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  1. Tuesday is my big day for the interview k1 visa...any advice? Sure would love some good advice ..thanks
  2. I have a quick question I'm puzzles, we receive our interview date and the stuff we need to prepare for it. There is one file I don't understand what it meant by file enclosed for the DS-230 part one biographic data(form enclosed) What does that means?
  3. I would try to have her call the us embassy in her country
  4. Lol.... ok.... just relaying what they told me. I'm talking about what the nvc told me not the tier 1 or tier 2 agents from the uscis. Im not saying you're wrong in just relaying information.....
  5. The nvc told me they have received my paperwork and to try back in a week for the tracking number.
  6. I was waiting for my NOA2 to be received and processed by the NVC. They currently have my paperwork but I'm waiting for them to forward it to the US embassy in Belmopan where my fiance is. Once they forward this information they will give me a tracking number corresponding to my NOA2 from the NVC to the US embassy.
  7. Once again that isn't what the lady told me her exact words were. "The person who chirps the loudest get the most attention." 4 days later they have my paperwork. Maybe it was luck but I'm happy with my outcome
  8. The NOA2 to nvcresearch@state.gov after your 6 weeks are up.
  9. Email the uscis your paperwork and call!!! My paperwork is being processed as of 830am central time this morning. Waiting on a tracking number but atleast I know they have received it.
  10. It took my paperwork a little over 6 weeks. Once I hit my six week mark they told me I could call back everyday to see if I ge a tracking number. But I did email the uscis everyday for 4 days. Called today my paperwork is being processed after this morning
  11. I emailed the uscis everyday since my 6week mark.... my paperwork is being processed.
  12. I was told by them to call every day after my 6 week mark. Today I found out they have my paperwork but need to process it.
  13. This is so overwhelming. I'm on the phone every day for about an hour and a half just for two 2 min phone calls. My fiancee just tried and the called dropped. Hopefully we all here something soon. If I find out anything I will try to let you know what steps I took to getting to where we need to be.
  14. Hello, I received our NOA2 and called once a week to the NVC. We are now past our 6 week mark so the NVC customer service rep told me to email nvcresearch@state.gov. I have done this and they told me I wasn't at my 6 week mark, but we are. Also, as I continue to call new representatives tell me to continue to email them so I am. Another representative told me to call the USCIS. I did this but now a women is telling me its not a 6 week wait its 90 days and that I havent hit my 90 mark. Can someone please lead me in the right direction? Is it 6 weeks or 90 days? What should my next step be?
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