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  1. Your assumption is not correct. Uscis officers are not allowed to ask about the abuse at all, if the person feels confident to disclose the abuse then the person can disclose otherwise the person has to say to the officer that he/she doesn't want to talk about the abuse anymore and that the abuse was already adjudicated by VSC. We have here on VJ at least 5 people that their attorneys attended the interview and they asked about abuse and their attorneys objected the question, and in 2 occasions the supervisors were called, and all cases USCIS took 4/7 months to approve the interview after the interview. Usually who asks about the abuse are new officers and for sure they are not following the USCIS manual guidelines when adjudicating the AOS.
  2. You need to travel with advance parole, don't go without AP. In case your AOS is denied when you are abroad you will not be able to reenter. Contact your congress person to inquire on your behalf about your GC.
  3. Submit your bank statement,if you have tax return submit a copy as well. Submit bills that you have to pay montly and ask your friend to mention your name and address and mention that you are unemployed and he/she is providing you room and board .Ask the person to put date and place of birth, current address and phone number and notarize the letter.
  4. If you received the first EAD category C9 then you don't have to pay to renew the EAD using same category.
  5. File form l765 use category C9, submit a copy of your l765, copy of your passport,copy of your l94, if any, 2 pictures style passport , copy of your AOS receipt as well.
  6. Uscis is messy to update the address. You cannot file the AR 11 online you must submit a notarized letter asking to change the address.
  7. If you are here less than 3 years then ask the police clearance from ypur Country and submit to USCIS as soon you receive the clearance ok.
  8. If your spouse withdraws the l864 then USCIS will deny the l485 and you need to refile again, but if she doesn’t withdraw then when you will go to the AOS interview you should ask the officer to put the AOS on hold until final AOS adjudication,the officer might put on hold or not.
  9. They gave you 87 days to submit the documents then VSC will not consider the documents that you will submit after 87 days and when answering an RFE is mandatory to include the ORIGINAL RFE.
  10. You need to send a letter to the local office that denied your l485.
  11. I did not say NBC,the person has to ask the local office not to issue the NTA.
  12. Uscis will not issue RFE(new cases) anymore asking documents such as police clearance ,copy of birth certificate,copy of marriage certificate etc, if the person failed to submit mandatory documents USCIS will deny the case without issuing RFE. USCIS will continue issuing RFE if they need more evidences of abuse /bonafide marriage.
  13. If you received an RFE just for bonafide marriage and good moral character then you satisfied the Service regarding abuse and they wil not issue another RFE for abuse. If you want to submit then submit now, but clearly, they considered you were abused. Make sure you gather affidavits from your family(mother/siblings), if they don't speak English they can write in their native language and you must include complete translation ok.
  14. He can denounce you to ICE, but he can't bring ICE to the Court date. ICE shows up when they want,they will not go to a specific place together with the person who denounced you, and in case you see any ICE agent just show that you filed VAWA, and you will be fine. DO NOT SHOW your VAWA papers in Court to your husband or to his attorney. Threat of deportation after the separation doesn't have much weigh, the abuse must have happened when you were living with your husband.
  15. They might issue the NTA because the officer who denied the AOS doesn't know the person has another I-485 pending. I suggest if anyone here had the AOS denied to write to the local office where the AOS was denied and ask them not to issue the NTA because a new AOS was filed and submit VAWA and AOS receipts.