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  1. when nvc approve evrything you were already more than 21 ????
  2. 🏻the category changed before your interview or after??? Because mine change a little bit after my expedite was accepted
  3. i already contacted my congress office for that no answer for now
  4. Hi, i was IR2 , my category changed to f11, while the CSPA law stipule my category should be IR2 I comply with all requirements for CSPA My father is a Us citizen We filed the i 1 30 before my 21 birthday ,PD 2018, my age was 19 Year old back in 2018. NVC accept all document in 2020. After all document was approved by NVC, my category was IR2. When i expedite the case to the embassy after being ready for interview my category changed from IR2 to f11 This is a nightmare Please any help idea?
  5. Hello Moriba. Did they fix your problem???? Your still f11,. You should be IR2 The CSPA law should protect you
  6. I was "" IR2 "" now it's ready in my embassy and its now "" F11 "" USCIS approve me in 2018 when i was 19 years old i was DQ at NVC in 2020 I was 21 years old now in 2022 im 23 years old my case change this week fron IR2 to F11 does CSPA law protect me friz my age ??? any update? please help
  7. it is normal if an ir1, iR2 ,ir5 complete the 6 steps of NVC in April 2022 to be still waiting so far? there is one that finished in april here
  8. How to reschedule interview greencard in us embassy problem to get my passport in haiti , How to reschedule interview greencard in us embassy ????
  9. please What is the last Haitian to receive an interview ? with their date of DQ and interview letter date ?? this is to have an idea which date of DQ they are working on ??? thanks
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