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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am in the process of getting my citizenship and would like to file for my parents as soon as I am done. Meanwhile I was thinking to have all the required documents ready for them. Both my parents live in India and are retired. They don't have a birth certificate or marriage certificate. Even though their DOB and marriage is validated in legal documents like passports and adhaar card. Has someone been in a similar situation and what did you do that worked out for you? I have read in previous threads that in these situations, we can have a signed affidavit by city's municipal corporation which can be submitted in lieu of non availability of birth and marriage certificates. Is this a valid statement? And if yes, can someone provide me with the template of the affidavits that they used for this purpose? Also, if someone can guide me with the list of other supporting documents that may be needed and should be submitted? Thanks and appreciate the help.
  2. Hi We are about to submit the AOS packet along with the EAD and AP forms via FedEx. But do we really need to include proof of relationship aside from the marriage certificate that we have? And do green card applicants always go through interview or are/were there some who sent enough proof of relationship already in the AOS packet so that they were exempted for an interview?
  3. Hi I need your advice My Egyptian wife case in the national Visa Center they excepted all documentation’s and applications except her birth certificate , marriage certificate And police certificate and they send me a message saying that I have replace this documents with an acceptable documents from the correct issuing authority. But I submit all those documents from the correct issuing authority plus the translation from local translator in Egypt for each documents what the NVC means by I have to get the documents from the correct issuing authority, again this is the correct documents from the correct issuing Authority, what I should do ?
  4. Does anyone have any USCIS EVIDENCE that proves that my marriage certificate that only states my maiden name rather than both my married name AND my maiden name is a valid. I COMPLETELY understand that I can elect to take my spouse's married name simply because it is listed on our MC but I got an RFIE for both I765 and I131 for "the name you provided on Form XXX does not match your name in other USCIS records". I totally understand too that they could have simply lost my MCs but the RFIE goes on to state "Provide evidence that the name change was completed according to the relevant state (or foreign) law" so my concern is that line there as I have no evidence that the name change is actually legal. I'm going to call the county clerk on Monday to find out if they can issue you me something that states that MCs in their county don't indicate the new married name and only the maiden name. What do you think?
  5. Hello, I apologize if I'm asking something that's clearly written on 20 posts, but I just want to confirm from people who have actually done this (rather than a lot of hypotheticals.) My wife received her CR1 interview letter today, interview scheduled for May 22, which is very exciting! We have done all the paperwork ourselves, no lawyer, and so far so good. All paperwork has been filled out with her new Married name. The only issue that we didn't notice until just now is that NVC has been referring to her as her Maiden name. I understand now (which I did not before) that the Green Card will be issued only to the name on the passport. So in my mind, here are the possible scenarios: A) Attend interview, hope to present/reference marriage certificate with new name, cross our fingers and hope they put married name on visa? or B) Attend interview content with the fact that they will use her maiden name and we will have to go through all the processes later to change it. **Issues with both of the above: I have read some people have visas denied due to mismatching last name/improper name change documentation. (Ours is a California-issued marriage certificate with the name change on it) or C) Apply for an expedited UK passport with new name which should arrive within a week (lots of time before interview), and take new and old passport to interview **Issue in my mind: New document the NVC had never seen, will this cause an issue that it doesn't match what we've submitted and the name they've been using for her? I hope I've thought this all through and if not, feel free to let me know what I've missed. I'd appreciate if anyone has successfully completed options A or C. We are getting so excited for this incredible milestone and for this process to be over. We don't want to screw it up at the last step. If I tell my wife "I don't know, I've never done this before either" again, she might just call off the whole process 😂 Thanks so much in advance! I wish I had been using this site from the very start of our process! -T
  6. My husband and I are already legally married here in the US and currently planning to do a Catholic Church wedding in the Philippines. One of the requirements to get married in the Church is to provide the "Legal Capacity to get married" document. My questions are: 1. Since my husband and I are already married in the US and no longer "single" in legal status, does "Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage or Affidavit in Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry” still apply? 2. I've checked the schedules online and I find that there seems to be no availability all the way till December(not sure if the system is having some trouble). Are the time slots limited? How early do they post openings? Please advise. Thanks! ConfusedPinay
  7. I'm unemployed so I can't petition for a K-1 visa for my fiance since Laos don't allow joint sponsor for K-1 visa. However, I heard that joint sponsor is allowed for immigration visa (CR1). So, I was wondering if anyone has gone through the process, and how does one obtained a marriage certificate from the Laos government to file for I-130? Thank you.
