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  1. We got “approved” at our interview on 23rd July and we’ve not had a status update since that day and still waiting for our visas and passports back. They did say it could take upto 2 weeks at that time though, which will be the end of this week.
  2. Not yet - still waiting 😞 And our status hasn’t updated either so can’t track anything as it’s not been issued yet. They did say it could take around 2 weeks, so that will be this Thursday.
  3. I never heard from the embassy when our expedite was approved, I waited a week when it was at ready status waiting to hear from them, and I just booked it in the end using the second option. I had my interview last Thursday, they never asked to see anything about the expedite approval or an email saying “book”. We’re just waiting on our passports back now so hoping it’s soon!!
  4. Yes they ask that you wear a mask / face covering as soon as you arrive at security check in (the same as supermarkets etc...) most of the staff are wearing them, even the guy who interviewed us had one on and he was behind a glass screen.
  5. Thank you, that’s reassuring! Hopefully we will get them back within a week too so we can start making our final plans. I’ve requested to pick it up locally too so will wait to see whether they’ll allow that when it gets there or if it will have to be delivered.... hoping collection as I’m moving out of my flat in just over 2 weeks so it will be cutting it fine if it’s not back by then too!! Out of interest, on ceac after your interview did you check your status? Did it ever change?
  6. One of the medical secretaries at my surgery just printed out an a4 sheet with my medical summary on. I had to speak to the GP and pay £30 for them to write a 2 paragraph letter regarding my previous anxiety and depression. Not heard of being able to print off the summary by yourself, but it sounds like a great idea and time saving!
  7. When did you have your interview? How long did it take for your passport to come back? We had our interview and were approved yesterday and they said it could take upto 2 weeks so just trying to gauge if it is taking that long
  8. It took a couple of days for NVC to acknowledge the expedite request and then it was another few days to hear that London had accepted it. So around a week in total, it was then sent to a London same day and showed as “Ready” the next day. Hopefully you’ll hear some good news by early next week 🤞🏻
  9. I had my boosters done at my GP free of charge, but it was a year ago and before the virus etc... but it would definitely be worth seeing if you could get them done for free that way instead of paying at the medical
  10. How did you manage to book your medical without having a confirmed interview?
  11. We got approved expedite last Thursday and haven’t heard anything yet. It’s been sent to the embassy thought but nothing since. Keep us posted if you hear something soon.
  12. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html You can see the monthly breakdown and type on here. As London have said they’ll be focussing on Spouse visas when they resume the backlog shouldn’t be as huge as that but it will still be hundreds
  13. My daughters cases DQ’d over a month ago, still waiting on mine. We asked to expedite earlier in April and received stock reply of no, London are closed. When they updated the website last week we sent another expedite request, had a reply yesterday to say it’s been sent to the embassy for review so we’re waiting to hear whether they’ll accept it or not.... otherwise we will be in the DQ list of waiting waiting waiting for interview. Its definitely a good idea to have this thread for all the CR1/IR1 cases that are all waiting in one place 😊 hope we all hear something soon!
  14. I think that’s what people are struggling with the most - the unknown of how long the wait really is going to be. It’s understandable they don’t want to commit to anything as things are changing day by day but some idea of rough dates, even an update of when they’ll be rescheduling interviews for etc... would help to ease the anxiety.
  15. That sucks. We’ve tried NVC but they won’t even forward ours on to the embassy to ask about the expedite either, getting the same standard we’re closed and try again reply. I know someone who applied direct to the embassy in another country and it worked that way so was hoping you’d have had some good news. Guess we all just need to hope and keep trying. They really must be opening up soon when everywhere else in the UK is opening again. I hope there’s not a huge backlog!
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