we show this email to send it via American Express and show them their email for proof. From yesterday case date updated in ceac and today after their email it says our case number and at NVC 🤔 is this normal?
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