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  1. As I said before they will NOT put/combine your two VAWA cases, and you must withdraw one of the cases, but of course keep the case that you submitted ALL proof of abuse, good faith marriage and good moral character. When you withdraw the case explain why you are doing this and DO NOT use online translator to translate the letter.
  2. It's probably not a wise idea. Can you do this? absolutely, and Chicago might take 10 to 60 days to send you the receipt. Chicago will take 20 to 90 days to transfer the file to VSC and then you have to cancel the previous I-485.
  3. Once denied VAWA the person will receive the AOS denial right awa,y and the person has 30 days to file a motion or appeal.The chance to have an appeal granted is the 1%, it's better to refile. The motion to reopen is a request to review the decision based ON NEW FACTS.
  4. Nataly you are acting impulsively and making a mess in your case. Why on earth did you file Vawa twice? YOU CAN'T PUT THE TWO FILES TOGETHER NOW. You have to withdraw one of the form I-360. Take your time to handle your case carefully.
  5. It will depend of the immigration officer,he/she can put on hold or not.
  6. There is no religious divorce, there is "annulment" of marriage from the church in some religions. People sometimes file this kind of annulment because they want to remarry in the church again and it's not related to a civil marriage ok. Legally speaking she won't have any problem to remarry again (civil marriage). She has to see with her church if she decides to have a church marriage again.
  7. Don't return to his house if you fear for your life. The only thing you said here is that your husband likes to watch movies about adultery, but what kind of abuse did you endure while living with him? because he has a preference for certain movies this is not abuse. You need more than control to prove extreme cruelty. I am not saying you were not abused but I am considering what you wrote here, 99% of the time I had an idea of the abuse suffered just reading what the person wrote and I don't see extreme cruelty here.As said maybe you suffered abuse but it's not specified here. I hear all the time people saying " my husband is abusing, he has mental problems", let me explain something here abusers don't have a mental problem, abuse is a deliberate choice to abuser someone. A person with mental problems, someone "ill", the majority of the time he/she is not responsible for his/her acts. Abusers have a complete notion of what is wrong and right.
  8. It’s still mandatory to submit form I864W.. Uscis didn’t extinguish this form yet.The USCIS new laws/rules will extinguish form l864W and the questions in the form l864W will be added to the new l485,but so far USCIS didn’t change form l485
  9. Yes it’s mandatory to have the l864W submitted . In case your attorney didn’t submit to USCIS then fill out the form and give to the officer .If your attorney didn’t submit and the immigration officer doesn’t ask tell the IO you have the l864W, because sometimes the IO just realizes after the interview the l864W is missing and then the case decision will take longer because of this .
  10. Yes everyone who has a. VAWA case has to file l864W along with form l485.
  11. 1-The person can remarry and apply for naturalization within 3 years of getting the green card if the spouse(abuser) is a U.S Citizen. 2-IRS gives a better deduction for those filing the taxes jointly.
  12. Yes, the three-year rule just applies if the abuser is a U.S. Citizen, if the abuser is a green card holder then the person needs to wait five years before applying for naturalization.
  13. If you got the EAD category C31 then your VAWA was approved. USCIS just didn't send you the approval letter.
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