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  1. Wendel, Based on those I know interviewing this month I assume April will be May/June 2021. That’s my guess.
  2. Hey Denlin, If yours is a spouse visa you DO NOT have to register your visa interview online! They only say that because with some visa types you do. But they have already scheduled yours for you. You just need to make the account and then register which location you want to pick up your passport. You will print that and bring it to the medical exam along with your appointment letter, passport, money, and any vaccine cards you have. Mw swete infomasyon sa ap edew!
  3. Hey guys, any of you who have had a spouse interview in Port Au Prince as IR1. Did they require the act de marriage extrait from the national archives, or was the civil marriage certificate from the county judge enough? Our marriage extrait had just become available at the archives and the same day the director was kidnapped so they shut down for the foreseeable future. I’m worried that they will ask for it in addition to the civil marriage certificate and we’ll be put in administrative processing until the Archives opens again. Please let me know what marriage document was requested at your spouse’s interview, thanks!
  4. My husband got vaccinated in Haiti two weeks ago. It was the Jensen Covid vax. There are places that have it. It was at the Partners in Health hospital in Thomond.
  5. I received my husband’s interview notice by email but no official paper copy has come in the mail. It has been nearly 3 weeks. Will a paper letter come or is a printed copy of the email enough to bring to the medical and interview?
  6. No we did not expedite We are IR1. March 2021.
  7. Hey, my husband has one shot of Jansen Covid vax, does this count as fully vaccinated in Haiti? I don’t want to get to the medical and they tell me he needed a second shot and him not be able to complete the medical same day!
  8. Hey guys, so my husband finally got an interview scheduled for March in Port Au Prince Haiti! I have a few questions. - Am I suppose to submit update forms online since it’s been so long? My CEAC will not let me log in! - Covid vaccine, does it have to be complete or just started before medical exam? - Medical exam, how long is it taking in Haiti and if we walk in rather than schedule is that a bad idea? HELP! I’m so stressed! Ha!
  9. I had asked the immigration lawyer about doing the parol for my husband. She said it may get him to the US a few months sooner but it would give us a new interview date much further out and until he had that interview he could not get a job in the US. Some people on parol have to wait as much as 9 months to be able to work, where as if we interview in PAP as soon as my husband is in the US he will have all the benefits of a green card. We’ve decided to pran ti pasyans Ayiti.
  10. @paradoxalist I just talked to an immigration lawyer working on the ground in Haiti yesterday. She said they are currently interviewing couples who were DQ October and November 2020. Looks like you should have an interview scheduled as soon as April! Ours will be in June/July according to her.
  11. Hey, my husband is CR-1 visa category awaiting interview at Port Au Prince embassy. We filed in July 2020 and were DQ in March 2021. Haven’t heard anything since August about which priority dates are currently interviewing at our embassy. Does anyone have any clue at all which DQ dates have been interviewed recently??
  12. Hello, could I private message you my WhatsApp # to be added to this group please? My husband was Dq’d March 2021, I’d like to stay updated!
  13. Well, our tax papers for the Affidavits are from 2020s tax year so they have to be redone for 2021 tax year. My husbands police certificate from the DCPJ says it’s only good for a year. And all our evidence like passport stamps, pictures, chats, money transfers, we need to add to or else it will look like we weren’t together at all since last year! I asked in a ‘Haitian Wives’ FB group about if I need to update with the NVC portal or only bring to the interview and they said when the interview is scheduled the online portal will open for submissions of new docs
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