  8. We are just about ready to send out the Adjustment of Status (from K1 Visa) packet, but there was one thing I was not sure of regarding the marriage certificate. The certificate of the town we got married in has a notice at the bottom with something like: "Warning: It is illegal to duplicate this copy by photograph. Not valid without city seal" ^^The city seal also does not appear on the photocopy. While I know that USCIS requests photocopies of original documents unless said otherwise, in this case I am worried about an RFE for the real marriage certificate due to this message at the bottom. It's not a huge deal to send in the original marriage certificate, as it is really easy to request additional certificate copies from the town, but I would prefer to just send in a photocopy if possible. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Hi! My husband is about to file I-130 to USCIS but our marriage certificate has an error. His mother’s maiden name on there is her married name. We got married in the Philippines and it takes months to have things like that changed. Will USCIS/NVC/embassy reject the marriage certificate or send us an RFE for this? Thanks!
  10. Hello All, I am writing this from my recent experience with CR1 visa. Me and my husband are Muslims - I am an Indian citizen and my husband is a US citizen. We only had a Nikahnaama from Qaazi at the time of submitting documents to USCIS for i130, and were afraid if it will be accepted. So we submitted some photographs from our marriage and sworn affidavits from people from India and USA who attended our wedding that happened in India. By God's grace, we never received any RFE. So, I would say that if husband and wife are both muslims and the wedding happened in India, and one of the spouses is an Indian citizen, you don't have to get your marriage registered, and can submit Nikahnaama from your Qaazi along with some sworn affidavits from wedding attendees both from USA and India. The Nikahnaama has a number on its top which the nikah committee submits to the government. You can also confirm this with your Qaazi who issue it to confirm if it gets registered with the government. Also, you don't have to worry about it at the NVC too. And also at the time of interview at US embassy in India. Our Nikahnaama was well accepted at all of these places and we did get my green card at the end of this process. Just wanted to share this information as I could find nothing when I was eagerly looking for it. Also you can look at this image and this source link to confirm what I said - https://in.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/marriage/ Thank You! P.S - This is what I am sharing from my experience and you may want to confirm from other places too as every case is different in its own.
  11. Hi I've looked into this on here and the cdph site and the quoted processing time for a marriage certificate is 6-7 weeks. Q. Is anything issued on marriage that can be used for AOS or do we have to send off for this and wait another 6-7 weeks before we can file AOS? Thank you for your help!
  12. Hi All, My husband and I received an RFE requesting our marriage certificate. Our attorney notified us that the request was submitted to the USCIS on February 18, 2018. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how long it will take before we receive a response? What have your experiences been with receiving an RFE? We are currently in our 10th month since filing for the marriage visa. Thank you!
  13. Hi guys, I have some complicated questions for y'all today that I'm hoping to get some clarification on. My fiance and I are hoping to get married ASAP once he enters the country (within a few days if possible). Which doesn't seem to be a problem for most people... that don't live in certain counties in Michigan. In my county (St. Clair) it's highlighted several times: "Applicant(s) will be required to present the birth certificates of both applicants and supply the social security numbers of both applicants." -Has anyone else dealt with a county this strict? -How did you handle it before you received your SSN or did you just wait? -Has anyone else in Michigan had this problem when trying to get a marriage certificate? As far as receiving the SSN, I've seen a LOT of conflicting advice and I've searched through the website but haven't found a definitive answer. -With I-94's being electronic and almost instant, how early can you go and apply for the an SSN? -How long after applying for the SSN will you know what your SSN is? We already have to deal with a "3-day waiting period" after applying for the license, I really don't want to delay it any more than we have to. Even if you can't answer all of my questions I'd appreciate any input. Thanks
  14. Hello guys, So now after my CC I am awaiting to be scheduled for interview at Mumbai consulate. I have a question for anyone who might be in similar situation like mine specially people who have been through Indian consulates. My wife has our marriage certificate and her original birth certificate laminated, I know in US some documents are considered invalid after lamination. Does anyone have any experience about presenting laminated documents during visa interview? Did they accept/reject it them? Any inputs will be helpful.
  15. Hi Guys, I have been checklisted at NVC, original SD: 12/20/2017. I called today to see status on application and the NVC rep told me that they need my marriage certificate and my husband's birth certificate (which was sent obviously) but they need it in a different form because the ones that were sent are not accepted. The NVC said wait for the email and it will explain what we need. Ok, so cutting right to the question is do i have to wait for the email? Or can i just send the documents since i already know what they need. Any help kindly accepted, thanks in advance!
  16. Hi VJ community, Due to the US embassy closing in Cuba I'm not sure if we should get married here in Cuba or if we should tie the knot in the USA. In Cuba it seems a bit complicated for a non- Cuban to get married here in Cuba to a Cuban. I have to translate my birth certificate and have a Consular of Cuba in the USA put a seal on it. Aside from that it's $725 bit they handle getting the documents legalized for international use. Either way I know he has to go to Columbia for the medical exam and the interview but I'm just curious as to which way is better and more secure so that we can be together. Thank you
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