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Found 14 results

  1. Created this form for anyone who is applying for their fiancee who is in Haiti or has filed for an fiancee in Haiti. If any one has any interview advice or consulates review and or advice on how to fill out the application feel free to ask and post. I applied back in December 09th and most likely wont get an response until June 2018. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Liberty&Shaba

    Medical Exam in Haiti

    Hi everyone, We are ready to schedule our medical exam with one of the doctors listed by the embassy. We have heard bad things about Dr Michel Théard and good things about Dr. Henold Buteau BUT we just talked to Dr. Buteau and he said he is no longer doing medical exams for the embassy. So we are considering between Dr. Jacqueline Gautier/Dr Jude Saint Phard at Hopital St. Demain or Dr Bernard Bouchereau. I'm hoping some recent K1 filers in Haiti can help us choose between them. What have your recent experiences been?
  3. Hello everyone, Anyone who has gotten a PCC in Haiti recently?? My husband went today with my uncle to DCPG to get his PCC and it was completed but my husband wasn’t given anything to show that it was done. My husband told that the Embassy will see it in the computer. Is this true??
  4. Forum sa kreye,pou tout ayisyen kap benefisye yon viza K1, men ki pa fin konprann angle an a 100%. Poze Kesyon sou tout enkyetid nou yo.
  5. Does anyone know how we would go about getting my fiance's archive extract or passport in Haiti?...Where you go to apply for it, what you have to bring, the cost, etc...Thanks!
  6. My fiancée had the interview at the embassy in Haiti the first week of March and they requested additional documents to be sent via DHL along with her passport. That same week, we complied. We’ve been waiting since to be contacted. We have our email in the system and the DHL location set. 1) How are we going to get contacted and by whom (Embassy email, Consulate phone call, ...)? 2) How long on average does it take to be notified once you have sent the additional documents requested at the end of the interview? 3) The approval validity date from form I-797F is approaching. Do we have to request an extension? 4) If we get the visa approved, does my fiancée have to travel before the approval notice validity end date of form I-797F?
  7. Created this discussion for anyone recently applied and has gone through the process in the past for CR-1/IR-1 for spouse that lives in Haiti. Any advice on forms, medical, embassy, police certification, and interview in Haiti. Sent my paperwork on November 15 routed to NSC mostly likely June will be when I hear something by VJ standards.
  8. Hello I am a U.S. Citizen I am half Haitian my fiance is from Haiti and is in Dominican Republic on a visa he has lived there for almost two years . We have been friends since 2015 and we started dating early spring 2017 and just filed our k1 in February 2018 I have been to DR twice and been with my future in-laws in my second trip we are very much in love. The issue is during our friendship i was at the end of a bad marriage and my fiance was in a relationship which ended in February 2017 but his fiance petitioned him on a k1 visa and primarily they broke up. He never responded he called but you can't withdraw a k1 if you are the beneficiary. We did hire an attorney to do our k1 packet and the previous visa was denied in the US in September 2017 . My question is if this has happened to anyone else and I also want to post our journey to help others if they come across this . We are aware our case will be scrutinized closer due to this but we love each other my 2 year old calls his dad that's all he knows we just are waiting now
  9. hi. i havent even gotten my noa2 yet, but i'm looking down the road at some things that might happen later. my question concerns current procedure at the embassy in port-au-prince. i've been there before but i was wondering if they still do things the same. i'm a u.s.citizen who married a haitian woman in 2011, but we divorced in 2017. now i'm engaged to another haitian fiancee (haitian women have become my comfort zone). i filed i129f in october 2017. when i went thru this process with my first wife, she had an interview by herself at the embassy in port-au-prince in july 2011, but they wouldnt give her the visa. they required me to come to haiti and also interview with her (separately) , which i did in september 2011. she was then approved for the visa, came to the u.s. later that same month and we married october 2011. but for that period of several weeks between the first interview and the second interview she was very depressed and almost gave up. what i'm trying to avoid is a similar situation repeating this time. if possible i would prefer to attend the interview with my fiancee. in 2011 this was a relatively common scenario at that embassy, but i've read info on some sites that they don't do that anymore. has anyone recently (within a year or two) had experience at that embassy of being a petitioner allowed to interview with the beneficiary ?
  10. Hello everyone! This is a supplement letter I included with my I129F petition. Are there any problems with it? Thank you! (My Name) Re: Supplement to I-129F Petition, Circumstances of In-Person Meeting Page 8, Part 2, Item number 54 I first met my best friend and the love of my life, (my fiance), about 5 years ago on a church mission trip to Haiti. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that I would realize that. During my first trip from April 3-9, 2013, I spent most of my time with him and a few of his friends. I became good friends with all of them and completely fell in love with the country and culture of Haiti. I told them I would be back next year. On the mission trip in 2014, I was there from March 27-April 1. We set up a makeshift clinic with Dr. --------------- and (my fiancé) and I worked closely together throughout the week. I used the Snellen eye chart to test patients’ vision and he was my translator. Soon after the trip, (my fiancé) and I became friends on Facebook. On his birthday, on December 4, 2016, I wrote him a private message wishing him happy birthday. Ever since that day we have kept in touch. Since my last trip to Haiti, I had been trying to learn Haitian Creole through various websites online and the English-Haitian Creole Bilingual Dictionary by Albert Valdman so I asked him