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  1. AOS for K1 visa, Buffalo center. No expedite requested, interview waived. Biometrics 6/24 New Car Being Produced 8/31 Case approved 9/1 Card was mailed to me 9/2 Card in hand 9/8
  2. Biometrics 6/24 New Car Being Produced 8/31 Case approved 9/1 Card was mailed to me 9/2 Card in hand 9/8 We got it in the mail tonight. we never received a tracking number for it. i registered with USPS and signed up for the live tracking and i clicked on package and saw the tracking there. FYI
  3. Biometrics 6/24 New Car Being Produced 8/31 Case approved 9/1 Card was mailed to me 9/2 (I'm expecting to get an update today ,"card was picked up the the united states postal service" ) I didn't receive an actual notice it was waived, just card being produced and approved. Ill update when I get either another update or green card in hand.
  4. Thanks!! I should have put more info sorry! My local office would be Buffalo NY. Also we are adjusting from K1 visa. No notice or anything. Lawfully app shows as followed -Fingerprint fee was received -Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken -New card being produced. When i saw the lawfully update i assumed it was our case was getting scheduled for interview. Had to go onto USCIS to make sure Lawfully wasn't mistaken 😅
  5. Update today we just got notice our AOS card is being produced. No expedite, no interview. Just card is being produced. I heard that some AOS marriages were being waved of the interview, but I didn't expect it! Hope to get it in hand in a few weeks!
  6. If it shows delivered it should be there at least. It took ours 28 days after shipping. No cashed check, no NOA1. We were freaking out. But 28 days later the check was cashed and we received the texts for all 3 packets.
  7. We just received out EAD/AP Combo Card today!! I was so happy to see the combo card instead of 2 issued. Filed 4/26 NOA1 4/27 (it was backdated from when the fee was cashed) Package accepted and we received the notice via text 5/18 Biometrics 6/23 Approved 8/10 Mailed 8/12 In hand 8/15 We did file for expedite for job offer. However, no where in the history does it talk about the expedite, and we never sent any proof just using emma online.
  8. We got ead and ap approval this morning, but it was back dated to Aug 10th. I even check uscis site yesterday. Approved same date so I wonder if it will be a combo card. I feel like I've seen a few lately. 😊 How long does most seem to take to go from approved to card in hand? Thanks!!
  9. Yall are giving me some hope here!!! Congrats the the recent movement! Had our Biometrics Apt yesterday 6/23. Case this morning 6/24 changed to "case was updated to show fingerprints were taken".
  10. Just got the biometrics letter today. Submitted April 26 Recvied April 27 Noa may 18 Biometrics letter June 4 Biometrics June 23
  11. Received our texts at midnight last night finally!!! 23 days!! Still no check cashed so I assume today. Finally!! 😂
  12. I'm hopping it's just set aside. I quadruple looked over my papers. And last night looked over again since I scanned them all in. Everything seems correct. Binder clipped and check out front.
  13. You'll want the certificate unfortunately. It is certified by the state, thats the legal document. Took ours about 9 days to get in the mail from NYC.
  14. Any April filers still waiting for text or payment withdraw?
  15. I called yesterday since its been 15 days since usps says it was delivered. They basically told me i had to wait until 30 days without receiving the receipt before they can look into anything.
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