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  1. Hi guys...I just wanted to ask if it’s possible for a k1 case be transferred to another country after the interview ?? I was handed a 221 g because apparently my travel document has a note in it which is preventing a visa to be stamped inside it and needs to be taken out first which seems like a long process.any input will be appreciated thanks.
  2. Wow that’s a long wait for the medical,but Since you’ve had it done already a month from now isn’t really far,it will get here pretty quick and you will be fine.i guess some of us are lucky then because there were about 7 days available for the rest of August.and thanks for the well wishes 😊
  3. Thank you and I will,I just printed out our chats,call logs,and added a few money transaction receipts 😊
  4. Thank you very much I definitely will
  5. Interview is tomorrow!!!! Remember me in your prayers guys😊😊
  6. I submitted just the I 134 and W2 for 2 recent years and also tax transcripts so I’m sure u ll be fine.
  7. So happy for you 😁😁 you are flying on my interview day!! All the best to you 😘
  8. Interview scheduled for the 21st of August!!!....I’m nervous already 😭😭
  9. Congratulations,could you share the questions you were asked ? 😊
  10. Hahaha now that’s nice,meaning I will be bumping into you sooner or later 🤣🤣🤣.
  11. Hi dear,I am applying from Frankfurt but I don’t have my p4 yet... I will sure let you know of any dates available once I have it.. but @Mike & Tanja said that there were dates available for the last few days of August and September wasn’t opened yet.hope this helps 😊
  12. Ugh finally,sounds great that there’s some movement at least.i would say not to worry since it’s in the hands of a tech manager now..hopefully it will be resolved soon..all the best in the next steps 😊
  13. @Little_Vixen how are you doing and have you been able to resolve the issue with your embassy?