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  1. Oct 11 2022 I received a K1-FTP saying the consulate will contact me.. (haiti us embassy) it’s march 2023 already and I still havent received any email, mail or call I was told not to wait for k1 visa letter / instructions letter so I proceed with creating ds-160, payed with mrv slip and booked a schedule, but when I went to my medical, they’re asking for that letter.. Anybody here have the same case as mine? can you help with the steps I need to do next? Please
  2. Hey guys, any of you who have had a spouse interview in Port Au Prince as IR1. Did they require the act de marriage extrait from the national archives, or was the civil marriage certificate from the county judge enough? Our marriage extrait had just become available at the archives and the same day the director was kidnapped so they shut down for the foreseeable future. I’m worried that they will ask for it in addition to the civil marriage certificate and we’ll be put in administrative processing until the Archives opens again. Please let me know what marriage document was requested at your spouse’s interview, thanks!
  3. Hey, my husband is CR-1 visa category awaiting interview at Port Au Prince embassy. We filed in July 2020 and were DQ in March 2021. Haven’t heard anything since August about which priority dates are currently interviewing at our embassy. Does anyone have any clue at all which DQ dates have been interviewed recently??
  4. I am IR1 petitioning for my husband who's in Port-au-Prince. We were documentary qualified May the 15th 2020. We received our interview later July 1st 2022 🙄long ### wait..I know 🤦🏾‍♀️His interview is August 9 2022! Try to remain positive...I know it is dreadful..but hold on my people🤞🏿
  5. My wife and I did submit all the documents to NVC on Jan 2023 and now we are waiting for NVC to approve them. I've heard at the US embassy in Haiti there is a big delay for scheduling interview. Since I am in the IR visa categories does someone happen to know if for example, I am DQ for NVC after let's say 3 months, this same year I may still get an interview schedule bc of the visa category I am. Since IR visa stand for Immediate Relative. Waiting for your answers. Mèsi Bokou!
  6. Did anyone received an interview cancelation for the Embassy of Haiti? from October 17th-November 30th?
  7. I am helping my cousin to apply for K1 visa for his fiancee. She lives in Haiti but there's multiple backlog and the wait is insane. My best friend filled since 2020 and still no movement from the application. We are trying to see if there's a way for her to go to DR and for us to apply from there. If that is possible what is the best option of visa for her? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  8. My uncle was murdered in Haiti. This attack was premeditated and there is reason to believe there is a target on my family's back. I have tried to expedite this case last week with evidence included and they have refused. I called the embassy in Haiti and they are telling me to email again which I have done again again and i am getting no answer. NVC lines are suspended, what can I do? I am so lost. Our case is DQ OCT 2020. I do not think they even reviewed the expedite file.
  9. Hi to all👋🏽 finally my mother in law got her interview scheduled for next month, how do I register her interview appointment online? in the instructions it states I have to do so.
  10. Hi, i just got notified that our case is in transit to our embassy, the letter I got was pretty basic. I noticed some people had barcodes on the top right corner of their letter. Is the bar code needed? Because mine doesn’t have it. Aso we could complete the DS160 now?
  11. Subbmited all our NVC docs. Same day got a notice that a tax paper was missing for our joint sponsor. Uploaded it and within 1 day everything was accepted we are now DQ! The government website says an interview date is normally given within 3 months sometimes sooner sometimes later. Whatever the case we are super thankful to have made it this far. With all the talk of delays we really expected it to be longer to even get to this point. We are 7 months from filing our I-130 currently. Also I have done some research on the Archival marriage certificate as well as messaged the NVC directly about it. I've discovered it is not required if your marriage is less than 2 years old at the date of interview. But the civil marriage certificate must be accompanied by an Atestasyon paper from the Archives in order to be proved authentic. Which we were able to get already thanks to help from a friend. Now we wait AGAIN!
