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  1. yes..just noticed it also. Mine says that my case is taking longer to process than expected.
  2. HI.. It all depends whether if you want the person here quick, but can't work right away OR take a little longer to arrive with papers and ability to work. If the beneficiary has a minor and has other parent's permission, you apply at the same time completing the I-130. This application does ask if you are petitioning any children. The way we did it, I went to Colombia and got married through court at the Notario (small and quick), came back to the states and filed the paperwork right away. Then returned about 2 months later for the reception with the family etc... We did this to get the paperwork going since this is the process that takes the longest. Now, its just waiting, but we got a 2 month jump on wait time. With the K1, yes they get here quicker, 90 days to marry and then do an Adjustment of Status (I have heard this takes time, and almost as long as of you would of filed the CR1-), however you can't work until you got a social security number. With CR-1, yes its about a year, but when person arrives, their SS# should arrive shortly and can work. So it all depends what you prefer. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi there.. I totally get it with the "waiting" portion and we want to speed things up. As some people have suggested, take this time to get to know each other more and try to do things together as if your were together in person. I met my husband while playing Call of Duty and he lives in South America. We play together, watch movies together and try to eat at least one meal together everyday. I sent him board games that we can play over ZOOM (connect 4, battle ship etc..) and just try to keep it light. I try to stay positive and not go too much by what people say about the timeline. My timeline on VJ is like 2 months later than what the agent told me from USCIS my over the time processing time. So we make small milestones...IF by August (which would be 6 months) we hear nothing, then we know we wait until October to then reach out to check on case. If nothing happens then wait till December. So basically we try and work with 2 months at a time instead of years... in the meantime we find ways to get some of the paperwork, work on resume, cell phone UNO, check out travel and accommodations for when the time comes, continue to file and save our pictures and messages. We also take time to 3 way talk to both of our parents, the kids etc.. I also make a point to visit every 3-4 months and look forward to that. It really becomes frustrating when I am going through something alone and I need a hug, but he finds a way to "let's do something" thinking to try and change the mood. We rarely say we miss each other (it just heightens that feelings) we just always say "see you later or tomorrow". Hang in there! I am still in the early stages and wish this could go quicker, but the more I think about it, the slower time goes.
  4. Hi.. what i do to get a live person is that when I call I vhoose the option that says "missed biometric appt". She was able to tell me where my case was being processed and what date to call that was considered outside processing time, which would be October. Hope that helps.
  5. Buenas. Quisiera saber como le esta hiendo en el proceso? Estamos esperando todavia respuesta del USCIS, pero bregando con Colombia y buscando informacion se hace dificil. Se lo agradeceria.


  6. Mor

    Hola....quisiera saber como va su caso, ya que nosotros tambien estamos esperando del USCIS que nos responda para Colombia.

    1. tbo


      hey there. what would you like to know!! feel free to private message with quesstions 

  7. Scan front and back even if it is blank. and make sure it is translated into English. You are going to need this anyways when you come to the States, and its cheaper to translate in Colombia than here. Also, translate your birth certificate also. This will be useful when doing AOS.
  8. Well...we did. Did it through a lawyer who works with immigration and with the fickly country we dealing with. But its ok. It doesnt bother me.
  9. Hi. Im in the same situation.  My husband is Colombian and I am American. I used a lawyer just to make sure i have a support system if something gies wrong, plus already going through the difficult process if getting married in Colombia, nothing over there is at clear cut as in other possible countries. Feel free to contact me ...we just submitted and NOA1 in February 2022. And because Colombia doesnt have a good paper trail of documents , you gotta do some digging to get originals especially if you are an adult. 

  10. I would get copies of both and get them translated (front and back) in Colombia..much cheaper. Better to have more than later need it. Im in same boat but had a civil marriage and its the same thing and had to be translated.
  11. Maybe I didn't communicate well, but I am not confused. I know its the vaccine that's needed. But that is still part of your medical record. However, he is already up to date with his vaccine. The issue is that in Colombia they destroy medical records after 20 years. Therefore having no proof that he has had them, and not really a fan of just taking vaccines (especially the same one more than once). I did call, and they didn't want to provide the cost of the vaccine or cost of the appt. over the phone. Just curious how other people in Colombia have dealt with finding their records.
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