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  1. 5 minutes ago, shiva32 said:

    USCIS online account just has brief status updates, they do not make any letters / documents available online. And you cant use the online updates as proof of anything. Anything you get in the snail mail from them, do not lose any of those documents. USCIS has spent billions to transition to online filing etc, it has been a spectacular failure. They are still operating with systems and processes that are several decades old. Your statement was funny in that it assumed that USCIS had it together.  

    May be i expected too much from USCIS :)😀

  2. On 3/11/2022 at 4:02 PM, balo101 said:

    There should be a address on the appointment letter. 


    I have tried one time going to different location and they took by biometrics. However, it all depends on how busy they are. 

    I am actually travelling during that date of aptt. Thinking to finish Bio in that state itself. ...Is there any issue going to any ASC (other than on your letter)   @Demise

    , @HustlingStill, @sandranj

  3. On 2/27/2022 at 2:10 PM, LittlebyLittle said:

    Good afternoon dear members!


    I am at the beginning of the VAWA filing process. I will file the petition on my own, without Attorney. I have all the required and valid evidences (for both: marriage bona fide and the abuse). I also wrote a personal declaration, describing the entire situation, events occurred and referencing the relevant evidences. I would ask more organizational questions (which forms to submit, how, when, etc).

    I would appreciate your knowledgeable and accurate answers to my questions.


    So to start, my first question is:

    I know that I am eligible to submit the form I-485 concurrently with the form I-360. What is the best practice: to submit them simultaneously or separate (mining to submit I-485 after I-360approval?)


    Thank you!

    Great that you're doing by ourself but it'll take lot of efforts.  What kind of abuse evidences you've and how you collected those? Be aware that whole case depends on those

  4. 2 hours ago, mari04 said:


    5) ex-wife possibly notified USCIS about this

    Makes sense


    2 hours ago, mari04 said:

    6) or USCIS figured it out from residence addresses on the N400 form

    7) at the citizenship interview OP was grilled on this.

    😎as a result they figured out that op was separated before receiving permanent GC and hit him with misrep



    Don't think thats the issue as He could've filed divorce waiver on ROC

  5. 14 hours ago, Jawaree said:

    For some the citizenship interview questions are like that at the GC interview, one have to have their facts correct, do not attempt again without an atty

    Usually citizenship interview should have civics etc Qs only. Right?



    14 hours ago, SteveInBostonI130 said:

    this is the time to get an immigration lawyer.

    100% True; better to save so many years & efforts by spending couple of thousand $$



    13 hours ago, soapmctavish said:

    I did not think about it that is why I did not hire a lawyer. I focused on my civics test during the interview and totally messed up with the dates.

    What kind of dates you're talking about?



    13 hours ago, soapmctavish said:

    I talked to a lawyer before and she said my dates and places that I put on my removal of conditions is not the same as what I provided on my n400 application. I had a lawyer during my removal of conditions, passed without interview.I decided to go citizenship without a lawyer because i thought everything is over and it is a different type of interview for civics only since I applied using 5 year rule.

    dates and places for what activity or event?




    13 hours ago, soapmctavish said:

    My lawyer who helped me during my removal of conditions passed away. Im trying to call his office before if i can get a copy of my file. My greencard expires this year  November.

    Better get FOIA as will have more & accurate info

  6. 10 hours ago, soapmctavish said:

    I applied using the 5 year rule. Officer seems to focus the interview on my previous marriage. She even shouted at me once. He asked me about the address that we lived before and I cannot remember all the details. Even asked me when I started working. I got nervous during the interview I just went blank. Denial letter was crazy it states I came here 2000 which I said and provided in my application form is 2010. It also says my address was my workplace and my workplace is my where I lived but on the application ilI filled it up correctly.


    Better to file again rather fixing it


    9 hours ago, Rocio0010 said:

    This is general advice that applies to you and to everyone dealing with USCIS, either by yourself or by an attorney: always, always keep a copy of everything you submit to them, and the notices they sent you. 

    I still think that the denial did not come because of a mix up of addresses. There has to be something else. Maybe your ex sent them a letter stating you married to get an immigration benefit. 

    If I were you, I would retain a top notch attorney and ask them to file a FOIA  (Freedom Of Information Act) for you. That way, you can see what is on your file and see if it is something you can overcome. It's certainly not a DIY anymore.

    Great advice indeed!

    So, wondering if FOIAs has this kind of like letter by ex or something like that? 


  7. On 1/18/2022 at 10:26 PM, SJLN said:

    I would love to say thank you all for your encouragements, your valuable advices as well as your sharings via this forum, specially @sandranj @Demise @Pinkrlion

     Finally my card in hand. Below is my timeline:


    2018: I-486 and I-130 submitted.

    Oct 2019: I-360 submitted. My attorney requested the local office hold I-485 waiting for I-360 decision

    Jul 2021: C31 was issued after 3 PFs, no RFEs

    Sep 2021: I-360 approval letter was issued

    Nov 2021: Interview notice for I-485 was issued. 

    Dec 21 2021: Interviewed

    Jan 6 2022: Card was ordered

    Jan 18 2022: Card in hand.


    I hope that my sharing will help you. 

    I know about  I-485, what is I-486 for?



    On 1/18/2022 at 12:53 PM, Hope-2020 said:

    Feb 2020 filer. Bio done dec 2020. No update no rfe yet. Filed for ead renewal jan 2021. Just got approved today!

    I guess you can apply EAD along w/ pkg; why you did you aply EAD ater 1 year? I am missing something :)

  8. On 1/19/2022 at 8:25 AM, Hope-2020 said:

    My EAD renewal got approved yesterday not I-360. Sorry for all confusion. For ead renewal my timeline is,
    applied renewal jan 17 2021

    case received by uscis jan 21 2021

    Update to show fingerprints were taken april 16 2021

    ead approval jan 18 2022.

    my I-360 is pending for 23 months.

    When in VAWA you can apply VAWA? Why you applied so late? New card is same number or different number?




    On 1/19/2022 at 7:34 PM, steve_o said:

    Congrats! May I ask what did they ask you in the interview? 



  9. 23 hours ago, Demise said:

    Probably. But as I said, application of last resort. You file it, maybe you win maybe you lose, you don't file it, you'll definitely get a removal order.

    Of course its on another note, but removals are only for the persons have criminal history etc (current priorities). Is that right?


    If he gets removal, can he go ahead w/ VAWA COR from prev marriage? Just curious  

  10. On 1/18/2022 at 5:35 PM, Demise said:

    Correct, application for cancellation of removal can only be done before the immigration court. You cannot file it with USCIS.

    We are so lucky that we have @Demise here :)


    Wealth of knowledge!!


    Just in case. if somebody want to proceed w/ VAWA COR; He needs to be in removal proceedings. Right?

    So, he'll be filing all prerequisites like abuse proof, Good character, Marriage proofs etc with the court to be considered for VAWA COR?

    Can one file for VAWA COR along w/ regular COR?




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