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  1. Hello everyone! Im under the F3 family based category ,DQ'd in 2020.I have been sent an email with intructions from the London Visa Unit asking me to : 1- Upload the civil documents,I-864 AOS and tax returns to CEAC 2- contact Visa Medicals 3-Arrange delivery of documents and schedule an appoinment I've read that the AOS doesn't expire therefore is valid from the moment the sponsor,joint sponsor signs it,some say you just need to add to the exisiting form the most recent tax returns,transcripts ,w2...,I would love to hear from the forum members experiences,advice regarding this important topic.Thanks for reading ...have a great day
  2. Thanks for that ! I like that Travelodge is just a walking distance from the embassy, I know what you mean ! I wish we could do this here in Scotland,having a Consulate in Edinburgh but it doesn’t do any visas.I will download the app,thank you so much
  3. Hello @Tristesse could i ask you for advice regarding the transportation,Im in Edinburgh .... and if you stayed overnight what place would you recommend ? Thank you
  4. Thanks a lot ,I will take all this information into consideration,hopefully won’t be too long till I can book a date 🤞🏽
  5. Thanks@Tristesse I’m constantly checking nothing so far ,I got everything ready (PC,summary ,etc) I’m thinking if I should go ahead and book medical 🤔
  6. I tried to book interview today but not slots available ,I was asked to try later
  7. Hi,I requested my summary from my GP and the print out has a couple of words marked out,I asked them why? The answer is that it contains third party information,someone else’s name is on it or the information is irrelevant to me or anyone ,it’s against the law that I can see this info,that the panel should be used to this.So my question is has anyone here had a similar experience about having information marked out from their summaries and did this represent a problem when having the medical ? I’m waiting on my police record that should arrive tomorrow and then I should be ready to book my interview and medical …though this summary is getting me all worried
  8. Hi @Wuozopo I haven’t gone into the calendar yet ,happy to report when I do,it will be a few days until I can get my Police record
  9. Thank you for your help ,I’m waiting for the police certificate,got the summary last week ,could I create the profile for the interview without selecting any date yet ?
  10. Hi everyone,our case is ready at the embassy ,received instructions to book medical and schedule interview ,which one you book first,would like to know your experience regarding this part,Im not sure if I have to wait for ds260 to be unlocked as I need to update passport information after getting a renewal ,thanks for all your help
  11. You’re welcome ,I’m glad it helps
  12. Hi,I got email with approval to expedite yesterday 20th July ,I submitted request on the 28th May so well over a month for a decision: Request for Expedite submitted 28th May Reviewing Request for Expedite 15th July Review Complete (Approved) 20th July
  13. Really curious to find out your experience with the medical ,not sure if I should be asking about this on another thread
  14. Very good you were prepared with a recently issued police certificate,my one is due to expire in September if I’m to follow the 2 year extension ,was it quick to order a new one from ACRO the second time around,thanks !
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