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  1. Just received the hard cope of NOA1 for both of my k2s in the mail today. My wife’s hasn’t come yet, but I think hers is just behind a few days, since it also took longer for her receipt number to show any status in the system. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THOSE WITH K2 AOS!! : You will want to make a separate my USCIS account for each k2. It will not let you track multiple people’s cases on one account. (I learned this the hard way because I put the access code for my stepdaughters case into my wife’s account, and when I tried to enter another it wouldn’t allow it) so just make sure you are creating a separate account for each immigrant, even children. Also if anyone knows if I can remove the case from my wife’s account and just create a new one let me know. Since now my wife’s account with her email has turned into my step daughters account.
  2. perfect, thanks! Does it need to be my wife to make the call since it’s her case, or can I call on her behalf and get the access code?
  3. took exactly 2 weeks for me. Mine was received on March 29th, and it changed to biometrics appointment scheduled yesterday April 12. Now I just have to figure out when the biometrics appointment is because I don’t have an online access code yet.
  4. Update: I put the code in again and it’s working now. Guess it just needed time to process in the system.
  5. Noted. That being said, any reccomendation on what to do about the invalid receipt number ?
  6. I am aware the case tracker is a third party site, but it is quick and easy to check the status of all my cases with one click of an icon so that is why I use it. Yes I do have an online USCIS account and I did input the number directly into my USCIS account and it also came up as invalid as stated in my original post.
  7. Yesterday I received all the receipt numbers for all the forms filed from AOS. I went to enter all 9 into my case tracker soI can keep an eye on them. All of them came up except one, which is for one of the I-485s (i had K1, and 2 K2s), when I type in the receipt number it says, “The receipt number entered is invalid.” I also tried entering into the uscis website directly and got a similar response. Should I be concerned, or try to contact USCIS about it? I double, and triple checked and I am entering it exactly as it was given to me.
  8. Received all our NOA1 (I-797C) via text today 04-09-2024. So we waited 10 days from the date they received out package at the phoenix lockbox. Now just waiting for the hard copy in the mail. We received 9 total receipt numbers (3 petitioners, and 3 forms each) at this point I’m not sure which number belongs to which person they all came to my wife phone with no names to identify each one, but we will see when they mail the hard copies. But i put them all into the case tracker so i know which one belongs to which form.
  9. My package arrived at the Phoenix lockbox on Friday March 29th, and today on April 5, exactly 1 week later the charge hit my credit card Still no NOA1 yet, but I’m glad all 3 charges went through on my credit card. Thank god none of them got marked as fraud. I was a bit worried using form G-1450 because I was submitting 3 separate AOS packages for my k1, and two k2’s.
  10. Mailed AOS package for my wife and 2 step children Thursday, March 28. Package was received Friday, March 29. will update when payment is approved and NOA1 is received. I did use form G-1450 credit card payment for all 3. I’m a little nervous about 3 large payments coming out at the same time, and my bank marking it as fraud.
  11. I bit the bullet and paid Walgreens. It ended up being about $107 for 18 photos. ( I have my wife, and 2 daughters) so 3 immigrants total. It’s was 16.99 per 2 photos, but I talked the guy into giving me 30% discount. that being said I did learn one thing when it was too late. If you tell them at Walgreens the photos are for an Indian passport they will give you 4 photos instead of 2. So my suggestion to everyone else is to say that so you can save a little money. Immigration is expensive.
  12. Hey! thanks for all your help so. Far. I noticed when you marked up my cover letters and suggested what to get rid of you didn’t make a note on the passport photos. my understanding is the I need 6 total passport photos for each immigrant (2 photos to attach to each form). Is that correct or am I misunderstanding the directions?
  13. I’ll be the Guinea pig lol. Will absolutely update if I do get an RFE. thanks for your help. USCIS directions are not always clear.
  14. Ok I think this answers my question. Since I’m the original I-864 I checked both boxes and put my wife as principal immigrant and k2 children and additional people immigrating. so then a photocopy should be sufficient. although maybe there a multiple correct answers. Im sure if I chose to check only box one on my wife’s I-864. Then only box 2 on the I-864 for each K2, then it may work too. Idk i think I’m just going to stick with checking both boxes and submitting photocopy method.
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