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  1. Keep in mind that the worldwide visa issuances for K1 are around 45%. When my current husband and I first met and started researching the K1 you can google K1 approval rate and its like 98%-99% - but that's the USCIS approval rate for a K1 - not the rate of people who actually receive visas. So during my husbands K1 interview, we ended up being put into administrative processing and the visa petition was returned to the US - as the K1 only has a validity of 4 months they just say it's expired and you have to start over again. So we weren't DENIED a K1 but we had an unapproved K1. After that experience we started researching more and found the approval rate worldwide. In addition, rates of visa issuance worldwide are also going down. You mentioned Philippines and Thailand. While Philippines issued 4,804 K1s in 2022 (which is BY FAR the highest number of ANY country - the 2nd highest, Mexico, issued 1,166) - they were issuing 8,000+ pre-pandemic. Thailand has also decreased slowly - 700-900 routinely pre-pandemic but only 273 in 2022. Most countries have had their K1 totals start going down, and many countries have longer wait times for K1 interviews after USCIS approval. It's not just about the wait for a green card/the money - and you mention if you waited two years to marry then did a spouse visa it would be 4 years total - well keep in mind that if you wait 2 years for a K1 and it's not approved for whatever reason (and there's no requirement to tell you why a K1 was not approved and no grounds for an appeal, unlike the spouse visa) then you're back at the beginning again. Our spouse visa was approved at my husband's interview and we are now waiting on his naturalization, but the process made me realize how the K1s are less prioritized and less of a great thing than the spouse visa is.
  2. Hospitals and other healthcare providers have a huge burden of providing medical care to immigrants who may not have traditional US insurance, and are not able to work / not eligible for medicaid - estimated at $35 billion yearly for the past decade or so. I've been an RN for 20 years and regularly, even in my midwest city, see immigrants who have been visiting and have had serious injuries or illnesses. I'm sure COVID did not help this healthcare burden. Wanting you to be able to sponsor your spouse doesnt mean you are responsible if she wants a new purse or to go to get her nails done with friends - it means that you will sponsor her so she does not end up relying on Medicaid for healthcare, or SNAP/TANF for food/cash assistance. Additionally, if she becomes a citizen (eligible 3 years after entry/green card into the US) then your I-864 is null and void at that time. I was nervous signing it too - no one goes into a marriage thinking "what if I get divorced?" but we all know that marriage can be difficult for everyone. Ultimately though, if you don't sign it, your marriage can't continue in the US.
  3. On the I-751, it says information about YOUR children and says NOTHING about your step-children. The difference is, on the N-400 it specifically DOES mention stepchildren. So we did not mention my (US citizen) children on my husbands I-751 but we did on the N400. No issue at all during his ROC or naturalisation interview
  4. If none of it is processed by USCIS then whoever is extrapolating this data is reporting it based on what people are self reporting. People lie, people get lazy - this doesn't really mean anything if it's not official sites. Even on USCIS official sites the information can be confusing because the I-129 is used for both K1, K2, K3 and K4 so even when you look at those petitions (published quarterly) there's no way to know for sure how many are for each category.
  5. I guess what I'm wondering in the bigger picture is - where is someone getting the original information from? I didnt think that USCIS / Dept of State published weekly numbers of incoming petitions?
  6. Federal government / USCIS uses the fiscal year Oct 1 - Sept 30th calendar, not the regular Jan 1 - Dec 31 calendar year.
  7. Thanks. And that's the frustrating part - I don't know how to get it to be "fixed" other than waiting, as it's been so long. I'm appreciative of the fact that my husband is here, and we do have the extension letter, but it's the smaller frustrating things too - what if when he returns from visiting his family with the extension letter, they actually take time and look up the A-number and notice it's incorrect? His driver's license expires everytime the extension letter does so it's getting renewed every 6 months-ish right now. My family is in London but we can't go visit them without applying for a visitor visa for him so we've been putting it off until he got citizenship. So while nothing MAJOR is affected, it still feels like we are "on hold" at their timeline - as we've been at this essentially 6 years since we first filed for a K1, we are just 100% ready to be done at this point.
