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  1. Hello everyone! I filled out the DS160 form, but now I'm confused about which one I should do next. Make a payment for my DS160 form then make a schedule for the interview on ustraveldocs's page? Or book for a medical checkup first then make a payment of DS160 and make an interview schedule? Looking forward from you! Best, Gabby
  2. Okay! thank you! Noted! Thank you so much once again for your help!
  3. Not yet. I will plan to help them right after I get my visa
  4. Hello Dashinka 1. Yes that is what I meant. I'm in a panic mode so I can not type properly. Thank you so much! On the DS-160 form, there is a question "Are there any other persons traveling with you?" so I will answer "yes" then? 2. That was a relief answer :). Thanks! 3. one more question, we have an idea to hold our engagement party in Indonesia (where I live) and bring my fiancee's parents to celebrate in here. Then, we will be going to the USA all together (me, my family, my fiancee, and his parents) to hold our wedding ceremony in the USA. After the wedding and spending a week in the USA, my family will leave from USA. Can we do that?
  5. Hello, anyone in here! Hoping you have a good time. I would like to ask some questions. 1. Has anybody here been to the USA and used a K1 Visa with your whole family (in this case my family doesn't have a B2 visa yet. However they gonna start to process as soon as possible)? If yes, how's the whole process from making their B2 visa to entering the USA? 2. We will hold our wedding party in a different state from where my fiancee lives. Is that a big problem? or fine? We will gonna stay at my fiancee's home anyway after the party. Thank you so much for your kind attention and looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!
  6. This is unexpected, I thought spousal visa takes longer. Jezz I didnt knew that. Can I still apply for visa tourist while the USCIS received my K1 documents?
  7. OMG, I thought 16.5 month is a total processing time from the day USCIS received the case until the beneficiary's got their VISA.
  8. Hello, how long in average to wait the status from NOA1 to NOA2? 6 to 8 months?
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