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  1. A lot of banks have like drive-thru services. You will be safe in your car. We used to open our account. Ask the bank for this option
  2. I think you can wait the time you want (maybe someone with more experience can answer you better) but let me ask you that. Did you filled your taxes in 2018,2019? Why don't used? Yes, maybe you didn't get enough money than but you have now, right? When we filled my husband had 2017 5k, 2018 14k, 2019 65k and we where approved. Do you have any savings? Or other things?
  3. You will need a co-sponsor. You can't sponsor yourself. This is what a sponsor need: Be U.S. citizen or national or a permanent resident Be at least 18 years of age Be domiciled (live) in the United States Meet all of the financial requirements of a sponsor pursuant to INA 213A
  4. When we did our we add the 3 years of Tax returns and all W2. They specifically told you they need the 2019 Transcript Or the most recent one? You can add all that you have and add a note explaining that the 2019 is still in process. Because of this pandemia everything is slowly so you have a reason for don't have it. When you upload the document you have a small box for comments, use it to explain shortly your reason. Best wishes
  5. Hi. Was the W-2 uploaded before on the CEAC? Which documents did you uploaded there before the interview? Was this W-2 there previously?
  6. Normally they specify in the email or in the Embassy website. In my interview was not allowed. I was living with my husband (USC) in my home country but like you said they just allowed translators. You can send a email to the embassy asking about it. This is not something new. My interview was 4 years ago and that was the same rule.
  7. Thanks so much Pablo. I was really surprised because I never heard about this form before hahaah or I didn't pay attention.
  8. What's your imigration question?
  9. Hi y'all. Reading some posts I just read something about the. I-185 Form for Sponsor address update. I really never heard about it! OMG Can we just sent now? We mored in july to our new home. Will be a problem in the future? Like for my ROC? Thanks
  10. Did you delivered your passport in person or used some service for?
  11. I-130 is not a visa, is a petition to get a visa. Who asked for your passport? USCIS? EMBASSY? And they sent you any email or letter asking you this? Can you attach some print? Also, where are you from? Which visa are you applying?
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