if we could write each other in Creole so I could practice. That is now the primary language we communicate in. We went from writing each other every few days to every day to multiple times a day. Eventually I deleted my Facebook account, and downloaded Whatsapp. We started texting each other for hours each day, sometimes staying up until the early morning hours. We became very close and basically just went from being friends to wanting to get married. We have so much in common, the same sense of humor, similar goals and passions in life, such as our Catholic faith (which is what originally attracted us to each other), music, soccer, a love for learning languages, a desire to help others, travel, natural living, etc, etc, etc,. I also feel that the differences we do have make our relationship stronger. It is fun for both of us to get to know another culture better and we always have something to talk about. The few arguments we have had have been handled well and ended quickly. He really puts things into perspective for me and he has changed my life in many ways. Something a lot of people are surprised about is our age difference. (My fiancé) is over 12 years older than I am. This difference has not been a problem for us, and we actually didn’t even realize it until several months after we start talking every day. I am quite mature for my age and our personalities balance each other out very well. Additionally, because of the economic situation in Haiti, many people his age are at the same life stage as many people my age in the U.S. For him, that is the case. We both still live with our parents, and we both have not yet completed our education. Even though (my fiancé) has a teaching job right now, he would like to go to college so he can do work as a translator. He would also like to learn to speak English fluently so he can teach it in Haiti. He had to stop going to school because his family could not afford it. I am currently looking into educational opportunities for him once we are married and he has learned English and I am hoping he will be able to attend a community college and then transfer to my university to complete a degree. I spent this past New Year’s with (my fiancé) at (a guesthouse) in Port au Prince, Haiti from Dec. 31-Jan. 2.We spent most of our time just hanging out around the guesthouse and we also visited a children’s home with our hostess. On the morning of January 2nd, the last day I saw him on my trip, he proposed to me on the balcony off my room. He wasn’t able to buy a ring yet, but he said he couldn’t wait any longer. We started putting together this petition that day at the guesthouse. From now until our wedding, which we are hoping to have in November, 2018, we will continue to communicate daily through Whatsapp. From June 9-15, 2018, I will be going to Haiti again to see (my fiancé) and get to know his family better. This time, I will be staying in the rectory of (my fiance’s) church. We considered marrying and staying in Haiti as we both absolutely love the culture and the warm weather, but I would like to finish my education in the U.S. first. I am finishing up my undergraduate degree at (my university) while living at home and I am on track to attend Physician Assistant School. We decided we would also like to have our first child here in the U.S. After we finish school and save up some money, we are planning on splitting our time each year between living and working in the U.S. and Haiti and creating a nonprofit organization to help (my fiances) community. I declare that the statements presented here are true to the best of my knowledge under penalty of perjury. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact (my fiancé) or me. Thank you for your consideration of our petition. Signed: Dated:
  11. Okay, so I’m just bored looking over the electronic copy of my packet I sent over and I realized 2 mistakes that I’ve made! 1. On the part where I am to fill in my parental information they asked country of birth and I put Haiti, then the next question asked, “City/town/village of residence”. I put the town in Haiti where they were born instead of our US city! But what’s worst is the next question asked “Country of residence” and I put “United stated of America” (which is correct). I didn’t even realize they were asking the town of residence, I just thought it was the town where they were born as well! My parents live and are citizens of the US. 2. I forgot to put a date on my fiance and I letter of intent!! We both signed and have both statements on our sheet but where it says “date” I left it empty! 😤 I write all that to ask are these big deals? Will I just receive RFE’s for them? I don’t know how I made such simple errors when I looked over the packet so many times. Didn’t even notice the smallest things. (Sigh)...
  12. Hello everyone. I recently filed the K1 Visa for my fiance who lives in haiti. A little back ground story of us is I'm american him and I have been talking for two years and recently got engaged on our 1st yr anniv. I filed for him on December 8th and over night the application to the Lewivile location in Texas. I included alot of documents in our package such as: 1. Photo's we took when I visited him (Only went once) 2. Pictures of our engagement 3. Proof of Divorce (I was married once) 4. 2 Passport photo's for both of us 5. Both letters of intent's 6. Letter from my pastor 7. Letter from his sister 8. Proof of wedding preparation: I already placed a down payment on the location I want the wedding to be (Hopefully hes here by July or i'm going to have to push it back" 9. My heart warming letter 10. Emails between him and I dating back to 2 years ago. 11. Application I'm going to keep you guys updated on my journey. If there's any one who recently filed that has any insight on the procedure please feel free to post I am anxious to know the actual process times for this. Any one that filed in 2017 please feel free to post
  13. My fiancé was married when he was 19 and got his official divorce certificate about a year and a half ago, but everything is in French Creole. Any advice when choosing a professional translator to translate the form? Anything I should know before hand? And when sending the documents do I provide the original divorce certificate with the translated one or do I provide a copy?
  14. My husband hasn’t been to another country and never been in trouble in Haiti. Do we need to get the police certification???