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  1. I had cases they scheduled the fingerprints within 20 days,others 60 days.
  2. Your attorney can call Vawa unit.He knows the number .
  3. Thank you for your tireless efforts here.
  4. You have just to wait now.All people who gave you information about the AOS were wrong . Last week someone hired me to refile form l360 because his attorney screwed up his case. I was in shock when I saw how the attorney filed form l360,it’s missing 40% of the answers, plus the atrorney filed the wrong fate when the guy separated from his wife, put the wife’s name wrong,his date of birthday is wrong too, He didm’t put the stepchild ‘s name as well,and he didn’t mention where the guy worked....it’s a mess the case . It’s very important to read the forms before signin and people should ,search about VAWA before hiring an attorney.
  5. Awwww thanks for your kind words.I try to help people in need the most that I can without expecting any reward.A life without purpose is meaningless. We all should dedicate part of our time doing something to help others.We have here on visa journey the administrators giving their own time to keep this site working, that being said each victory of one VJ member is my victory and the Visa Journey victory as well.
  6. It’s taking too long your case.You should send a formal letter to USCIS stating that you will file a writ of mandamus because your case was filed in 2015 and until now they didn’t adjudicate the case .Maybe letting Uscis to know that you know whatt do when there is an iextensive delay then they might give a decision in your case now.
  7. You can file for divorce using any ground that you want ok, it will not affect your Vawa/AOS or citizenship.
  8. It’s taking long time to transfer because your attorney has no clue about VAWA and AOS and made a stupid mistake submitting a new AOS when the previous was pending. Having two pending AOS petitions create a huge confusion. Attorneys or petitioners don’t have to ask Uscis to transfer the previous AOS , if the AOS its still pending when the l360 is approved, because the adjustment of status will be automatically transferred .
  9. If you had a pending AOS why did you file a new one after Vawa approval?
  10. You have to file AOS for each child.
  11. Yes I had a few EAD expedited, I remember one she is diabetic and needed to work to buy her medication,-another one he had a car accident and took 4months to recover and he needed to work to afford physical therapy, I had other cases as well.
  12. You will have the fingerprints schedulep Probably within of 3 months.
  13. If it's your first hearing then it will last 10min, your attorney will ask for a master hearing and the master hearing can take over 1 year, in NYC is taking 3 years.
  14. Uscis will not give you any information over the phone.Vawa cases are protect by privacy law. They can give information regarding your AOS if you filed before your VAWA case,but sometimes they realized you have a Vawa case and then they don’t give information regarding the AOS either. In case you want to inquire about your l485 your friend can call USCIS but they will ask you if this person is inquiring on your behalf,you must be present when your friend call them.
  15. Vermont adjudicates VAWA cases but your local office is located where you live ok.