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  1. Ok thanks! Thank God for this place cause there is so much they don't explain in the process 🤦🏼‍♀️
  2. Ok great thanks! Do you know how long after getting the IL it typically takes to update to "Ready"?
  3. We received our IL Friday and went to set up our courier service on the registration site for the Montreal consulate and it won't let us. Saying it's not ready to register our appointment. The status of our case still says "at NVC" is this why it won't let us register? And if so how long does it take for our status to update on the NVC site? Wondered if anyone else had this happen to them. Thanks!
  4. Yes finally haha thank you so much! Very excited and just really hope we don't forget anything when we go!
  5. Ok good. I hope so! That seems less nerve wracking haha. Thanks!
  6. We just received our IL today for next month. We are F3. A family of 4. Me, My husband and my 2 young children have to go to the interview in Montreal. My father in law is the petitioner. He is the US citizen bringing us over. Do you know if my husband and I will be interviewed together or not?
  7. I got my letter today! I can't believe it! Interview is March 23rd. Medical booked for March 4th!! We were DQ July 26 2019 so 7 months of waiting for our F3 IL
  8. Hi there, no it has to be a police check completed by the RCMP and needs fingerprints. I did the one you did initially and it was rejected.
  9. I am F3 but I've seen a few F2 here. They waited 7 and 8 months for their interview letters 8 and 9 months to actual interview. Their interviews were November and December 2019 Police checks last a year. They had to get them done again. I probably will too. Mine expires in May and February will be 7 months waiting for my IL so I'm hoping to hear something soon.
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows what the average wait time for receiving interview letters is right now for Family Visa's at Montreal consulate. How long are family visas waiting for their letter from their case completed (DQ) date? I'm an F3 visa. Been waiting since July 2019 so far. Thanks!
  11. The consulate or NVC? I have been able to call NVC in the past. You just have to pick a good time to get through. It is frustrating. The email replies really don't give any answers I find either. Just standard responses. I tried emailing the consulate but they don't have our file till the appointment is booked through nvc. So they won't tell you anything. it's hard.
  12. Nice to meet you! I sent you a private message to keep each other updated so we can gauge how long it might take. You should me soon I would think!
  13. Yes that's what I heard too but spousal Visa's seem to take about 6 months from DQ and F2 about 8 or 9 months. I haven't met any F3s ahead of me to know how long our wait it. I guess I'll find out eventually when my time comes! Nice to meet another F3. i will add you to private messages to keep you updated.
  14. I read an article that trump has made changes that doubled processing times. Almost half the amount of visas granted now in a year. Not sure if that's why. I am sure the move has had to have slowed things down. Moving a consulate can't be a small job. Unfortunately all we can do is wait. 6 months and counting for me.
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