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  1. How to reschedule interview greencard in us embassy problem to get my passport in haiti , How to reschedule interview greencard in us embassy ????
  2. HAITI Us embassy Update 🇺🇸 waiting since July 2020 haiti
  3. Im Ir 2 category DQ july 2020 (Haiti us embassy) I'm lived in the Dominican Republic since five years My family and I we going to try to move our case from NVC to The Dominican Republic ive heard a lot op people already succefuly switched their case from haiti to DR , I'm studying at the university in the DR ITS POSSIBLE im gonna try to share proof i hope we help each other achiving the transfer >> lawyer explaining how to and its is possible >>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XAMhVepT-U&list=LL&index=5
  4. Hello can i know your category please ????

  5. How this is possible , they skipped the month of August to go to September. How? 'Or' What
  6. I'm part of so many groups and google doc list I can't remember which one. Please let me take a look to see. Can i have a look at it??
  7. Yes i do Talking about the Google doc fron the Whatsapp group
  8. I would try to call them, Speak to them directly >>>>>>⁉ by the way thiS would helP me a lot , what i your Dq Date ???? this would help me a figure out how long I have to wait my DQ date is July 2020
  9. Hello guys hope you are doing well. Is there any news about Haiti us embassy Which DQ month they're working on I'm desperately waiting
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