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  1. Soon things will change. We just have to wait a bit longer & our turn will come soon.
  2. Until end of August things might go slow. Student visa storm takes over everything this time of the year. We just have to pray & hope they move faster.
  3. That's pretty sad. But thank you for the info.
  4. -DQ'd on 27th May 2022. -PD 12th March 2021 -CR1 -Spouse of USC. -Waiting for IL. Are they even issuing any cr1 visas? There's no sign of it this whole month.
  5. Aww...how sweet! Thanks for the good wishes. Not sure of when the interview will take place though... January DQs are still not done with their interviews. Looks like they are unpredictable. Continue to send your good thoughts & prayers.
  6. Hallelujah 💃 💃 💃 We finally got DQ'd. Re-submitted on March 16th. God is good!
  7. Missing blank page of I-864EZ. We resubmitted it on arch 16th. Nothing yet.
  8. We re-submitted on March 16th, but haven't heard anything yet.
  9. We submitted ours on March 16th & haven't heard back from them.
  10. Nothing resets the clock other than resubmission of 'Required Documents'. The only way to find out is by doing it.
  11. Our RFE was for a missing blank page of I-864EZ.😔 However, my husband uploaded that and the latest tax statements. A lot of times NVC tends to ask for more stuff. So we thought it's better to give them extra, than to be asked for it later and wait for 3 more months. We re-submitted on March 16th. Hoping to be DQ'd this time. The best part is, adding documents under Additional documents tab does not reset the clock & push you back in the queue. So no harm in adding whatever you want to add now. I just make sure I leave clear & kind comment so the officers understand my motive behind adding that additional document.
  12. That's right, you should upload your latest tax transcripts & w2... My husband did too. Just go ahead and add them under Additional documents & leave a note and submit it.
  13. Well, the trick is; if you prepare for the worst, it may never happen. So go ahead with the preparation & keep the secondary documents ready. Really, it's the consulates that can tell you for sure whether or not they care to scrutinize your BC. I don't think they are that predictable either, so I would go with additional documents whenever my turn comes. I mean, don't forget, even the blank page means a lot to them. How less can a Birth Certificate mean!? Just saying...
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