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  1. Thx for sharing your experience. I figured she can try and worse case scenario she'll loose $160 😁.
  2. I totally agree.. Thank you :).
  3. Not sure. But sounds like it.
  4. Yeah I get that. Which having a husband back home should be enough but not to them because some people would just leave their husband and stay in the US.
  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking lol. Oh well we're gonna try anyway and see what happens
  6. No unfortunately she doesn't. She's a house wife. And she doesn't wanna come to live here. She just wants to come visit :). I thought having a us citizen son was enough reason to come visit but I see they need guarantees she doesn't intend on staying for good.
  7. Hi. I'm a US citizen originally from Morocco and I'm trying to apply for a tourist visa for my mother to come visit. I'm aware of all the steps and requirements but I have a couple of questions I hope somebody can help with. What kinda documents can I send with her to the interview to show I'll be responsible for all her expenses while she's here and that she will be staying at my house?The reason I ask is my mother doesn't have a job and doesn't have much assets to show ties to Morocco other than the fact she's still married to my dad and live together .