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  1. Hello, Would it be too early for my dad to apply for visitor B visa in December/January, if planned trip to USA (if approved) is somewhere around July? Would that be a red flag or something, given that the wait time for Serbia seems to be short (week or so)? Reason i asked him to apply sooner is that i like to plan my holidays in advance and book hotels/tickets asap, so i want to know if he is approved or not. If he gets approved, My husband and I would come to Serbia next year in June, hang out for 2 weeks and all of us go back together and spend another 3 weeks in USA, depending on how much vacation my parents can get from work. My mother has ESTA so she doesn’t have to apply for interview. If he gets denied, we will end up going to Greece instead, and maybe try again in 2025 =).
  2. Yea i was born in Serbia and i put Serbia as cob and even sent them updated birth certificate that states Serbia as i totally forgot about Yugoslavia lol. But yeah i was born in the time of Yugoslavia, country changed name to Serbia and Montenegro and then to Serbia (Republic of Serbia). Thanks for replying, i just feel way better now~when i googled about error on gc i found one old post with same issue (he put serbia as cob, but also got gc with unkown, same as me as he was born in Yugoslavia~, so it’s something about that)
  3. omg thats great news~ you guys know more than uscis ppl. i figured i didn’t need stamp unless they requested my gc back and i sent it away, but first person said i need and second really didn’t question much, just asked for some basic info and case i90 number. thanks 🥲 i literally spent whole night crying.
  4. My conditional greencard arrived (january 26) with an error (country of birth was written as unknown)..So i filled for replacement in february. I was planning on traveling home this september, so back in march i called uscis to schedule infopass app to get the 551 stamp and to ask if i even need the stamp, or if i can travel with my gc and paperwork proof that i filled i90 for replacement and my birth certificate, and agent said that i will need the stamp just that is too soon and to call 1 month before i plan to travel. Yesterday marked 1 month prior to planned travel(bought the tickets and all), and there answers this lady saying that i will be getting email or call within 30 BUSINESS DAYS. I was in shock, thats like 6 weeks from now, way after my travel. She replied that’s the wait time and if i got any other questions..She did ask me about type of travel and date of travel. I did little bit of searching through forum and found one post from2023where person says that they have been waiting 30 days just to get email that there are not available appointments. My GC is not expired, i still have it (they didnt request it yet) and everything is good besides the wrong cob. I’m not even sure anymore if i need the stamp, as the first agent mayb didn’t receive enough of training. i’m really heartbroken i really want to visit home, but i am stuck due to their errors and missinformations. IS there anything i can do? 😔 edit: hope i receive date soon :<
  5. Yes, thats what i’m gonna do then. I thought you had to send card back immediately. Ill log on my uscis account tomorrow and start the process~
  6. My conditional gc arrived today with country of birth as unknown. I can see uscis making mistake due to 2 reason. I have dual nationality (Croatia/Serbia), i am born in Serbia. I came to USA with Croatian passport because my Serbian passport had expired like 5 years ago and i never renewed it, so on my applications from i-129f and ds160, to all aos/ead/ap forms i always put nationally Croatia (to match nationality stated in my passport) and COUNTRY OF BIRTH Serbia. So all forms states country of birth Serbia, even my Croatian passport states that my country of birth is Serbia, i have sent my birth certificate stating cob Serbia,,, and yet my gc arrived with cob unknown lol. Could it be that dual nationality confused them? Second thing is that since i was born, Serbia has changed name from Serbia and Montenegro to Serbia (or Republic of Serbia). So idk if this caused some confusion, but name change happened like many years ago and i have sent them my updated version of birth certificate with correct country name. Im pretty sad this happened, and i know that if i want to correct it i have to file for i90 card replacement. I have seen that it might take several months until corrected version is sent back to you (up to like 9 months, if not longer). I really don’t want to give up my card as i never received ead/ap and we were planning on traveling soon~ Did this happen to anyone lately? What do you think caused them to put cob unknown? Do you think traveling with gc stating unknown cob would cause any issues at border? Did anybody filed i90 to correct mistake on their gc lately and how long you have waited until new card arrived?