  12. DQ Oct. 2020 and no appt. This is so painful. It's been 15 years since I've seen my family. The way Haiti is going, I can't go visit them. I was really hoping they'd come before vaccination becomes mandatory for traveling. I hate it here..... ... .............😢😢😢😢😢😢 so sick of this (removed) everyone were running their mouth saying if you're a citizen it'll only be 6 months blah blah blah. (removed) its been 2 years and still suffering. Tired of watching my family suffer and Haiti getting worse by the minute.I wish I knew how to get them here illegally because I dont (removed) care anymore. Haiti is (removed) slow with everything. Tired of hearing Corona Corona.
  13. Hello everyone, I am knew here. So I petitioned for my husband who lives in Haiti. He has sent his birth certificate and extrait d'archives to make a correction to his mother's name. He has also requested our extrait for the marriage certificate. It has been 10 months since he has been waiting on the documentations. He is constantly being told that the director of the National Archives has not been in the office because of the kidnappings so he has been working from home. Does anyone knows what is going on with the National Archives and why is it taking so long to receive the documents? Thank you in advance.
  14. I’m not sure what’s happened here. I just went into case tracker for first time. My step daughter says approved, my husband is “sent to state department” eventhough I got a DQ email for both in May of2020. Stressing me out even more, any insight? TYIA
  15. Has anyone gotten an interview yet?? Or an update on your case?? When I call I keep getting the embassy in the U.S because I can't speak creole! And all they say is, well we don't know anything about Haiti but expect to hear something real soon! 🤦🏾‍♀️ I'm just sick of this process already!! Oh and all my paperwork was approved for NVC in June 2020.
  16. Hi, We received document approval to move on to an interview. The emails said: "NVC will work with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in PORT AU PRINCE, HAT to schedule an interview appointment for you." But I see folks scheduling things through USTravelDocs. Is that what I should be doing or is it waiting for them to contact me? Thanks!
  17. It seems like the August visa report should be out by now? I just looked online and it’s not there, when does that usually appear each month? Thanks
  18. Hi All, I wanted to reach out to make sure everyone's family/loved one is safe after the earthquake and hurricane last weekend. I meant to make this post earlier. We have family in Les Cayes who lost their homes but thankfully they are all right. I hope everyone is safe and accounted for and wish a speedy visa process for those who are waiting!! Poor Haiti never catches a break.
  19. Good evening everyone, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place but I have a question specifically about Haiti k1 visa filing. I currently have everything ready and planned on sending my packet in tomorrow. But my mom mentioned that instead of my Fiancé's "Acte de Naissance", I needed his "Extrait D'archiffe" instead. How accurate is that information? Can I send the packet in with the birth certificate or is the extrait darchiffe needed instead? All insights are welcomed! 😊
  20. My husband got approved for an interview in Haiti since October and we've been waiting for a date. Has anyone there have any luck or received an interview date? The website is so vague and says nothing about processing times. I would appreciate any help
  21. Hello my lawyer started collecting the document since 2017 , I'm 21 years old now, birthday every 22 march I received the DQ letter.🗽 I'm Documentary Qualified since August 2020 waiting for interview. The trump ban started in April 2020 !!! It will expire in March 2021 🗽the backlog line will be so long about 1 year + i guess ??? Because the ban started in April 2020 > I'm DQ in August 2020> 5 month of separation !!!???🗽 I've seen other category working just fine 🗽 that's going to clear the line for shorter wait time ???🗽 My father us citizen. Approximately How log the backlog going to be 1 years 5 months? 2 years ????? i miss my father... thanks you 🗽
  22. I'm aware that the Embassy in Haiti is open and have been interviewing some folks. Does anyone know which month or year they are working on? My hubby's case was DQ on August 12, 2020 and I need a rough estimate as to when we'll receive the interview date. Thank you in advance.
  23. I applied for my mom and currently waiting for an interview. I read somewhere on NVC that after my mom's interview she can request for a visa for my brother. Can someone explain this to me and what are the chances of it being approved. It's been almost 2 years since I applied for her. The process is so slow I just want both of them here already. Btw I did add my brothers name on the application.
  24. Is there any updates on when the U.S embassy will resume visa appointments???
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