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  1. No, it will have been 7.5 - 9.5 months since the oldest i129f applicants have been waiting in another 2 months - we filed ours in August so we are expecting to hear something in around 2 months to see if it is still working.
  2. Yeah I doubt they’re Nebraska, that will be all the other offices apart from Nebraska.... the ones still waiting will be Nebraska
  3. You will need some sort of permission from their bio dad to allow them to move. Whether it’s a written consent directly from him, or if he’s not willing to do that, you would need a court order to show that you legally have permission to take them. I don’t know about DCF but if you can do that it’s much faster. Remember it will be 1 petition per person too, the children can’t be added to yours.
  4. I guess it’s harder for IOE receipts as you can’t distinguish between which Center it’s been sent to. Strange there was 1 with a LIN number though 🤔
  5. Not from July 2019, everyone was getting IOE from very late June onwards
  6. So we’re at 7 months today..... I’m so happy to see so many of you approved from Texas and slowly Potomac..... us Nebraska people, we’ll just keep hanging on in there. Hoping that as they’ve transferred out a lot from June too that it will mean they can get to us July IOE cases faster than 12 months now too. We’re almost at 6 months since we filed for the I-129f now too so we will hopefully soon be seeing if that will have any impact or not. Stay strong everyone!
  7. Not as far as I’ve seen yet. Nebraska are still only on March 2019, they haven’t touched our i129f that we also filed in August to try and speed it up either. So there’s still going to be lots of us waiting on this thread for sometime still.
  8. Interesting..... it’s unusual to get a transfer so early so will be interested to hear more on this! Did you have an IOE number or LIN number from that date?
  9. @juninho10 anything is worth a try with being stuck with Nebraska. No guarantee it’s helping anymore, we are July filers and we filed for the k3 in August but still haven’t had any news, but at least we can say we’ve done everything we can to be together ASAP I’ll keep my fingers crossed we both get there this summer when we need to!
  10. it’s on the instructions for the i129f and if you search on the forums here regarding filing of the k3 you’ll see that no one pays the fee if you have a pending i130 and you enclose the NOA1 as evidence.
  11. You don’t have to pay for the i129f if you’ve got a pending i130. Just put in a copy of your i130 noa1 and it’s free. We applied in August for that too and we’ve not had any movement on either so unless we hear from that by April I don’t think it’s working anymore. We need to be there by July / August too and the longer it’s taking the less hope I have of it being possible.
  12. Yes.... ours hasn’t changed since September either.... and you’re right, those dates really don’t mean anything it seems, some people say it’s when your file was last looked at, others it seems to coincide with the when they last logged in. Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️ But it’s hard seeing everyone pass us now
  13. Shame they’re now processing them in Texas and Potomac like they were in Nebraska. Our i129f has been in since August and we still have no movement.
  14. Go for it 😂 it will probably be out of nappies by the time Nebraska have done anything haha I’m just having a bad day and seeing those moving so quick got to me. I’m getting tired of the questions of why it’s taking so long and when are you moving and I think I need to stop reading things for a bit (in the hope that I’ll get good news too)
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