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  1. Well the online service gave you wrong information, than walk away. Your spouse doesn't have to accept the divorce, the judge will decide with your husband acceptance or not.
  2. Contact your CONGRESSPERSON. DO NOT contact your Senator.
  3. You can send documents any time before they adjudicate the case .
  4. USCIS states: Please be aware that for travel to any location other than the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, you must have advance parole from USCIS prior to departure, just as with any other international travel. Additional information may be found on USCIS' web site. It means you can travel without AP.
  5. You should contact the USCIS ombudsman and your congressperson as well to inquire on your behalf. https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance
  6. She won't have any problem with immigration regarding her child's name, but the father can bring a paternity suit to establish paternity.
  7. Having a child won't be a problem, but she should not get married before VAWA approval.
  8. Yes they will consider the fraud decision while adjudicating your form I-360.
  9. I filed several Writ of Mandamus before, but you will waste your time and money because the Court will consider a delay just after two years pass from filing.
  10. You need to pay USCIS fees or to submit form I912 if you can't afford to pay the fees.They will send your file back.
  11. You have to file the form I-824 not I-864, but you can do this just after your green card is approved.
  12. You must go to the interview, you just can ask the officer to put your case on hold until your VAWA is adjudicated,but if your spouse withdraws form I-130 and I-864 the officer will deny the AOS and you just need to refile again.
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