  7. Today i got email from USCIS stating : We have taken an action on your case. I went and checked status on myuscis and it says that my i-485 has been approved
  8. Ouch, sorry that it happened to him. On other forum, guy from Serbia was asking help about b visa, stating how he is unemployed, how he is gay and wanted to visit gay parade and museum of barbie dolls and how he is going to stay 10 days only. We all tried to encourage him. He ended up getting visa, in his visa they put poe and i believe how many days he is supposed to stay as he was higher risk of overstaying. Guess what, he lied about staying 10 days only, he is bragging how he is gonna stay in usa forever and seek asylum on basis being a gay. Thanks to ppl like him a lot of honest applicants are unable to fulfill their bucket lists or visit their families:/.
  9. Thank you everyone for reply. This expedite was requested through Emma online chat~ i talked to agent online and plead my case. They gave me inquiry number and stated that i should receive email from NBC or USCIS about what the next steps are and that it may take awhile for me to get any response as they are receiving many expedite requests. I never received any other email besides the one i quoted and It seems that @Crazy Cat is correct, since my RFE for I485 from 2 month ago is not processed/reviewed yet, my ead/ap are on hold therefore cannot be expedited~ @K1visaHopeful I was never invited to submit any evidence and most likely the reason for this is my i485 RFE that i have received in September that i responded to in September but USCiS hasn’t reviewed it yet to this day. So my Ead/ Ap are on hold and aren’t worked on and cannot be expedited. I was just confused with the email they sent me, for a moment i thought that was RFE for AP expedite so i wanted to cancel it, but it’s not for AP expedite , it’s what you said it is ;). I understand now that i don’t have to withdraw anything as uscis already denied it!
  10. Around 6 weeks ago i requested AP expedite due to humanitarian reason (my poor grandparent was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and his health is declining very fast). I did so through EMMA. Yesterday i got reply: “ USCIS records indicate that we are awaiting your response to our Request for Evidence on this case. Your case is currently on suspense or on hold until we receive your response. A copy of the RFE is included for your information. Please follow any instructions on that notice. You may request expeditious processing again once USCIS has received your response.” Is this standard email requesting evidence to expedite AP ( in my case that would be doctors notes for my grandpa), or are they saying that my AP can not be processed because it’s on hold due to RFIE for i485 AoS (it was RFE for marriage certificate) that i have received in September and which i have responded to soon after ? (MyUSCIS status says that response for AOS RFE was received, that USCIS began working on my case again, that they will review evidence i have sent, and that if they need something from me that they will contact me). Confused cus although my evidence was received it’s not reviewed yet, so that may have put ap/ead on hold~ I didn’t receive any other RFE or instructions on how / where/ what email to reply to AP RFE, if that’s what this email is referring to. I just want to know for future if i needed to request expedite again~ since unfortunately some circumstances have changed for me and i absolutely can not travel anytime soon (my ob/gyn can’t clear me for travel due to current placenta previa durning pregnancy ).Another question: Do i have to reply to this email / use EMMA to withdraw my expedite?
  11. Hello dear Visajourney members, I have a rather silly question that i was unable to find answer to. I know that if AOS is denied your AP is done for, but what happens in case you travel abroad while on AP and you receive AOS RFIE (which temporarely stops the process), and you are unable to respond to rfe because you are not in USA (for example rfe is about medical exam) Is AP also temporarely revoked and you can’t come back unless you find a way to respond to rfe or not?😱
  12. awelp update of rfe: need to submit copy of marriage certificate~ Guess mine was lost or something :<
  13. Hi, I am late march filler as well, and guess what! I also got same rfe as you ~ So no worries, our document might have been lost or something Happens~
  14. I honestly haven’t seen many people on VJ getting their AP approved unless it’s expedited or approved at same time as EAD as combo card. Small update for my AOS: I got rfie yesterday (not sure what it is yet) regarding i-485 AOS application, more than 4 months after biometrics. I wonder what it is, since i noticed (cud be wrong) that most of people get their rfe soon after sending application or soon after biometrics. My bet would be i-864, most common reason for rfe.. I’ll update as soon as i know :}
  15. CO will most likely ask her if the friend that she put as contact information in ds 160 (you) is her boyfriend. She will have to be honest and say yes. That’s what happened to me. Back then I didn’t get my b visa.
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