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  1. I have done this multiple time over the last years. Supposed to stay for an amount of time, but then something happened and I had the chance to push my return - and I did. Never had an issue with it, not even once. However it hasn’t been more than 3 weeks extra at tops and always within the authorized 90 days on my ESTA 😊
  2. You are not currently in the US, therefore you leave them blank
  3. Hi there, I have visited 4 times while we’ve been in the process, and never been denied entry. Today I got really basic questions, like how long we’ve been married, how far along in the process we are, how good I am at skiing (I am from Norway, and apparently the CBP officer knows that we ski a lot haha) and if I’m returning because of work. It is always a little scary and I feel interrogated, but I think that’s just how it is. It usually works out fine 😊 I have never shown any evidence of ties, just confirmed when I am returning to Norway! Good luck 🍀
  4. Got DQ’ed like 20 minutes ago (17th of June)! Responded to RFE on April 5th 😊
  5. I just saw April 4th on Facebook, so they’re moving forward! 😊 so happy for you ROK2USA 😄
  6. Ours is April 5th and I’m optimistic enough to hope for this week 😅
  7. Omg Yey! Congratulations! I can’t believe they’re finally in April!
  8. No, we didn't submit it the first time around! Hopefully your case is different timewise!
  9. We got that in March (asking for 2020 W2), submitted April 5th and are still waiting 🥲
  10. Thank you! Fingers crossed for approval then 😊
  11. Hi guys, we’re approaching review day (hopefully next week, since we resubmitted April 5th), but question! I people on Facebook that have submitted proof of petitioners citizenship. I haven’t seen that being required anywhere. We haven’t done that, we got a RFE in March requesting only the W2 for 2020. like these are the only documents submitted by petitioner. Do you think we are going to get a second RFE for that?
  12. Just saw a first submission March 10th and last submission March 26th get DQ'ed on facebook - feeling like if they counted from March 10th it should have been DQ'ed a couple of weeks ago!
  13. Please fill in your timeline to help the community 😊 congratulations on the DQ! 🎉
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