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  1. Hey! I see you're ahead of me in this process so you may be able to guide me. I received my case# yest from NVC and our paperwork is in transit. What step should I take? Or do I just wait to be contacted by consulate? Thank you, I hope to hear from you.


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    2. China girl

      China girl

      Thank you for the tips, it's very helpful. My interview is on the 25th. Do you know how long the police certificate takes to be ready? For medicals, only slot available is the 13th. I don't know if report will be ready before interview date. This whole thing is stressing me out.

    3. Onome


      I know for the medicals, you want it done at least 2 to three weeks a head of the interview, or you risk it not getting to the embassy in time, that's why most booked their interview with that in mind, the police clearance can be done in one day but for a hefty price I was told

    4. China girl

      China girl

      Thank you so much for the assistance Onome. You've been very helpful. 

  2. Thank you! Just wanting to know where we are, if we are in transit if it's at the consulate, just want to know something, and thank you, this kind thing no be easy o
  3. Hey! I see you're also April, are you also waiting for your case number?

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    2. Onome


      Yes we do! Hopefully we hear something soon!

    3. Onome


      Hey! we just received our case # Yesterday, it's in transit, yours should be coming soon if it hasn't already

    4. L & U

      L & U

      Awesome!! Congrats!! Thank you for letting me know 😊

  4. I got my approval for my K1 petition April 19th, I have yet to get an email or mail about my case number. My beneficiary is from Nigeria and we were with the Cali service center? Anyone know what's the current processing time with that? Already submitted an inquiry through email, nvc isn't accepting phone calls at
  5. Does a fresh banks effect the K1 visa application
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