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  1. It’s still mandatory to submit form I864W.. Uscis didn’t extinguish this form yet.The USCIS new laws/rules will extinguish form l864W and the questions in the form l864W will be added to the new l485,but so far USCIS didn’t change form l485
  2. Yes it’s mandatory to have the l864W submitted . In case your attorney didn’t submit to USCIS then fill out the form and give to the officer .If your attorney didn’t submit and the immigration officer doesn’t ask tell the IO you have the l864W, because sometimes the IO just realizes after the interview the l864W is missing and then the case decision will take longer because of this .
  3. Yes everyone who has a. VAWA case has to file l864W along with form l485.
  4. 1-The person can remarry and apply for naturalization within 3 years of getting the green card if the spouse(abuser) is a U.S Citizen. 2-IRS gives a better deduction for those filing the taxes jointly.
  5. Yes, the three-year rule just applies if the abuser is a U.S. Citizen, if the abuser is a green card holder then the person needs to wait five years before applying for naturalization.
  6. If you got the EAD category C31 then your VAWA was approved. USCIS just didn't send you the approval letter.
  7. Your attorney must answer the RFE even if it's a mistake made by the USCIS. Yes the Court will stop your removal until final adjudication of your I-360, of course the attorney must ask the Court to stop your removal.
  8. Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) you are eligible to apply after three years that you received your green card,but legally speaking you can apply after 2.9 months.
  9. You are being abused,you still can file VAWA from abroad. If you need more information joint the VAWA thread part 16. VAWA petitioners don't accrue unlawful presence, in case of VAWA approval.
  10. The person has to file form l824, considering the person listed the kids as a derivatives in the form l360
  11. I am sorry I don’t have time to search for the law,my help here is limited to answer questions about Vawa .Search the U.S CBP manual,USCIS policy manual and Foreign Affairs Manual.
  12. Don't use a psychiatrist because they are terrible drafting a psychological evaluation.Find a psychologist or a counselor with specialization in domestic violence.
  13. USCIS can care less if your husband is involved with satanism, black magic or any dark forces.Please don't ruin your petition mentioned about these things ok.
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