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  1. Go to the police to denounce him if the abuse was physical, in some States they file a late police report. You can get a restraining order for harassment.
  2. Yes they have ways to find out,specially if they call people that you know and this is possible.How can you explain that you are here for months or years without working?,you better have prove that you had money to survive until now without working. DO NOT LIE TO IMMIGRATION!. Last year I had one case that the survivor stayed in someone’s house for a few months after the abuse ,the person is her father’s friend and the guy is married. The guy gave her an affidavit stating she was in his house for a few months.USCIS discovered the wife name and cellphone and they called the guy’s wife asking if she knew xxxx and if she stayed in her house for a while.. The survivor posted here about it.Working without authorization BEFORE filing Vawa will not affect your case .
  3. The requirement to lived in the U.S before doesn’t apply to your deratives(your kids).You can file l824.
  4. The question says “ever” that being said anytime in your life if you worked in the U.S without work permit you should mention and explain why.You won’t be punished if you worked without work permit before filing Vawa but you should not work without work permit after you submitted your Vawa application.
  5. Submit the AOS now and later on submit the medical exam, wait at least 6 months after you submitted the AOS to submit the medical exam. Thank you for the kind words.God is faithful .
  6. Congratulations. When you have/had a restraining order then you don’t need a psychological evaluation. I had cases the survivor didn’t attend the hearing to extend the restraining order because the person was in despair at that point but because the case was VERY strong I was able to explain to USCIS why the person didn’t ask to extend the restraining order.In your case you had a restraining order and they could corroborate the RO with your story.
  7. After approving your AOS file form I-824 and after 10/12 months your child will be here.
  8. To file for l131 you need to file for adjustment of status, form l485, l-131(optional), l765(category C9) optional, l864W, submit l693 after Vawa approval because the medical exam is valid for just one year, and we believe Uscis will not issue RFE for medical exam anymore regarding the cases filed after 11, 2018 and they can deny the cases because the person didn’t submit all forms required by the Law. File form G1145, if your Vawa was approved submit a copy of the approval, if you can’t pay the fees then file form l912,check the fees in the Uscis website. I am posting here just the forms but you need to submit several documents. Please read the Vawa threads part 8,9,10 and you will have an idea how Vawa works ok.
  9. I handle in all States just immigration cases.
  10. YES I had a few cases that took between 3/ 7 months after the interview to receive the green card.
  11. I am in CT,and I handle cases in all States.
  12. It will be 7/10 days maximum of difference if you have the l485 put on hold.
  13. There are a bunch of new members here and I have a suggestion, please read the threads VAWA part 7/8/9/10, most of the questions that you are asking here over and over we answered in those threads several times. It became overwhelming for me to check my email because I see 20/30 questions per day about things that we discussed already so many times. I am here since 2005 but in my opinion we never had a VAWA thread like this one here with so many repetitives questions and chit-chat. Of course I am not the only person answering questions here, but as far I know I am the only attorney on this thread, and probably I will not help many people because I am not reading most of the questions now.
  14. You can file the I-824 along with your I-485,or after your I-485 approval, but NVC will forward to the U.S Consulate the form I-824 just after your green card is approved. I prefer to file form I-824 with USCIS after the AOS approval because I saw many cases that USCIS forgot that the I-824 was submitted and they didn't ship the file to the Consulate and people were waiting for several months and found out that USCIS didn't even initiate the I-824 process.
  15. Many people travelled with AP and reentered without any problem, but AP does not guarantee reentry.