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  1. Of course its on another note, but removals are only for the persons have criminal history etc (current priorities). Is that right? If he gets removal, can he go ahead w/ VAWA COR from prev marriage? Just curious
  2. We are so lucky that we have @Demise here Wealth of knowledge!! Just in case. if somebody want to proceed w/ VAWA COR; He needs to be in removal proceedings. Right? So, he'll be filing all prerequisites like abuse proof, Good character, Marriage proofs etc with the court to be considered for VAWA COR? Can one file for VAWA COR along w/ regular COR? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! But COR cases are heard ny Immigration Judges in Immigration courts and never by Immigration officer. Right? Thanks!
  4. In vawa COR, It seems if someone in removal proceedings (also was eligible for vawa) and has USC kid; he can be granted vawa COR easily
  5. So, its ' extreme hardship' in case of VAWA COR (lower standard) And “exceptional and extremely unusual” hardship in regular COR which is way higher standard to prove Is my understanding correct?
  6. Cancel old one & start new AOS process, i guess Any examples what considered as ' extreme hardship' here
  7. If you call 911 or police, do they arrest the abuser or just warning ? So, how calling Police would be safer for victim?
  8. Thanks @Demise for detailed explanation! If VAWA COR approved, its 10 yrs GC. Right? And it includes GC for dependents also (unlike regular COR that benefits only applicant)
  9. I heard there's one COR for people who're here for last 10 years, is VAWA COR same? Is Level of Hardship to prove in VAWA COR lower? So, even after approval in this case, one has to wait for the quota for few years to get GC? It was I-130 denied and he appealed that to the BIA and the I-130 denial was remanded back to reconsider. BIA remanded back due to no noted of director on which he based his decision & No NOID issues Its working; and i think lot better than calling. FOIA is always helps. Better to file by yourself or by Attorney for faster delivery? Is it paper file they send? Thanks @Rocio0010. Point Noted!
  10. Great analysis! Makes sense. Two Qs: - Will he get EAD? - If denied (i am sure), can he go for VAWA COR? @Demise Wonderful as always! Are you saying that he can file once but then whatever decision happens he can't file again? What happens to EAD? Are there any provisions with 2 year bar can be waived?
  11. He was denied AOS and BIA remanded to USCIS to look into decision again but that interview never happened. so ROC was out of question anyway
  12. He filed but I am questioning his eligibility or not He has no basis to attend the interview (other than moving case to vawa), as he is divorced now
  13. Thats what i thought. Will he be able to get EAD then? As i mentioned... Had AOS interview - got denied - filed & won BIA appeal - BIA remanded back to USCIS ( divorced by then)- USCIS sat on it for next 5 years & did nothing - Then sent Interview notice but by then they were divorced - he filed vawa hope i was clearer this time Right, thats the question too. Pls look at other factors of interview notice coming now based on his old AOS filing I know its bit complex. Inputs from @SandraNJ and @Demise will be appreciated
  14. I am feeling like studying Immigration Law once i am done with my Immigration I see two major points here... - AOS interview still active (was delayed by USCIS inappropriately) - Divorce is older than 2 years Can he move his I-485 to VAWA? I know VAWA depends on lot of other factors but can we first focus on this basic requirement of filing within 2 yrs of divorce? @Demise, @sandranj
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