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  1. Documents can be added anytime before VAWA adjudication.
  2. You said " I would personally not go to that extent if I know that something bad would happen to my abuser". Everyone who abused should be held accountable, abusers should be in prison. You have a moral obligation to denounce your abuser in order to prevent another person from experiencing the same horror that you experienced.
  3. I always say don't ask your Senator because he/she can care less about your case.Ask your congressperson.
  4. Everyone's biometric is required.Your case is going the way it should be.
  5. You can even travel abroad with your Advance parole .Your lawyer seems clueless about immigration Law.If you are not in removal proceedings or filed asylum you can go anywhere you want ok.
  6. There is no deadline to file form I-131.You paid the I-485 then you may file form I-131 without a fee.Send a copy of the I-485 receipt along your I-131. You must send your form to Vermont.Read the I-131 instructions to determine what documentation is required.
  7. If your advance parole is valid and you are not in removal proceedings or filed asylum before then you can travel without any problem.
  8. The case is transferred to the local office just after your VAWA is approved and your I-485 is pending.
  9. You have to pay to file form I-131 or you can ask Uscis to waive the fees, file form I-912.if you are not in removal proceedings or if you don't have an asylum pending you can travel without any problem.They will take 6/8 months to issue the advance parole.
  10. There is no implication. You have the right to file the Writ os Mandamus.
  11. It's clear a mistake made by USCIS. Interviews aren't scheduled in States other than the one where the person lives.
  12. It will take a while, because there are thousands of I-485 petitions waiting to be adjudicated .They decide the cases in the order they are received, so you're gonna wait between 12/18 months to have your interview scheduled.
  13. You attorney filed a motion to terminate your removal proceeding and the judge gave a decision. Your attorney has to check if the judge granted or denied.
  14. I have cases filed in Feb and March 2019 still pending.
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