  8. Sure - we should have double checked every number within our case when receiving any updates - but I guess one doesn't assume that they are going to make these mistakes. I would think if you polled everyone on here did they check their A-number on every document received, most would say no. Our "local office" is also 150 miles away and during the past couple years an InfoPass appointment has been increasingly difficult to make. Besides, the people doing the InfoPass often don't have all the information on your case either.
  9. My husband was scheduled for his Naturalization interview on Wednesday. It was a three hour drive and they notified us after arriving that they would not be able to do his interview because of a problem with his A-number. Prior to leaving our town, we checked the website, everything looked good - they updated it later in the day. We knew there was an A-number problem because of our attempts at ROC - however we felt it had been sorted out, as his interview had been scheduled. This is the problem: K1 filed - A number 211 assigned. (K1 ultimately put into AP/expired) I-130 filed - A number 211 still used When receiving letter for CR1 interview, A-number listed as 022 number. Visa received, entry into the US, handwritten 022 number in passport. Green card received, 022 number on green card. Filed ROC November 2022 using 022 number - at some point USCIS contacted my husband to let him know that his correct A-number was the 211 one. Received 18 month extension letter with the 211 number. Filed N-400 (Nov 2021) using the 211 number. 1st Biometrics done - using the 211 number (for Naturalization). Received 24 month extension letter - now with an A-834 number (we honestly didn't realize it at the time) 2nd Biometrics done - using the A-834 number (for ROC). Received Naturalization Interview letter - 211 number listed. So it was cancelled because of the "A number mismatch" but we have no idea (other than to wait) what to do about this. It wasn't an error or anything we did wrong - but it's delaying the ROC and the Naturalization. Our case status when we log in now gives us an estimate of 8 months until our case is approved - but it already HAD been approved. Any idea how we can fix this? I've reached out to Senator's office for some guidance, signed the ROI and waiting for a response from them.
  10. But if you are making money.....isn't that considered.....working? Or are you just sitting aside and the money comes to you?
  11. We are just getting over a worldwide pandemic? Why is that so crazy to think that they want people to be vaccinated? Keep in mind that when it asks for an ORIGINAL copy of the marriage certificate, that's what it means, and they will not give it back. This surprised us when my husband had his interview in Casablanca but thankfully we did have a 2nd copy. Casablanca is also very specific about wanting your tax transcripts. The NVC may accept your W2/1040s as proof of your income, but Casablanca will likely ask for the transcripts specifically.
  12. Hi - trying to update my timeline and keep getting error message? We had an unapproved K1 that expired in AP and so we did CR1 - now we have filed I751 and are doing the naturalization. I first created a K1 profile but as we didn't enter/AOS, I didn't fill in all the forms. I tried to then create our CR1 profile and could not effectively switch it. Can someone please merge/delete old info/etc or advise me of how to upload my timeline information? Thanks mates!
  13. I have been searching the NVC website to find the answer but can't find one - can anyone link me to a source that specifically shows how long you can electively choose to delay your case? A friend whose husband is from the same country as mine received their NVC case number after USCIS approval on October 15, 2020. They have not uploaded any documents yet, just paid the fee at the end of September and the DS260 and upload portal are now open. The beneficiary wants to delay for awhile to allow him more time to work. He seems to think that, since they have paid the fees, they have one more year to upload and complete the NVC because the payment of fees "resets the clock" or so to speak. It was always my understanding that you needed to submit documents within 1 year of receiving case number. My friend has already explained to the beneficiary that the NVC time is taking 2.5 months currently and then you will have to wait for an interview, and then the visa would have 6 months validity, so even if they submit paperwork now, it will still be awhile before an interview may be available. They also had the discussion that with their now IR-1 visa to activate the visa, then travel back home for a few more months to finish up work requirements, if necessary. Is there a specific timeline you MUST complete upload your documents by or the NVC will think you have abandoned your case and close it? Thanks.
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