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  1. Thanks Mike. I just wasn’t sure because she was born and is currently living with her in Ecuador. I didn’t know if she would fall under my dependent or my fiancé’s.
  2. For our child, who is not part of the k2 visa, but coming with us passport, should I also list her in Part 2 Item 13, or Part 3 Item 14?
  3. Sorry I should be more clear. Her child is interviewing for the K2 visa. My question relates to Part 2, item 13 Regarding "Beneficiary's Financial Information". Should I list the K2 child as a beneficiary or just put her in as child? Same goes for our child. Part 3, Item 14 "Financial Information" Although she is not coming with a visa, she is coming with a US passport, would she be listed under my fiance's financial information, or mine? Thanks!
  4. Hey Everyone, I followed this thread since my Approval Date was August 9th. However, I originally received an RFE on May 19th. It took me a while, mostly waiting for the necessary paperwork to be sent to me, to fulfill the RFE. Just wanted to update my timeline: NOA1: April 1st, 2022 RFE: May 19th, 2023 NOA2: Aug 9th, 2023 NVC Received date: N/A??? NVC Case Date: September 15th NVC In-Transit Date: September 15th!!! Consular Ready Date: September 22nd. Consular Interview Date: October 20th. I inquired about my case date on September 9th, and they wrote back after a couple days and stated that it was "recently received." After a couple days more, I decided to write back asking what date was it received so I can follow their posted "timeframes." They wrote back the next day saying the consular would let me know when our file would be received. The following day I get the FTP email saying our case was on the way to the consular, with our case number! I couldn't believe it as I thought we were still a couple months away from the NVC "entering data and creating our case." I checked the visa status with the case number they gave me and it was in fact "In Transit." Still not sure when the case was actually received, and not sure how it was moved along the process so fast. In total I was able to schedule an interview 47 days after the NOA2 approval.
  5. Hi All, I just have a couple questions regarding the I-134 and how to list her child and our child that was born out of our relationship. I understand that her child does not need a separate I-134 for the interview. So would I list her as "Child" or as "Beneficiary" in Part 2? Second question, our child already received her CRBA and is currently just waiting for her passport so she can travel with my fiance and her child together. In the I-134, would I also list her under part 2? Or since she's our child with US Citizenship, would I list her under myself in Part 3? If I do list her in part 2, would I just write her as "Child"? Lastly, do we count the beneficiary as a dependent or just the children? Thanks everyone in advance!
  6. I feel you. I’m on the 6852x range and I think there is only 2 or 3 left that need to be processed including mine. It’s been close but nothing yet. Seeing those January numbers is concerning but I do believe that anomaly will be left to late 2021 early 2022 filers, unfortunately, as they were JUST improving. We may be spared from this. just gotta keep the faith!
  7. Definitely a bug. Did a scan of my range this morning around 7 am est and saw a whole bunch of approvals dated today. These were probably approved yesterday.
  8. Case creation is different than when the embassy actually receives the visa application. The chart is a “rough” estimate of the average length of time for embassy to receive the visa application. Each embassy is different. There are some embassies that are more backlogged than others due to receiving way more visa applications than compared to other embassies, COVID restrictions and other factors, all dependent on the country they are in. In some sense, faster NOA1 approvals will further backlog some embassies that are already backlogged and facing staffing issues or other complications. For some, they are already fully staffed without any restrictions, so it may not create any issue and be business as usual. This is why it’s a rough average. Remember, most countries outside of the US took COVID more seriously and have only recently lifted restrictions in place.
  9. Which is why they still have the 16.5 month estimate on their website. They know they have up to 16.5 months to stretch out those remaining 30% (to get it to 80%). Eventually, that number will go down and the approval range will also shorten. For now, since its at 16.5 months, they will continue to stretch it out until historical numbers catch up, which won't be for another few months in my opinion.
  10. I really do hope that it’s 400+ in one day and it’s a start of a new trend! But I will cautiously look at this as 530 in 2 days. Something about the 100 cases on Monday and the site being down today is funky. But either way it’s still a good start for the week!
  11. Thanks! Now I can live a little bit more carefree and not in a bubble as I had intended to!
  12. Thanks for clearing that up Mike. I wanted to make sure because your initial answer didn't correlate directly to that section on the form. Anyways, I appreciate your help. You're right, marrying would have been easier, but sometimes easier is not the best option. As couples, we all have different priorities on how we want to plan and live our lives. Rushing a marriage with little family on either side just for the sake of paperwork wasn't at the top of our list. As you mentioned, I could die tomorrow, so at least live life the way we want to. Don't worry, I will make sure to inform my family of the risks of not having married sooner and ensure they do not burden this forum if I get hit by a bus or die anytime before my child is born. Thanks!
  13. I heard a couple mid April applications were approved on Friday. Not sure if these were expedites or just randoms, but definitely getting closer!
  14. Would filling out from DS-2029, section B and signing in front of a consular officer suffice the requirement of acknowledgment in writing, and agreement to financially support until 18?
  15. Hey @Mike E I wanted to ask you about one of the points you made here… what is the legitimization process you are referring to? Is this country / embassy specific depending on where the child is born? Is this a separate form? TIA
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