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  1. The biometrics appointment was the fastest appointment ever. Arrived early, out within 10 mins before the 1pm appointment. Only people there. No phones allowed!
  2. Hello, Quick question, as the US Citizen, I am starting a new job in a month. Salary does not change at all. Am I supposed to send in another letter from employer for the I-865? Or is everything good to go and just mention it at interview?
  3. Received biometric appointment letter over the weekend for next week. 🥰
  4. Those set backs really suck don't they? We are March 2018 K1 filers and we were one of the first to get our NOA2 in September 2018 but post interview we were placed into AP for 7 months and had to do two medicals and hire a lawyer to get answers. Of course London had increased their medical fee by the time the second one came around too. But now that we are together and married life is good and we can breathe easier.
  5. I think you are confused. This thread is the AOS from K1 hence the confusion from the other poster and the poster you replied to linked you to the other AOS forum for non K1.
  6. Helllloooo so wonderful to be back after a 90 day break :D Filed on 9/28/19 got the text messages of acceptance with our case numbers tonight. Quick question- general timeframe for biometrics? Will this be happening in less than 30 days? We are going out of state for my birthday and I would hate for one appointment to cancel an entire vacation (in 6 weeks).
  7. Bunch of brick walls in here. Arguing points that aren't being made? Okay. Maybe results may vary because of background checks for other people and perhaps in our case they really did mess up and delay our case for an invalid reason and uh last I checked my congressman wouldn't represent me in court but my lawyer would hence the results with a lawyer vs a federal representative.
  8. After 7 whole months of AP with no updates whatsoever, our case finally changed to issued today. Countless useless inquires made by senators and a congressman did nothing. In May we hired a very competent lawyer who obviously did something right as suddenly we were asked to submit a new reaffirmation letter and for my fiance to redo his medical which had expired in April. So yes, lawyers do in fact work. Only 7 business days later our status changed to issued. Never once did we flop between ready, received, AP etc etc.
  9. They had it at the interview as my fiance received his disc but it expired in April as it passed 6 month mark.
  10. Yes we have. Wanted to wait until visa was in hand.... but since this thread has seen some new activity now, we were asked two weeks ago for my fiance to have a new medical (on his way home from London now) and send back his passport with my reaffirmation letter (pick up tomorrow). Lawyers work... at least competent ones do 🙉 🙈🙊
  11. I'm betting more and more it's because my fiance does not have a middle name at all it's so insane that with his fingerprints, birthday, all this personal information they have on him and it still takes more than half a year and still can't verify he is not some other person because of a middle name.
  12. Im glad your AP was resolved quickly and your senator did something useful.
  13. It's on any thread about extended ap. Everyone parrots the same lines like it's any help without ever taking the time to learn each case before they jump in with their own preconceived opinions. I quickly called Amanda's case as going to resolve quickly as I took the time to talk to her in private and follow her threads and she was in AP for maybe 5 or 6 weeks? Everybody else just "it's a black hole etc etc"
  14. Thank you. I saw what you said through the email notification. Everyone jumps and attacks at any mention of AP and acts like they're experts and we're just supposed to shut up and take it. This place is toxic as hell and honestly I wonder why I even bother it's a broken record copy pasting the same thing when my case is clearly not the day after an interview whining about the ceac status.
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