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  1. That’s why, although this site is good for estimates, it can’t be relied upon fully as not everyone fills in their timelines, and not everyone who’s in the process uses this site either. It just made me look at mine, and Nebraska still sucks with an end of June/early July estimate..... I’m still gutted as I needed to have visa in hand by that time to get my girls into the new school year 😭
  2. I just saw that!! Originally Potomac estimates were around October 2019 weren’t they?!?
  3. No that will be your receipt number. The access code comes in a letter with that on it.
  4. That’s what I was thinking. It does seem like everyone has received IOE, so makes me wonder if it’s still pilot scheme or they’ve moved over to that now.
  5. It was almost a week after the text that my husband got the hard copy in the mail. I got him to sign up for “informed delivery” with usps so he could see what Mail was arriving that day. We knew we had Nebraska before he opened it as there was a letter from uscis Nebraska arriving same time as one from uscis Chicago (where we filed) so hopefully yours will be arriving very soon!
  6. I think we’re going to have to watch May and June IOE receipts for Nebraska to give us an idea of what to expect with ours.... it does seem like July is when IOE has become the norm though 😬 and not sure if that’s a good or bad thing
  7. I hope you’re right! We found out today our IOE receipt was sent to Nebraska 😭 I’ve not found any recent people with IOE receipts that have said when they’re approved, but there does seem to be bigger surge in issuing those this month so I guess we’re going to be the ones that everyone is looking at timeline wise. Oh and hello from another U.K. / USA filer 😊👋🏻
  8. We’ve been allocated to Nebraska too - really upset as we needed to move next summer for my girls starting school 😭
  9. I noticed you’re UK / USA too 😊 so looking forward to sharing this journey through to London with you!
  10. I don’t know.... I think a lot of us in July seem to be getting IOE receipts so I think we’re going to be some of the first ones getting approved under this new process. There seems to be a lot of confusion and not much information so far so I’m just going to follow the current expected times for the different centers and if we get it before that then it’s a bonus!
  11. Hi everyone so far 👋 Hopefully over time we will have a few more people join us on this thread and keep each other motivated during this process!! If you haven’t already it’s really helpful to create a timeline as it will give you an estimate of approval time for your service Center too
  12. I haven’t seen a thread started for all of us new July 2019 filers so thought I’d get one started! My husband filed and he got the text receipt on Friday 12th July and we’re waiting on the hardcopy of NOA1 at the moment. We’ve got an IOE receipt number so until we get the hardcopy we don’t know which service center we’re being processed by. Feel free to comment below with your NOA1 and service center so we can keep in touch through this long process and share tips. (and if someone has already started a thread feel free to merge it, I just couldn’t find one! 😊)
  13. If people are right in saying that IOE receipts are processed faster, hopefully the service Center won’t matter so much ..... fingers crossed for you. We got the text on Friday so still waiting on the hard copy.
  14. Thank you for confirming that!! Waiting eagerly for the paper copy now and keeping fingers crossed for Texas or Potomac too
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