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  1. I read this article but I see now its from May. But there is a chart showing some visas being completely just down such as "Children of US citizens older than 21" which is our visa. We are F3. Anyone know anything about this? https://www.vox.com/recode/2019/5/17/18629466/president-trump-new-proposal-immigration-h1b-tech-build-america Also I read on another article that a family of 4 that makes $64,000 a yr is not likely to be considered a charge.
  2. I just learned of the president's proposed changes for immigration and wondering how people are feeling? I know most of it is geared towards low income and low education people. I don't think we personally would fall into that category but who knows what they will be looking for. We (family of 4) are an F3 visa (my husband is an adult child of a US citizen) moving from Canada. We were JUST recently deemed documentarily qualified and are awaiting our interview appointment. If it were to fall apart now after 13 yrs of waiting to get to this point we'd be devastated to say the least. We are so close.
  3. Yes I'll probably renew before we mkve regardless. I just wondered if it mattered since we submitted the demographics page and photo of their current passport. I'll have to ask them what they'd want us to do.
  4. Our 2 daughter's passports expire in July 2020. I know you need to have a passport that is still good for 6 months min at time if visa interview. so that means we have till January 2020. We just had our case completed. what happens if we don't get our interview before January? We've already submitted their passports info that they have now to nvc. We sent all our documents in October 2018 so we thought there would still be plenty of time on them to finish the process. Does anyone know what we would do if we don't get an interview by January? Hopefully they'd let us get a new passport for them and submit the new one in replacement. Even more so I hope we get an interview before January. 🤞🏻
  5. Hi there, We are an F3 visa. We finally got our Documentarily Qualified email on July 26th. Just wondering how long some of you have been waiting for your interview appointment letter for Montreal Consulate. Also does is still go based on priority of visa type at this point? I'm expecting to wait a while. Just curious. Thank you.
  6. We paid 9 months ago. It took 6 months after paying for them to start reviewing. And although I agree it wouldn't be nice to be away from your spouse that long I think it's ridiculous that a blood relative of a US citizen has to wait 13+ years yet someone can meet a stranger and have them moved into the country in a years time. This is why so many people do fraudulent marriages (not saying this is the case for yourself and everyone but because people can get in so much faster) There is a massive time difference between family and spouses in process time. Its not even comparable. And just because we are a family vs a spousal visa doesn't mean its any less hard as you have no idea our reasons for moving. I understand it's a privilege but It's not easy waiting this long. You can't say one is harder then the other when you aren't in the others shoes and don't know all the details.
  7. We started uploading our documents in October and it took them 6 months to even start reviewing them. They just sat there. So 9 months later and we're sitting there with them all accepted and no case completed email. No idea why. Like I said we started this process 13 years ago! We applied in 2006. It's not like we haven't been patient. it's so hard to be patient when we are so close yet so far away. Who knows how much longer we will have to wait 😔
  8. Yes for when you upload a document for them to review it shoukd take no longer than 3 weeks. We called for our last document we sent and they sent it to a supervisor then too because it went past the 3 weeks and in 2 days after that they accepted it. But then it's just sat there. No DQ or case completed email after that. But it took them 6 MONTHS to even start looking at our documents that we first uploaded. It has taken since the start of November just to get to having them all accepted. Almost 9 months just to review them. And now they ate all accepted it's just sitting there.
  9. July 1st the last of our documents were marked "Accepted" and we still have not received our documentarilly qualified email. We keep receiving the general email that our case status was changed and to log in to our account but there is no change or no new messages. We have called twice and they even sent it to a supervisor. Still nothing. The one lady at NVC said those general emails telling us to log in is automatic for anytime someone is working on our case and just ignore them if there isn't any change or message when we log in. She wouldn't give us a timeframe. Almost 3 weeks and still no DQ email! I am so frustrated and don't know what to do. We are an F3 Visa so we are 3rd priority and I feel like they just don't care to get us processed. It has taken 13 YEARS of waiting since we initially applied to get to this point. So you can understand my patience is gone. I really don't understand why we haven't gotten "case completed" when everything is there and accepted. Sorry I'm just venting 😔
  10. Thank you very much! Mine still says at NVC. We will be calling this week and I am going to speak to an immigration lawyer to see if they can at least provide any info on how processing and wait times work for F3 cause they are very rare. Hardly any info on our visa type. I really appreciate your help!
  11. Not sure because I am still waiting for my DQ email even though our documents were all accepted last week. But from what I've read NVC doesn't send your case to the consulate until the interview is booked. But I would call to confirm. I have had better luck getting info calling them vs email where you just get a general response with no real answers. Good luck!
  12. Oh ok so I got one of the emails you did but not DQ one. Last time I called was because they took a long time to action the last documents we submitted and they apologized and escalated it to a supervisor. so hopefully they'll give us some info. How/where do I check my status? Whats the visa status tracker?
  13. Yes I think I need to call. I had to call in order to get my last document accepted cause it sat for more than 3 weeks with no action. they escalated to a supervisor and it got accepted the next day. But no email saying case completed yet.
  14. Ok. Thanks for your reply. All I got was an email saying our case was updated and to log in to the site to see any messages. There were no messages. I just saw the documents showing "accepted". I wonder why I haven't got that email yet?
  15. 2 months!? Are All your documents marked as accepted though? They took 8 months to accept them all. I can't be patient much longer. We have been in this process 13 YEARS! F3 Visa. If I don't hear soon I'll be calling.
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