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  1. Thank you so much for this! This sounds very simple which is a nice change haha!
  2. Hello! My husband and I are hoping to be able approved at the NVC stage soon. I wanted to see how it went scheduling your appointment and how long it took?
  3. If you add doc to the additional doc section it won’t reset the clock. I did 4 days before I got reviewed and it didn’t reset
  4. Did your husband upload after an RFE? My tax docs have already been accepted
  5. Hello! My husband traveled a couple of times while we had a I-130 pending. He only had trouble one time because he stayed 6 months (pandemic) then went home and returned rather quickly. However we had a return ticket and he also had a LOE for work. Just make sure he has strong ties to his home country (job, house, etc) and a return ticket and he should be fine.
  6. I have received mixed answers on other forums. Wanted to see what my fellow VJ’s think. Thank you in advance Hello! Here’s my case info: NVC Upload: November 15, 2021 Case RFE: February 6, 2021 (everything was accepted but the police certificate. Bosnia requires 2 not 1) Uploaded New Police Certificate: March 15, 2021 My question is…now that we will be reviewed after the tax deadline…do I need to upload my 2021 tax forms, W2’s, 1099’s in my additional forms section? Or can I just have my husband bring my 2021 tax forms to the interview. I only ask because everything has already been accepted but I really don’t want another random RFE. Thank you for any help or advice!
  7. Congratulations! I got an RFE for police certificates in Feb. We resubmitted in March. Everything was accepted but the police certificate. We are hoping to get reviewed again at the end of this month beginning of next. I have been debating whether I should upload my 2021 taxes but it looks like adding it might not be a problem. Did you put your 2021 tax return, W-2 etc all in one doc or did you separate them?
  8. Hello! I had one more question…how long did it take to get the police certificate from the court? Do you remember?
  9. Hello! We are at the NVC stage and unfortunately had a form rejected so I am sick knowing we will most likely have to wait another 3 months. But I just wanted to hear if there was a time where this stage was faster? I find it crazy that this is supposed to be faster then the USCIS stage but there when we had to upload a doc again it was approved in a week…and at NVC if you have to upload after being reviewed it can take the same amount of time you waited before….would love to hear other experiences
  10. We were reviewed today and had one form rejected so back to square one We submitted our final doc on Nov 5 and added additional docs in December, January and February
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