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  1. People traveling on advance parole are exempt from the travel ban.
  2. Unemployment is not a public benefit, and VAWA petitioners are not subjected to the public charge either.You can apply without any problem.
  3. A child of a VAWA petitioner is called a "derivative". The proclamation states about the spouse and children of a U.S Citizen, and not about the derivatives, that being said the proclamation does not extend to your children.I don't know if your Country has a travel ban or not.
  4. You need to understand what I posted before.The U.S'spouse is exempt from the ban because who travelled abroad will return to the U.S to join the spouse here(family unit), it's not her case, she will not join her husband here, she has a VAWA pending. Can she travel? absolutely!. Will she reenter? probably not.She might reenter if the officer does not pay attention that she is a VAWA petitioner.If she was my client I would advise her not to travel.
  5. 1-Your local office. 2-USCIS write in all notices about the priority date , but just a green card holder's spouse has a priority date. If your spouse is a green card holder then the priority date is the day the VAWA petition was filed. USCIS does not give ANY information over the phone in VAWA cases, and AOS related to a VAWA case.
  6. USCIS issues RFE for many reasons such as, asking a new medical exam, asking proof of a bonafide marriage, asking a copy of birth certificate etc...and it doesn't mean the person after answering the RFE might get the GC without interview.
  7. 1-In your case as long your AOS is pending your work permit is good, and submit form I-765(CATEGORY C9)to renew 6 months before expires. 2-yes you still can file VAWA. 3-IT'S not bad but you will need to attend therapy and submit a psychological evaluation. 4-USCIS does't care if he is wealthy or not. 5-I suggest at least 7/9 pages. 6-If you were abused you have your own story.Each story of abuse is different, are you sure you have one?
  8. PRIMA FACIE means the person can use public benefit ,nothing else.
  9. The White House imposed coronavirus travel ban on Brazil.The U.S Citizen's spouses are exempt from the ban because they will reenter to stay with their spouses, and it's not your case because you won't reenter to be with your husband.
  10. Overstaying or entering through Mexico is not a problem for Vawa petitioners.
  11. You need to show your last 3 tax returns when you will apply for naturalization.
  12. If you have a strong VAWA case then you can for adjustment of status now , but if your attorney has any doubt that your case might not be approved then wait for he approval, because if your Vawa is denied you will be removed from the U.S.
  13. Considering your post you don't have a VAWA case, it means you were not abused.Your marriage just failed, as USCIS says "you had an unpleasant marriage", and an unpleasant marriage is not a ground for VAWA.
  14. You need to file a new form I-485, you can file now or wait for approval.
  15. You need to decide if you want to continue with the VAWA petition or to work on your marriage.VAWA Law was not enacted to apply for a green card because the spouse doesn't want to apply for the adjustment of status.It doesn't make any sense to work on your marriage if you are suffering abuse.
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