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  1. I was talking to some friends that had to get theirs for their Canadian Permanent Residency this year and it seems that where we lived (PEI) we need to go through an agency since the police department doesn't collect fingerprints. So everyone needs to deal with this credited service providers instead with police directly. Checked the RCMP website and they do say that some places don't have this service at the police stations. I appreciate all your help though, I will investigate the proof of residency better.
  2. Thank you! I actually need to go to a credited fingerprinted agency as far as I know and not straight to RCMP (maybe it's the location I used to live). I contacted them before and nothing was said to me about proof of residence, but I might ask again. They might be easier to deal with than RCMP.
  3. Thank you again for your advice! I was apprehensive about this even though I couldn't find any limitation or condition regarding this on my type of visa and permit. I will get ready to explain and hope I don't get a border officer that's having a bad day... haha
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. Super helpful. I wasn't aware that proof of residence was needed, and I'm guessing it needs to be a recent one.
  5. Hello! Hope someone here can help because no one ever replied to my post on Canada Visa forum lol I entered Canada as an international student, and now I have a PGWP valid until 2024 and a valid ETA. I travelled to my home country to visit family, stayed longer due to Covid, vaccinations and a long time not seeing family, and I want to know if I will have any problems re-entering Canada after about 6 months away. I couldn't find anything online about how long can I be out of Canada as a temporary resident, and I tried searching through this forum but couldn't find a similar situation here. Thank you for your help!
  6. Hello! To give more context to the topic title, me and my fiancé filed for the K1 visa this year and I am from Brazil currently residing in Brazil. However, until last year I was residing in Canada, so that means that I will need to get a police certificate/criminal check from RCMP for the NVC/Consular part of the process seeing I resided in Canada for almost 3 years. I still have ties to Canada and I still work for a Canadian company. I am planning to visit Canada this summer because of work and I was wondering if it's possible to request the police certificate from inside Canada while I'm there. I'm planning on spending about a month. I know I can also request it from outside of Canada, but that would require me to take my fingerprints here and it will be costly in terms of travelling (need to go to the federal police in another city on a work day), then mailing everything back and forward, and also of course paying the service fees to an accredited agency. You can argue that travelling to Canada would be even more costly, but since I am already planning this trip due to work and friends, I feel it's easier to get it from there. My main questions are: - I can request this police certificate while on a trip, knowing I am not residing there and might get the certificate before I leave Canda? (I still have a valid temporary resident permit if it makes a difference). - I hear that the certificate valid for 2 years. Is this correct? With the way things are going now, it's possible that the process would take longer than 2 years and I would need to request another certificate this time from Brazil? - Anyone that had to request this from outside Canada, specially from Latin America, how long did it take to get it? Any advice is welcome, even if you think my concerns here are a no-brainer.
  7. Hi, Feb 22 K1 filers! I know there are not many of us here yet (not even 3 months into this ordeal), but as I am an extremely anxious person, I'm tracking our cases already. I worked on a table format that has been used by the 2021 groups and I intend to update it weekly for those who are curious. I started only tracking my group from the start but then moved on to the whole month – doing this actually helps me calm my nerves as I have a false impression I'm in control of something (haha really!). I believe most if not all of these approvals you will see here are expedites – I wasn't tracking the expedite requests before but now I am, so I hope to clear that up in the future. Let me know if you think this can be improved somehow, and if that makes you more nervous instead of helping you, just ignore it completely. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15yTdQDjmS6ik3bPNGmThSc0jFUszsiGcXurI1hT_Jcw/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I'm in no way wanting to give you any advice here – I'm also new in this whole process, only filed a month ago. But I always see people favouring spouse visa over K1 visa here, which is absolutely understandable given that there's additional costs and waiting time and limitations when you go through the K1 route (long AOS, not working, not driving, not travelling, etc). I saw so many of those posts that I almost regretted choosing the K1. I think that for most people, spouse visa is the way to go (hence all the recommendations here), but for some, K1 can be faster and even more appropriate. I understand my situation is unique, but for us, K1 was always the way to go. Getting married would delay our process in months – I can't get into US, he can't get into my country or the country I have a work visa for (Covid restrictions) and we put a lot of weight into the marrying bit. An online wedding was never the option. We thought about getting married in the only country both of us could enter but it would involve a lot of documentation, translation, planning, etc, and we didn't want to get married just both of us in a city hall. So it would be an actual destination wedding, complicated for both of our families. Again, this is very personal and some people wouldn't mind just marrying on paper for the purpose of going through the spouse visa route. I am the beneficiary and I have no problem in not working for months or not travelling abroad or not driving (I'm afraid of driving). His family lives near and can drive me also when he can't drive me around. But I also thrive in being home being a super introvert (pandemic times was a delight for me haha) and thrive in being alone most of the time and being creative without working for it, baking, or just doing exercise at home. And we're already "building" the house together, and deciding stuff so I know what to expect when I move there too. I also lived abroad in English-speaking countries before, last time being almost 3 years in Canada, so I am used to the culture and adapt very well. So we went through the K1 one route so we can have a proper wedding there and start our married life without being apart (we stayed apart for a long time already due to Covid and not being able to meet in a third country). Needless to say, I also have been saving money for a long time now and I will work until I can so we can also rely on my savings. Just saying that every case is different and I understand why people would want to give up on the K1, especially when it was filled just a while ago. I guess you and your fiancé should discuss your options. If you decide to get married, can you do that easily and quickly? Are you okay with being married and still being apart for some time? Are you ok with being at home with no work for months or not? Will you be ok with living with only his income or do you have savings to help? Does the petitioner's family live around or do you have anyone you know there, so you won't be alone? Are you ok with being alone if that's not the case? I think you should discuss the possibilities and limitations of both routes, since you told here that your decision was made based on outdated info. Sometimes it's not just about processing times or a GC right away. And if I said anything wrong here, the senior VJ members should correct me, please! haha
  9. Just wanted to pay my solidarity to you all that have been waiting so long to be reunited with spouses/family and are left with no explanation whatsoever. I'm only at the beginning of the K1 visa and started reading this thread as I have an option to return to Canada (I have a work visa and still work for a Canadian company) and knowing that I would need to go to the Montreal consulate for the process, I decided to research topics related to it. Reading much of this thread, I felt so much empathy for the struggles here. It's not an easy process but it seems that it's being so much harder on you all! In Canada of all places! I keep coming back to this thread every day hoping you will give us good news. I know there's nothing I can do, but I wishing a miracle happens this week!
  10. My fiancé just got the notice by mail. I-129 F Sent - February 17, 2022 I-129 F Received - February 22, 2022 (If they go by the received date, this is the NOA-1?) I-129 F - Notice Date - February 23 , 2022 Wishing everyone luck 🍀
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