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  1. We just got our case number today! We got approved for a conditional expedite and didn’t receive the case number right away. We called and email and what they were telling us made us gave up so we wasn’t expecting that email today.
  2. Same here. We actually got approved for a conditional expedite but still haven’t gotten a case number. Guess we have to wait, hope we get our case number by the second week of Oct!
  3. For those who expedited at NVC, when did you receive case number after approval?
  4. I’m trying to get all my documents ready for when I get my case number. When I scanned all my documents in pdf, it’s coming out to be KB and not MB. Are we suppose to convert it or something? Or KB is okay as long as it’s not over the 2mb when we do the covert calculation?
  5. My case just got sent to NVC on 3rd Of September!! Yoo-hoo🥳🥳
  6. I’m in the same situation! I was approve a day before yours and mine still not sent to NVC
  7. Could mean approval in a few days, got my approval a couple of days after date of birth was updated
  8. Finally got the I-130 approval letter in the mail today. I did not get the I-129F denial letter in the mail yet. Priority Date I-130 August 15 2018 Priority Date I-129F July 12 2019 I-130 Approve on August 7 2019 I-129F Denial on August 8 2019 The App only shows that the I-129F was denied, I-130 not shown approve on the App yet.
  9. No, I haven’t called them yet. I am waiting until when I get the denial I-129F in the mail, maybe I’ll get the approval too 😀😀🙏🙏
  10. That happened to me. My I-129F got denied on 2nd August 2019. Still waiting for the letter on the mail. Not sure if my I130 is approve yet, it’s not updated online
  11. I-130 Priority Date 15th August 2018 I-129F Priority Date 12th July 2019 I-129F Denied On App 8th August 2019
  12. How does the K3, form I129F works after approval? I readthat we have to do adjustment of status?
  13. Anyone seen that they change the processing time again?! Now it’s 11-14.5 months and it’s back on May 2, 2018!
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