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  1. i have gone through CRBA 2 times, but the kids were born after I was married so I am not sure I can help you with the out of wedlock question. I do know that I was told if they thought the kids were not mine and/or my husbands that they could ask for DNA testing, but they never did.
  2. How could I get on this WhatsApp group? I would love to be able to keep up with where they are in the backlog!
  3. Yes they are still taking cases that were DQ'd in 2020 so you have a while to wait. I have a long time to wait too. Me and our daughters are here in America while my husband is in Haiti. When trying to expedite I am told that everyone is in the same situation so they will not expedite. One of our neighbors was kidnapped by a gang and my husband was robbed by gunpoint, but they say that is not enough to expedite. praying for you!
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