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  1. You’re welcome ,I’m glad it helps
  2. Hi,I got email with approval to expedite yesterday 20th July ,I submitted request on the 28th May so well over a month for a decision: Request for Expedite submitted 28th May Reviewing Request for Expedite 15th July Review Complete (Approved) 20th July
  3. Really curious to find out your experience with the medical ,not sure if I should be asking about this on another thread
  4. Very good you were prepared with a recently issued police certificate,my one is due to expire in September if I’m to follow the 2 year extension ,was it quick to order a new one from ACRO the second time around,thanks !
  5. Congratulations on getting your interview …was your police certificate issued more than two years ago? As I understand DOS recently updated info regarding PC being valid for 2 years for immigration purposes
  6. F3 here ,but good to know how the F2a will be progressing towards an interview and their experiences moving forward
  7. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/updates-to-national-interest-exceptions-for-regional-covid-proclamations.html
  8. Hi,I see ....this waiting can be so nerve wrecking,hopefully not too far away for us ,I don’t know if I should get a PC now or wait for IL to arrive, do you know regarding the AOS, only update needed done to it is just to attach the most recent W-2 ,transcripts ....please keep in touch
  9. Would like to connect with others in the F3 category awaiting interview date at London Embassy PD May 2007 DQ March 2020
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