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  1. Is it better to use USPS or Fedex in your opinion? Is there an advantage to one over the other? Am I able to mail using priority mail with tracking if I go the USPS route? Thanks in advance, all!
  2. Hi All, Would our petition be denied if there are watermarks of numbers (the photos are labelled 1-40) on our copies of photos? They do not distort faces / images. The watermarks are numbers only, not words. These are our photos for evidence of relationship, I am not referencing the original passport style photos. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi all, I have been using the line by line guide via the USCIS website to aid in completing the application. However, I'm confused over a few questions and I thought maybe someone else has experience with this. Question A: Part 1 (about you, the petitioner section) Your address history The guide says to provide all addresses you've lived the previous 5 years. The application however says: provide your addresses whether inside or outside US for the first five years, provide your current address first if it is different from your mailing address that you provided for questions 8a. I interpreted this as: put my addresses for the past five years, but don't put my current address in space number 1 since it IS NOT different than the mailing address I already provided, but the form itself already has PRESENT filled in for "date to". So, even though my mailing address and physical address are the same, should I still be putting the address down anyways? Question B: Part 2: Information about your beneficiary; Question 37 asks if they have ever been in the US. Then it says if they are currently in the U.S. to complete item numbers 38.a - 38.b (Of which, the questions ask for their most recent arrival status e.g. visitor, student, etc.) and then asks for their I-94 arrival - departure record number. However, the guide instructions say to provide your beneficiary's most recent visit to the U.S. and their I-194 record So, if he isn't currently in the U.S. do I say N/A OR do I go ahead and complete it for when he was last in the U.S. in 2003? Thank you in advance for your time!
  4. Hi All, I am assembling the packet to send to USCIS with the initial I-129f form. I know I'm not to use staples, and that I need to assemble in a manner that is easy for filing purposes. After reading guides and watching videos, I may be overthinking, but I'm still hung up on a few details. 1. Should things be in page protectors? I see both with and without. 2. Tabs/page flags - should those be at the bottom or on the side? Again, I have seen both. 3. Are binder clips at the top okay versus whole punch fasteners? Any insight would be helpful - thank you!
  5. Thank you so much for this thoughtful reply. We originally were going to go CR-1 route, but after meeting in person we just wanted to be able to be together sooner than later and it seemed people were waiting around 2 years to be able to come over on CR-1, Our thought was even if we have to wait 12-15 months for K-1 with the delays, we can at least be in person. However, updated information is starting to make me think twice. I really appreciate all the effort you put into your post - thank you!!
  6. Hi All, Here's the bare bones timeline; we were in contact for about ten years before we were able to meet. You may ask what took so long...well, quite a few things. We started out just as net pals and developed into something more. The plan was always to meet as soon as possible but in the time we knew each other I went from a GED/minimum wage job to a Master's Degree and salaried position, he already had a better established career when we first started talking but was on a hiatus due to stress and living off savings, he went back and got further certifications and furthered his career. We initially planned to meet 4 years ago when I unexpectedly lost my parent and the grief caused me to withdraw, then when we were ready to try a meet again Covid hit and it became near impossible. We finally got to meet this past year and we spent a month together and want to be together for good. We only have the one month long visit so far though, and I'll be back for just under 2 weeks at Christmas time. Is it better to wait until we have two visits under our belts to file? We'd rather not wait and just get it started already, but I worry that because we've only done one visit (even if it was for a month) that will not satisfy requirements. I guess what I worry about is finding out it was denied and just waiting a few months until we had more visits under our belt could have made the difference. I'd like to think in a perfect world a consular officer would look at our long history of communicating and realize no one looking to pull a scam invests 10+ years into it, and that our month together is enough to demonstrate bonafide relationship and intent to marry, but as we finalize our documents and get our ducks in a row, I can't help but worry a little. This is just SO important to the both of us, and maybe I'm overthinking... thanks all for reading!
  7. Hello All! Fiance (India resident) and I initially planned to file for K-1, as per the timelines on travel.gov, the wait times seemed to be shorter than the CR-1 option in terms of getting to be together in person. However, I recently found this site and have been scouring the forums and see a surprising amount of chorus for the K-1 over the CR-1. I was under the impression that if we were to marry in his home country and then apply for CR-1/K3, he would not be able to travel to US to visit me while we wait for processing. Is that not the case? If I am mistaken, how soon after applying for CR-1 can my would be spouse visit me in the US? Thank you, all!
  8. Hello all! I am wondering if the proof of relationship binder with our photos, receipts, etc. is submitted when I file the petition, or is that something beneficiary brings to the consulate interview? I do understand proof of meeting such as boarding passes, passport stamps, hotel receipts with both names etc. would go with the I-129F, but what about what I'm seeing as a large book people submit containing photos, receipts, affidavits from witnesses to the relationship etc. ? I'm just wondering the best way to go about this so that evidence is thorough and sufficient, but not going overboard or filing it at the wrong time. Thanks all!
  9. Dashinka, thank you very much for taking the time to reply! One last question in regards to your response, how current should the police certificate be? E.G. is it acceptable if it was issued within the last year or the last 6 months? OR should beneficiary be waiting to get the police clearance once they've been notified of the interview date? Thanks again!!
  10. Hi all! I am just wondering whether the police clearance certificate is something needed during the initial I-129f petition filing phase, or if that is something required during the beneficiary's consulate interview, thank you!
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